ChatGPT – TPT Search Hack?! How I Got To The Top of TPT SEO Search (Chat GPT) In One Hour – Episode 26.

I used a Chat GPT TPT Search keyword hack to get my best-selling TPT product to the top spot on the TPT search engine result page… in under one hour. Screenshots included.

I tested some TPT SEO theories to get my new Chat GPT lesson to the top of TPT search.

During my experiment, I think I might have accidentally discovered an easy hack for a TPT seller to improve their product in TPT keyword searches.

So, I need to do a little more testing (and ethical disclosure to TPT) before I can reveal any TPT Seller Tips and Tricks that I may have unlocked!

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SEOTpreneur PRO: TWO spots left, and the doors close on Saturday, May 6, 2023

Should ChatGPT be allowed in schools? Or is this cheating?

Shorter video lesson.
Longer video lesson.


1. Chat GPT handouts.

2. 6Cs Critical Thinking.

3. 6Cs Bundle (#1 in one hour)

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  • 0:00 Introduction: Get to the top of TPT – testing TPT SEO theories
  • 0:25 Intro (TPT seller income report – all time)
  • 0:29 Welcome – Episode 26
  • 1:21 Case Study: New ChatGPT debate lesson
  • 2:03 Are you ready for ChatGPT?
  • 5:35 TINKERING: Tinkering with TPT SEO
  • 6:22 Get to the top of TPT Search in 1 hour
  • 7:31 Is there a glitch in TPT SEO? Is there a simple “hack” to get our way to the top of TPT search?
  • 9:19 Go SEOTpreneur PRO to get insider tips!
  • 11:43 Last Call! 
  • 12:38 Outro (TPT Income Report – May 4, 2023

Video Transcript

Unlocking TPT Search Success with Chat GPT

Hey, TPT sellers, do you want to know how to get to the top of TPT Search? This is what I mean. Chat, GPT is a popular upcoming topic. So I’m going to go chat GPT. There I am, and it’s going to give me a bunch of search results. And boom, I have the number one spot and the number two spot for people searching for chat. GPT resources. Do you want to find out how I did it? Check this out.

The SEOT Preneur Approach to TPT Success

Hi everyone. My name is Mike Fuchigami. I am the host of the SEOT Preneur channel. This is a place where TPT sellers like you and myself, we get together and we recognize just working as hard as you can is not the way to get to the top of the TPT Financial Freedom Mountain. It’s a great way to burn out. And one of the things we can do as TPT sellers is recognize that this is a long game. And if we use specific strategies, if we decide what our personal strategy is going to be for a store, if we judiciously apply effort towards that goal, if we pay attention to the numbers, if we pay attention to what’s working and we Optimize what we do, do more of what’s working and do less of what’s not working. And if we Tinker every now and then try little experiments, if we apply this process SEOT, that can help us to sort of think of this in a practical workflow, try to get to the top.

Navigating the Chat GPT Educational Landscape

Recently I launched a chat GPT product, and essentially what I’ve done is I created a YouTube video lesson. So here’s the shorter version. I’ll just open that up. Hey, parents, teachers, students. If you are somehow connected to the education system, either because you’re a parent and you have a kid going through school, or you work in the education system, or you’re in the education system, you absolutely have to watch this video because the world has changed, the way that we learned has changed. And the question now is, should chat GPT be allowed in schools or is this cheating? Check this out.

TPT Search Strategy and Page Ranking Insights

This video walks us through some of the things about chat GPT. Lots of teachers are worried about this. It’s an incredible learning tool. It’s an incredible cheating tool, all rolled into one. So I made a no prep video lesson where basically I walked through a slideshow lesson, provides all the information that students need to have an informed debate, and the video says, pause here so that the classroom teacher can debate it out with their class. And I made two versions of that video. I made a shorter version and then a longer version. And the longer version explains how to use the handouts. And the handouts are what I sell right now. So originally I wanted to sell them for $1, but then I realized that if I want to promote it on the TPT newsletter, it has to be a $4 resource. So it’s on sale right now for one buck, but then very soon it’s going to be a $4 resource and that will be that.

