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Not sure how to improve your TPT store? Want to get the most out of free TPT data tools?

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FREE TPT Data Tools

Where are these free TPT Data Tools that everyone is talking about?

I created a FREE google sheet “do it yourself” TPT Data Tool to help TPT Sellers.

The point of the google sheet TPT Data Tool is to make TPT data more equitable and accessible to all TPT sellers.

  • We shouldn’t need expensive third-party options to help us make business decisions to improve our TPT stores.
  • TPT as a platform should provide better analytic tools for all TPT sellers (similar to other marketplaces.)
  • A rising tide lifts all ships in the harbour. Learn more about why I think we need a free seller tool.

Basically, I work on my TPT store and I chat with TPT Sellers.

I think about how we can use data to answer our questions (instead of our gut.)

I figure out the answer using Google Sheets and I share this Google Sheet tool for free with other TPT Sellers.

Then I record a video showing what’s possible and post it on YouTube.

Where do I get the FREE “Simple” TPT Data Tool?

The “simple” TPT Data Tool is available for free on my TPT Seller store.

Where do I get the FREE “Advanced” TPT Data Tool?

The “advanced” TPT Data Tool is available for free on A FREE Seller

What data do I need to download from my TPT Seller account?

You need to download your Product Stats CSV file.

  • Click the “Download To Excel” link on your Product Statistics page.
  • Or, here is a direct link that will download your Product Stats CSV file (if you are logged into your TPT Seller account.)

If you are using the “Advanced” version of the TPT Data Tool, you may also need to download your Sales Data CSV file(s).

  • Click the “Download full report” link on your Sales Reports page.
  • You will have to download multiple Sales Data CSV files because TPT only allows us to download one year at a time.
  • Find the link about How to IMPORT and use your “TPT Sales Report” CSV in this video list.

What’s the difference between the “Simple” and the “Advanced” TPT Data Tool?

The “simple” and “advanced” refers to how many tools there are on the Google Sheet.

(It is not a comment on how “simple” or “advanced” your TPT store is. Nor is it a comment about how “simple” or “advanced” your computer skills are.)

The “Simple” TPT Data Tool has…

  • only one Google Sheet tab (TPT Product Stats CSV)
  • only uses the Product Stats CSV.

This Google Sheet colour codes your sold rate, preview rate, average earnings per day, and page views. Work on the resources in red to improve your TPT store earnings.

This is enough for many sellers! (And this is what I wish TPT would incorporate into their TPT Seller Product Stats dashboard. Why do we need third party solutions for this?)

The “Advanced” TPT Data Tool has…

  • everything in the “Simple” TPT Data Tool and more.
  • uses both the Product Stats CSV and the Sales Data CSV
  • can use multiple Product Stats CSV files allowing you to get true TPT product statistics for certain time periods.

Some of the current features in the “Advanced” TPT Data Tool include:

  • 10x Dashboard
  • Epic and Extreme TPT Product Stats
  • 80/20 tool
  • Strategy Friend
  • Advanced Sales Search
  • Top 5 Dashboard
  • Pivot Tables: 1. By Product, 2. Advanced By Product, 3. Advanced By Location
  • Magic Filter: Related Products, Buyer Story
  • ABCD Tool (this will be launched for free once the YouTube channel hits 4K watch hours in the last 365 days. Until then, a sneak peek version is available as the bonus file in the TPT Seller Ultimate Bundle.)

About The TPT Data Workshops

Who are these TPT Data workshops for?

  • People who don’t have time to look for and watch a bunch of videos.
  • People who want to ask questions as they learn.
  • People who want structured, step by step instructions.
  • TPT Sellers who want to work smarter, not harder. (Updating all of your product covers may not be the best use of your time…)

What TPT Data Workshops are currently available?

There are currently three different TPT Data workshops planned.

(If you have any requests for workshop topics, email [email protected])

TPT Data Course 1A: Exploring the “Simple” TPT Data Tool

Note: This workshop is available at a “tech newbie” level (slower paced learning for computer novices with smaller class size.) See Workshop #1B below.

This 1.5 to 2 hour workshop explores the “simple” TPT Data Tool available on my TPT Seller store.

  1. We will learn how to upload our TPT Product Stats CSV file
  2. We will learn how to analyze the colours (I.e. conversion rate, preview rate, pageviews) to see what to improve
  3. We will learn how to fix the stuff in red. Participants can share links to their products for feedback on what to improve.

TPT Data Course 1B: Exploring the “Simple” TPT Data Tool (for Tech Newbies)

This 1.5 to 2 hour workshop explores the “simple” TPT Data Tool available on my TPT Seller store.

