10x TPT Seller Income: Episode 3 – TPT SEO HACK EXPERIMENT

10x TPT Seller Income: Episode 3 – TPT SEO HACK EXPERIMENT: Mike tries to boost the ranking of his best selling TPT bundle using something we noticed during an earlier livestream. 

The Top 5 Dashboard is available for free from here: Free Google Sheet Tool

Here’s the Oct 3, 2023 LIVESTREAM that inspired this experiment: 

One surprising, simple change boosted Enrica’s TPT SEO:

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  • 0:00 Introduction 
  • 4:54 What can we learn from Google?
  • 9:16 Hypothesis: TPT Store Rank does not predict success
  • 15:31 Beat your personal best
  • 17:04 Upload your TPT Sales Data CSV 
  • 21:48 Using the Top 5 Dashboard
  • 26:55 Data Locker – quick preview


Coming soon.

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