Mastering TPT SEO – A Journey to Page Domination

Anyhow, I recognized that this was an opportunity to sort of figure out how, learn more about how the TPT search engine works. And what I did was I started to record the pages that I visit. So I manually visit the result pages and then I save them on my computer. And you can see here chat, GPT handouts and sixties critical thinking. Those are product codes, internal product codes for myself. So when I make an Educircles product, I think about them as, okay, this is chat GPT handouts, and that’s the product code or file name. So chat, GPT handout. When I first started recording, let’s go back here on May. On April 27th, I was on page eight. So I can see here, this is page eight. This is the time April 27th, and if I scroll down, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. I’m on position number 11. I didn’t actually count the positions for most of these until I got page one because there’s going to be such variation.

TPT SEO Mastery – Rise Through the Pages

That really wasn’t a good use of my time, but I saw it on page 11, or sorry, page eight, number 11. And then in one day I was able to get to page three. So this is on April 28th. I figured out how to get to page or I figured out like, Hey, doing this got me to page three. So here I am on April 28th, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19. I’m position 19. Really? I just searched for edgy circles. That’s how I do it. So I can see I’m down in the bottom third. Okay, so then I tried a few more things on the 29th. I was on page three on the 30th, I was on page three. On May 1st, I was on page three, May 2nd, I was on page three, May 2nd later on in the day. Page three, May 2nd, later on the day, page three, I’m actually improving a little bit on page three and then May 3rd.

Unveiling TPT Page Ranking Strategies

Here we go. I’m on page two. Let’s just search for Educircles. There I am page two. So I’m at the bottom of page two. That’s crazy. And then page two again, here we go. So this is page two. If I search for Educircles, right? So this is my no prep brand new product. I’m already on page two, and then I think I drop ranking here. Let’s see, chat, GPT, page two. And then, oh, interesting. Later on, I was at the top of page three, so I clearly, there’s some fluctuation there, but I was able to get that new brand new product chat, GPT handouts when I just checked it right now I’m at the top of page three. That’s my edgy circles product. What I also did along the way was I kind of figured out, oh, well if this work here, then maybe it’ll work for some other things. And so look here, here’s my critical thinking product. I noticed it was on page 10, right from the very go when I started paying attention to positions. Page 10, page 10, page 10, page 10, page 10 on May 1st, page 10 on May 2nd. And then boom, here we go. I’m on the first page on May 2nd. So something happened, I did something between 7:00 AM and two o’clock in the afternoon.

Ethical Insights and Potential Service Vulnerabilities

So if I search for Educircles, actually I’m right here. I’m in position two for this critical thinking resource when you search for chat GPT. And then I started thinking, oh, I wonder if I can get another resource up there. So I’ll just jump down to the bottom here is the six critical bundle resource. I made an update less than an hour ago. And boom, this six bundle, so this resource right here is at the top of the chat GPT search word. Hello. Let’s open that up. So I’m experimenting with this. I’m Tinkering, I’m optimizing what I do. I’m paying attention to the numbers here. And as a result of that chat, GPT, here we go.

Balancing TPT Success and Ethical Considerations

This is a live search, by the way, it’s not recorded because it’s not showing up at the top here. I’m able to get to the top of the page here, and I’ve learned some things about what got me the biggest gains in terms of TPT, SEO search engine result pages. I’m not going to talk about it right now because I think I’ve accidentally also discovered a service vulnerability. I sort of have to test my theory out about this service vulnerability, and if it is actually a service vulnerability, then I have to ethically disclose that to TPT.