  1. The content is the same as Workshop #1A: upload the TPT Product Stats CSV file, analyze the colours, learn how to fix the stuff in red.
  2. The speed of the class is significantly lower. i.e. Showing 1 or 2 steps
  3. We will learn how to fix the stuff in red. Participants can share links to their products for feedback on what to improve.

TPT Data Course 2: Exploring the “Advanced” TPT Data Tool (Data Locker)

This 1.5 to 2 hour workshop explores the “advanced” TPT Data Tool available on A Free Seller

  1. We will learn how to use the Data Locker (upload multiple TPT Product Stats CSV files and our Sales Data CSV)
  2. We will learn how to use the 10x dashboard and what those visuals mean.
  3. We will learn how to use the Epic TPT Product Stats tool and what the visuals mean.
  4. We will learn how to use the Extreme TPT Product Stats tool

TPT Data Course 3: Deep Dive into the “Advanced” TPT Data Tool (Customer Behaviour)

This 1.5 to 2 hour workshop continues to explore the “advanced” TPT Data Tool available on A Free Seller

You must have an updated Data Locker file before beginning the workshop (i.e used the skills from Workshop #2 to update your Data Locker file):

Learn how to get more out of…

  1. Strategy Friend
  2. Advanced Sales Search
  3. Pivot Tables: 1. By Product, 2. Advanced by Product, 3. Advanced by location
  4. Magic Filter: Sales, Related Products, Buyer Journey

How do I know which workshop is right for me?

Each workshop information page will explain the course pre-requisites.

If you’re not sure, please email [email protected]

I bought the wrong workshop. Can I switch?

Yup, if there’s room. Please email [email protected]

Workshop Logistics

You talk really fast in your YouTube videos.
You go so quickly that I have no idea what you just did!
Will the workshops go that quickly?

No, the workshops will not be as quick as what I do on YouTube.

(That’s why the workshops are 1.5 to 2 hours long.)

  • Think of the YouTube videos as edutainment (education + entertainment).
  • Think of the Zoom workshops as an online class (education).

How will the workshops be structured?
Are we just sitting and watching you?

The workshops are a mix of:

  • me explaining / showing how to do stuff in Google Sheets
  • you getting a chance to try it with your own data in Google Sheets
  • us asking questions / sharing ideas on how to improve our TPT stores

Each section in the workshop follows the following structure:

WATCH: I explain the theory or demonstrate the skill / how to do it. (5 min)

  • You can raise your hand and ask questions.
  • Zoom has a “raise your hand” and “slow down / speed up” button so you can give me non-verbal feedback as I teach.
  • I have an assistant who will be monitoring the chat to give me verbal feedback as I teach the lesson

APPLY: 5 minutes: You get a chance to try the skill with your own data (5 min)

  • I’ll be on Zoom with a visual timer to answer any questions that you have.

DISCUSS: 5 minutes: You can ask any questions that came up as you tried the skill (5-10 min)

  1. I can demonstrate on my screen
  2. If you want me to look at your screen, you’ll have to share your Google Sheet file with me.
  3. I can troubleshoot the technical stuff
  4. If we’re talking about things we can do on our TPT store, the group can provide suggestions. (i.e. if we’re looking at the “red” conversion rate, you can share the link to your product with everyone in the zoom chat. I can show that product on the main screen and people in the audience can give suggestions on what to change.

When will I get the Zoom Meeting link?

An email will be sent out a week before the workshop.

You will be able to log into the Zoom meeting room right away to make sure your computer works. You can test your camera, microphone, and chat window during this time. You can also see how to raise your hand.

The day of the workshop, a waiting room will be added for security purposes. This way, only paid participants will be able to attend the actual workshop.

This is a work in progress. Thank you for your patience as I figure things out!

Workshop Pricing

How much are the workshops?

Right now, because I’m still figuring things out, each workshop is generally $37.

(The tech newbie workshop are $45 because they have a small class size.)

All prices are subject to change. Future workshops will likely be more expensive once I polish this format.

Is there an early bird rate?

Yes. For people who sign up right away, the workshop is only $17.

(The tech newbie workshop early bird rate is are $25 because they have a small class size.)

The early bird rate will always be the best deal.

All prices are subject to change. Future workshops will likely be more expensive once I polish this format.

Do you have a discount if you attend multiple workshops?

Yes. After you attend a workshop, there will be a discount price.

Right now, future workshops only cost $25 (instead of $37).

Email [email protected] to get the promo code.

All prices are subject to change. Future workshops will likely be more expensive once I polish this format.

Do you have a discount if you are an SEOTpreneur PRO member?

