ChatGPT – TPT Search Hack?! How I Got To The Top of TPT SEO Search (Chat GPT) In One Hour – Episode 26.

I used a Chat GPT TPT Search keyword hack to get my best-selling TPT product to the top spot on the TPT search engine result page… in under one hour. Screenshots included.

I tested some TPT SEO theories to get my new Chat GPT lesson to the top of TPT search.

During my experiment, I think I might have accidentally discovered an easy hack for a TPT seller to improve their product in TPT keyword searches.

So, I need to do a little more testing (and ethical disclosure to TPT) before I can reveal any TPT Seller Tips and Tricks that I may have unlocked!

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SEOTpreneur PRO: TWO spots left, and the doors close on Saturday, May 6, 2023

Should ChatGPT be allowed in schools? Or is this cheating?

Shorter video lesson.
Longer video lesson.


1. Chat GPT handouts.

2. 6Cs Critical Thinking.

3. 6Cs Bundle (#1 in one hour)

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  • 0:00 Introduction: Get to the top of TPT – testing TPT SEO theories
  • 0:25 Intro (TPT seller income report – all time)
  • 0:29 Welcome – Episode 26
  • 1:21 Case Study: New ChatGPT debate lesson
  • 2:03 Are you ready for ChatGPT?
  • 5:35 TINKERING: Tinkering with TPT SEO
  • 6:22 Get to the top of TPT Search in 1 hour
  • 7:31 Is there a glitch in TPT SEO? Is there a simple β€œhack” to get our way to the top of TPT search?
  • 9:19 Go SEOTpreneur PRO to get insider tips!
  • 11:43 Last Call! 
  • 12:38 Outro (TPT Income Report – May 4, 2023

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