Urgent Important TPT Business Too Late! – Episode 26

TPT Sellers have an urgent and important TPT Business action to take right now. (Too late!)

It’s not tactical – like, “Do product previews give me a boost in TPT SEO?” – check out the TPT Seller Questions & Answers page for technical questions like that:

* Urgent because the opportunity closed on Mon, April 10, 2023, at noon (ET)

* Important because this can impact the long-term health of your TPT business.

If you like this stuff, check out the SEOTpreneur PRO membership

We had ten spots; now, we have less than four. When those memberships are gone, the doors will close and you’ll have to go on a waiting list!

Read my open letter to TPT about what I would love to see: 

(oops, I gave the wrong episode number in the video!)

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  • 0:00 Introduction – Urgent, Important TPT Business – Too Late!
  • 0:21 Intro (TPT seller income report – all time)   
  • 0:26 Welcome – Episode 26
  • 1:32 Important TPT Business Action Required – secret boost!
  • 2:00 Important and Urgent BIG PICTURE stuff
  • 3:23 Your voice matters
  • 4:10 What do you want?
  • 4:42 SEOTpreneur PRO – only 4 spots left!
  • 4:58 Incredible WordPress offer for TPT Sellers starting a TPT website or blog

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