Yes. It is the same discount as if you attended multiple workshops:

Right now, SEOTpreneur PRO members only have to pay $25 (instead of $37).

(A link with the promo code will be provided in the PRO forum.)

All prices are subject to change. Future workshops will likely be more expensive once I polish this format.

How does your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee refund policy work?

If you’re not happy, I’m not happy.

You can request a full refund within 14 days of the workshop date.

That’s right. You can take the workshop and request a refund if it doesn’t meet your needs.

Please email [email protected] to start the process.

No refunds will be issued after the 14 day refund window.

Do I need a TPT Data workshop?

Can I learn this information without taking a workshop?


Some people are able to watch the videos, pause when they need to, and figure out how to use the TPT data tools.

Other people will need more help to get the most out of the free TPT data tools. (Or they don’t have the time to watch through a bunch of videos. They’d rather just sign up for a course because they learn better that way.)

Please note:

Even if I make the TPT Data Tool available for free to try to level the playing field, there will always be people who can’t use the tool: “Thanks Mike, but I don’t even know where to start with this free Google Sheet”

A better solution rather than me having to run TPT Data Workshops would be for TPT to improve their data tools and provide their own training.

Watch 43:36 of this video to see what I mean.

Do I have to take a workshop to get the “simple” or “advanced” TPT data tools?

No. The data tools are available for free.

Use the links at the top of this page to get them.

How can I get help using the “Simple” TPT Data Tool?
Do you have videos where I can find out how to use the “Simple” TPT data tool?

Yes, watch the preview video on this TPT product for free. (You can also watch this video on TPT.)

  • It shows you how to upload your TPT products stats CSV file
  • It shows you how to sort your paid products by the different columns.

If you have questions about how to use this TPT product (“simple” TPT Data Tool), please ask in the TPT Question & Answer section on my TPT store.

Do you have a video that explains “how to fix the stuff in red” using the “Simple” TPT Data Tool?

Yes, check out this video on TPT.

  • I’ve pulled together concepts from my different YouTube videos and give an example of using the “simple” TPT Data Tool to make business decisions.
  • PRO TIP: The TPT Seller Ultimate Bundle costs less than that video. (And it’s a growing bundle, so once you get the Ultimate Bundle, you get access to all of the TPT Seller stuff I post on TPT!)

How can I get help using the “Advanced” TPT Data Tool?
Do you have videos where I can find out how to use the “Advanced” TPT data tool?

Yes, here are some links to videos to use the “Advanced” TPT Data Tool.

  • These links point to YouTube videos which are free to watch.
  • I update the links when I can find the time. (The problem is there’s never enough time!)
  • The “Advanced” TPT Data Tool is constantly growing and evolving.
  • The way the Google Sheet looks in the earlier version may be different from the way the Google Sheet looks today.


Do I have to share my data with you or other people in the group?

No, you do not have to share your data.

Nobody has access to your Google Sheet data or Product Stats CSV files (unless you choose to share them.)

We are using “forced copy” links to get your own copy of the Google Sheet tools.

As with all Google Docs / Google Sheets files, you have to intentionally share the document if you want to give access.

Can I share my data with Mike or other people in the group?

Yes, during the workshop you can share your data with Mike.

For example, if you have a question and you want to share your data so we can all see what you’re talking about.

Here are the instructions that I’ll explain during the workshop:

  • Share your Google Sheets file with [email protected]
  • Make sure your name / store name is at the front of the document title (so I can find it.)

You can also share links in the Zoom chat that will be visible to everyone in the group.

Please note: Mike is not able to provide one-on-one private support during the workshop.

(The goal of the workshop is to provide one-to-some support so I’m happy to answer any questions in front of the group.)

I value my privacy (For example, I don’t want my school to know)

Please be aware that the workshops are recorded and a copy of the lesson will be made available to the participants.

The workshop may not be the best format for you. If you decide you want to go ahead, here are some suggestions:

  1. Change your screen name. (Sometimes Zoom defaults to your full real name.)
  2. Turn off your camera
  3. Mute your microphone.
  4. Don’t share your screen / data.
  5. Ask questions using the chat.
  6. Use a completely different email address. (Don’t use one that is a work email address or a personal email address that is easily identifiable. If you want to use a different email address, please make sure to use the same email address when you purchase your ticket so you can get access to the Zoom meeting.)

Why is the workshop recorded?

The zoom meeting will be recorded. You have one month after the workshop where you can access the recording in the Zoom cloud and download a copy for personal use only.

Participants are prohibited from using recordings of the Workshop for any purpose other than personal review and learning. Distribution, public broadcasting, or commercial use of the recordings is strictly forbidden.

