TPT Seller Tips And Tricks | Welcome To SEOTpreneur Episode 33

TPT SELLER TIPS AND TRICKS – Welcome To SEOTpreneur: Thank you to all of the TPT Sellers who watch, like, comment, and share these videos. Are you price anchoring your TPT products? 


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Welcome to the SEOTpreneur community!

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  • 0:00 Welcome
  • 1:38 Evaluate Your TPT Process
  • 5:43 SEOT Wheel Of Success
  • 9:01 Community 1: YouTube
  • 10:32 Community 2: SEOTpreneur PRO 
  • 10:50 What Is Success?
  • 12:38 SEOTpreneur PRO 
  • 15:27 What are Mike Minutes?
  • 17:30 Sales Psychology
  • 18:22 TPT Sales Psychology
  • 21:32 Next Steps


Coming soon.

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