SEOT Preneur Community and Future Plans

And I don’t really know how to do, I haven’t really thought about how to do it. Wordfence is a company that does WordPress security. So I thought I had just sort of followed their model and what they do for service vulnerabilities. When you notice, hey, there’s a gap in, here’s a problem with how it’s working before you go public, then hey, let the developer of the plugin serve know about this. And so their policy is 14 days after initial contact once you file an email or 30 days if the vendor acknowledges the report. So I don’t actually have a report yet because I only have a hypothesis of what this service vulnerability is, and I definitely want to explore it before I go to TPT and say, Hey, here’s a service vulnerability, because let’s be honest, we don’t need more spam or low quality products on TPT.

Maintaining TPT Integrity – A Pro Tip

So pro tip, those of you who are thinking, Hey, I’m watching these videos where they talk about arbitrage, you take a resource from another place, you buy it, you split it up, and you sell them as separate resources on TPT. Yeah, that’s not a winning solution to get to the top. I’m a firm believer that if you want to get to the top, you have to be stoked it. They can’t ignore you. So I don’t want to accidentally disclose something that will let the people who are using this arbitrage model to get to the top. So I’m going to explore what I think is a service vulnerability, and then if I can actually prove that, yeah, this is a vulnerability, then I’ll notify TPT and then after 30 days, because they’ll acknowledge it in their TPT support system anyways, after 30 days, then I can post about it here on the channel. So you should subscribe to the channel to find out what I think is a service vulnerability in terms of getting to the top of TPT search

SEOT Preneur Pro Membership – Last Call

More practically. What I wanted to talk about is SEOT preneur. Alright? So one of the things that I do is I host a weekly mastermind Zoom Homer Club meeting with SEOT Premier Pro members, and we talk about things, and I’ll talk about what I’ve discovered about how to get to the top of TPT SEO, because I’m excited to hear about their ideas about how do I ethically share this with TPT sellers in a way that doesn’t accidentally create more spam than not, if you know what I mean. So some of you are watching this. You’ve been part of the SEOT Premier community for a while, and I’d love to get your feedback on, well, just my business model was essentially, I’m going to give all of my TPT knowledge away for free, but I’m going to give one-on-one support or small group support to people who are part of the SEOT Premier program membership.

Closing Doors and Future Plans

So then I’m going to try this Saturday. Our next meeting is going to be right here, May 6th, right? I’m excited to share what I discovered about how to get to the top of TPT search results. It’ll be interesting to see whether or not we can get this strategy to work for other TPT sellers. Well, that’s work for their store. How would you adapt it? So if you’ve been here for a while now is pretty much your last chance to go pro for a while because at that Zoom meeting, after that Zoom meeting, what I’m going to do is whether or not we have two spots left, whether or not they’re filled or not. I’m going to close the door because I’m going to talk more in depth as part of my homework. I’m going to talk about what I’m trying to do to be able to see if there’s a service vulnerability.

Subscribe for More Insights and Updates

I have some theories I’d like to test out, and I talk about that in my homework club. I talk about what I’m doing in all my different websites. I don’t want someone later on to sort of catch this video in a few days and then be like, oh, I’m just going to pop in to see what you’re doing. Because chances are, if you’re watching this video right now, you’re part of the true SEOT preneur beats because you’re still watching this video. The people who are looking for arbitrage secrets, they’ve already left. They got bored in the first one minute, they didn’t give the answer right away. So if you’re still here, I want to chat with you. I’m curious to hear what you think about TPT spam and low quality resources and how do we as TPT sellers maintain the integrity of the system.

Last Call for SEOT Preneur Pro Membership

So last chance, last call after the Homer Club meeting on Saturday May 6th. I will close the application form to get in. And then anyone who’s interested to get into the SEOT for your community, you’re going to have to wait on a waiting list until I publicly disclose what I think is the easiest way to get to the top of TPT search results. Alright? If you like this stuff, you should subscribe to the channel. And if you are watching this video before Saturday May 6th, come on into the SEOT Premier Pro community because the doors are closing soon and I’m going to Tinker through this process to try to figure out how to get my products to the top of the game. And then I’m going to answer questions to the people in the group about how they can get their products to the top of the game. Alright, we’ll see you next time. Have a great day. Bye-Bye now.

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