There are three reasons why the workshop is recorded:

1. You can focus on the learning and the doing, instead of taking notes.

  • Sometimes, the best ideas come out of conversation, and then I might say, “oh my gosh, you should definitely put that in your product description!”
  • By recording the workshop, you can go back and see what you said later on.

2. Accountability and Training purposes

  • I can review the workshop later on with my assistant so we can better prepare for the next workshop.
  • If participants have questions about the workshop, we can always review the workshop recording.

3. Becoming aware of our digital footprint

  • When you first enter a recorded Zoom meeting, Zoom will advise you that the meeting is being recorded.
  • This is a good reminder that anyone can record a screen;
  • Providing a courtesy copy of the recording is a way I’m trying to give participants equitable access to the information after the workshop. (Some people know how to record a screen, but not everyone does.)

Where are the Terms of Service for participating in the Workshop?

Here are the Terms and Service for the Workshop.

Why do I have to give SEOT Mindset Inc “a worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free, fully paid-up, transferable, perpetual right and license to reproduce, publish, distribute, display, repost, share, and edit content created, shared, or displayed by you during the Workshop”?

This is required to make the video recording available for others to download.

By the way, you also grant TPT similar rights when you post your content on TPT.

Check out 4B in the TPT Terms of Service.

Feedback and Thoughts

Hey Mike, I have a question… Can you help?

I love talking about TPT, SEO / Data, and TPT / SEO / Data combined.

I want to help as many TPT sellers as I can for free.

But, I also need to pay business expenses, earn a living, and feed my family.

Unlimited free is not a sustainable business model.

So, I have to practice what I preach, be assertive, and set boundaries.

Here’s how I’m able to help.

I love what you’re doing.
I don’t love what you’re doing.

Great. Feel free to email me your thoughts at [email protected]

I’m not always able to reply one-on-one; however I do consider all emails and suggestions.

They help me to improve what I do, as well as to improve how I communicate what I do.

(Exactly the same way that reviews on TPT help us to improve our products, as well as our product descriptions so there are fewer disappointed buyers!)

If you really wanted to help the TPT Seller community for free, you would make shorter videos with simple clear cut instructions and less energy.

Thanks for the feedback. One day if I get free time, I’ll make shorter videos. YouTube may not be the best platform for that. A video course would be a better format as it has a more concrete structure of A to B to C.

I do want to help the communities I’m a part of. We all help in different ways. We help how we can, when we can.

My goal is to share all of my ideas about TPT on my YouTube channel for free. So I document my journey, share my thoughts, and try to role model how to use strategies, effort, optimization, and tinkering ideas as a framework to success.

I’m happy to share my Google Sheet data tools for free to those who are able to use them.

Unfortunately, as mentioned in the terms of service of the Google Sheet tools, I’m not able to provide support.

And as mentioned at 43:36 in this YouTube video, even if the Google Sheet tool is free, there will always be people who still can’t use the tool.

The point is to raise awareness about this inequity in access to TPT data. Unfortunately one person cannot solve this issue alone.

But, imagine what could happen if IXL changed the TPT Seller Dashboard so that everyone knew what to improve. Check out 44:23 in this YouTube video.

By the way, I appreciate that you think my videos should have less energy. However, I also have TPT Sellers who let me know they like the energy because you don’t get that from other TPT Seller channels.

The workshop format has less energy because the focus is on education, not edutainment. It’s a different genre

I get a bad taste in my mouth because you’re charging for these workshops. Nobody else does it like this.

Thank you for the feedback.

I’m sorry you have a bad taste in your mouth. I wonder if that comes from a strong sense of justice about what’s right and wrong. Thank you for being an active citizen and standing up to have your opinion heard. I can relate to trying to speak up about what you believe is right.

My business model is not like the typical TPT seller coach who offers a free workshop with an upsell to a larger workshop.

I can appreciate if you were used to that model, it would be easy to think that was the only model or the “right” business model. From that perspective, it would seem like a money grab to charge for what should be a “free” workshop because I should have provided the training for these free data tools for free as well.

That’s not my business model.

My business model is based on the plugin model that we see in WordPress. What you’re actually paying for in a premium plugin subscription is access to support and updates.

So, following this model, both the “Simple” TPT Data Tool and the “Advanced” TPT Data Tool are one hundred percent free.

But, if you want my support to use these tools beyond what’s currently available on YouTube, you’ll have to pay me for my time.

In business, you quickly learn you either pay in time or in money.

I’m not a charity. I’m a social enterprise.

“A social enterprise is defined as a business with specific social objectives that serve its primary purpose. Social enterprises seek to maximize profits while maximizing benefits to society”

Source: Investopedia