This is a growing document of what we know so far about TPT Search, TPT SEO, and TPT Keywords.

As we uncover things in the SEOTpreneur PRO, YouTube and Email communities, I’ll post the information here.

If you have questions or TPT SEO theories you’d like to explore or confirm, please leave a comment on any SEOTpreneur YouTube channel.

Things we know about TPT SEO

  • Having the TPT keyword in the product title is a bigger TPT SEO boost than having it in the product description.
  • There is currently no TPT Personalized search. All results are the same, regardless of whether you are logged in, use a VPN, or have a different IP address.
  • Changes in TPT SEO rank due to changes in the product title can be seen as quickly as 15 minutes.
  • Some changes can take over 48 hours to result in a TPT SEO rank. (For example
  • TPT uses AI search features as part of its search ranking algorithm

Nobody knows for sure (unless you work on TPT Search.)

  1. Each product on TPT is given a ranking score using a secret sauce formula (The TPT search algorithm)
  2. When you search on TPT, the results are sorted in descending order based on the ranking score. 
  3. The TPT search algorithm is constantly changing.
    1. They do A/B testing to try different variations of the formula. 
    2. This is why sometimes, it’s possible to see your product show up on two different pages for the same search term.
    3. The formula that performs better (probably determined by sales or bounce rate) then gets tested against another variation. 
    4. The goal is to create a search formula that provides teacher buyers with what they need (as opposed to irrelevant results.)
  4. The TPT SEO ranking score could be based on factors like: conversion rate, total earnings, product preview rate, price of resource, number of reviews, keywords in reviews, average review score.
  5. About search terms:
    1. A product with any word in the keyword search is eligible to show up in a search results page. If you search for TPT seller, resources that have TPT or Seller can show up.
    2. TPT likely includes related variants of the word
  6. Keyword in the title seems to be a very important ranking factor. 
  7. Keyword in the search snippet that appears in TPT search (i.e. the first few sentences of your TPT product description) might also be a contributing factor but not as much as the title.
  8. Some changes in the TPT SEO ranking formula seem to take about 15-30 minutes to appear. Other changes might happen right away.  
  9. The TPT SEO score for bundles seems to be influenced by products in the bundle.
  10. There is probably a decay factor applied to your TPT SEO ranking score. If you don’t update your product (or products in your store), the decay factor increases. It’s like multiplying your score by…
    1. x1 if you recently updated the resource (no decay)
    2. x0.75 if you updated the resource within the last month
    3. x0.5 if you updated the resource within the last 90 days
    4. x0.25 if you updated the resource within the last year. 
    5. These are not real multipliers. Nobody knows the real decay factor except for TPT engineers. (Plus, the settings can constantly change like levers on a machine.)
  11. Potential for earnings seems to be a more powerful ranking factor than actual earnings of a product.
    1. Potential for earnings = (Price of resource) x (probability of sale)
    2. The (probability of sale) factor is influenced by your store. (If other products on your store are selling, then the probability of sale increases for all of your TPT products
  12. How well your store does influences the TPT SEO ranking factor for all products in that store. In other words…
    1. if products are selling well, then all of your products might get a temporary boost in TPT SEO ranking factor. This is why sometimes we see an out of season product sell for no apparent reason.
  13. The TPT Search algorithm seems to reward store activity.
    1. If you publish a lot of resources, it seems all resources get a temporary TPT SEO ranking boost
  14. TPT has to (eventually) offer a personalized search experience.
    1. If search results aren’t producing what teachers are looking for, then teachers will leave.
      1. If a middle school teacher looks for English Language Arts resources and all they see are PreK and Kindergarten resources, they might bounce and search on Google.
    2. There’s a reason why Netflix and all streaming services provide suggestions with specific thumbnails. It’s to keep you on the platform watching.

TPT SEO Questions To Investigate

  • Does the TPT Search algorithm penalize your TPT product if you include an external link?
  • Is there an ideal time to post a resource on TPT to get maximum TPT SEO benefit?
  • Is there a TPT SEO penalty if you have more than 4 grade levels selected?