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  • Success on TPT is NOT an accident…
  • Mindset Matters more than we realize.
  • Use Strategies, Effort, Optimize, and Tinker
  • TPT SEO is Constantly changing…
  • Nothing works for everyone all the time.
  • Pay attention to what works. Do more of it.
  • Find Your People and Your TPT Besties…
  • You are NOT alone!
  • You are the average of the 5 TPT sellers you hang out with the most

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Get off the Hamster Wheel!

I recently joined SEOTpreneur Pro and feel like the first Zoom meeting I had with Mike about my store was well worth the price to join.

Mike gave me some suggestions that were easy to implement and that are already making a difference in my sales. Thanks, Mike!
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No Contracts • Cancel Anytime • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

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I have only been in the community for about a month, and following tips and tricks that I have learnt from you, I have seen one of my resources explode…
TPT Seller
SEOTpreneur PRO Forum Jan 2024

No Contracts • Cancel Anytime • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Being a
great Teacher

and being a great
TPT Seller

are two very different things!

You have a great lesson that your students love. So you posted it on TPT. It’s not selling as well as you’d like. Now what?

You want to hit the next level on your store and TPT earnings, but it’s just not happening. You’re trying lots of things, but you’re starting to burn out.

The teaching profession has changed so much. You’re wondering what else you can do. You’ve posted a few resources on TPT, but you haven’t seen great results.

Watch 44:31 of this FREE TPT Seller Business Course to learn the difference between a TEACHER and a TEACHERpreneur.

It’s time to try something different.

Embrace the process of doing inconvenient things until you succeed.

Mindset is everything

Here’s what it takes to have a successful TPT business.

If you agree with the 5 strategies I talk about at 14:42 of this video, you’ll love SEOTpreneur PRO.

Do you agree with the FIVE STRATEGIES at 14:42 of this video?
Chatting with Mike has helped me to be more focused on what really matters in my store.

His insight gave me a push in the right directions and my work is more productive!

No Contracts • Cancel Anytime • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your mindset is the secret to leveling up your TPT business



Find STRATEGIES that work.



(Work still required.)



OPTIMIZE and improve what works.



TINKER and see what happens.

No Contracts • Cancel Anytime • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

with an SEOT mindset

  • Tries hard and works smart.
  • Recognizes that more content is only one way to success.
  • Pays attention to good and bad results and wonders why things turned out that way.
  • Learns to rest, not give up.
  • Focuses on what’s working. Ready, Aim, Fire (instead of fire, ready, aim.)
  • Tries new things that might not work, but could lead to something interesting.
  • Comes up with strategies based on the best information available at the time.
  • When new opportunities come up, decides how this fits with their strategy. (Is this a shiny object distraction?)
  • Understands that we’re not perfect. We don’t always do everything with an SEOT mindset. Mistakes are how we grow and the road is long.

without an SEOT mindset

  • Tries hard.
  • Believes more content is the key to success.
  • Feels disappointed when more content doesn’t lead to a proportional increase in sales.
  • TPT Burn out because more content isn’t leading to success.
  • Tries “repurposing” content on other marketplaces.
  • Gives up on asset creation and switches to online tutoring or platforms like Outschool.

Why isn’t SEOTpreneur PRO free?

I thought you wanted to give away all of your TPT thoughts for free!

I do want to give away all of my TPT knowledge for free!

The problem is time

I have over 40 hours of free TPT Seller Tips and Tricks on YouTube.

But, you don’t have time to watch all of them to find the gems.

And, I don’t have time to spend all day on YouTube answering questions and creating content. (I wish I did!)

Learn to VALUE your time. Time is an invaluable asset. Don’t measure your time in hours or minutes, but by the transformation you can bring about in someone’s life.

Consider offering exclusive online courses or masterclasses, or even weekly group discussions instead. Provide access to unique resources, but remember, one-on-one time comes with a high price tag–$$$ It’s incredibly valuable. Drill it in your head. Create a banner.

Mike’s time is valuable….$$$$. That’s the UPSALE. If you give away your time for free, people won’t appreciate its true value, and they might even exploit it. So, Mike, sell your time!
TPT Seller‘s Advice to Mike
@cuatrojibaro comment on YouTube

For $10 per month, you can ask unlimited questions to Mike through the SEOTpreneur PRO discussion forum and weekly Saturday Staffroom Club Meetings.

No Contracts • Cancel Anytime • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Ask Questions in the SEOTpreneur PRO community

Mike replies to every question that shows up in the posts.

Other TPT sellers can reply as well (because, well, points.)

The challenge is to find that balance between replying to questions and working on our own store. But, that’s part of the game!

Earn SEOTpreneur XP points and Mike Minutes by chatting in the forum

Yes, we gamified working on your TPT Store to make the success process more visible!

Right now, if you earn at least one SEOTpreneur XP point in the month, you get 5 Mike Minutes.

If you are in the TOP FIVE, you get even more Mike Minutes!

(Oh, and once a month, as long as you’ve earned at least one SEOTpreneur XP point, your name gets entered into a random draw for 30 Mike Minutes.)

What can you do with Mike Minutes?

Once you reach 30 Mike Minutes, you can book a one-on-one Zoom call with Mike!

Here are some things that Mike has done with clients

(If you don’t want to play games to earn Mike Minutes, you can always buy Mike Minutes.)

You are the average of the five people you hang out with the most.

Should we hang out?

Do the following words resonate with you:

lifelong learner

personal development

financial freedom

making the world a better place

If so, we might be a good fit! Are you my next TPT bestie?

Here’s what I can bring to the table

I’m not the world’s best WordPress guy.

I’m not a top Google SEO expert (I follow Neil Patel – net worth: $30 million)

I’m not a marketing millionaire (I follow Alex Hormozi – net worth: $100 million)
or 9-figure business entrepreneur (I follow Ed Mylett – net worth: $410 million)

I’m not the top TPT seller or even in the third milestone. (I just hit $82K.)

I haven’t succeeded in successfully advocating for student mental health, yet.
(Here’s my press release)

But if you combine all of that…

I’m a pretty unique butterfly with an interesting point of view.

And in the TPT space, it is unfair how good I am with computers.

Here’s what you can bring to the table

You don’t have to be an experienced TPT seller (but you can be.)

You don’t have to be currently in the classroom (but you can be.)

You don’t have to be a full time TPT seller (but you can be.)

You bring your life experience and your observations about TPT from the perspective of your TPT store.

And that’s more than enough!

Exclusive to the TPT PRO community!

TPT SEO Tools (#4):
Keyword Suggestion Tool for TPT Sellers

Type in a keyword and see what are the popular trending keywords on TPT.

Screenshot of TPT Seller suite of TPT SEO Tools (#4). Shows two google sheet tabs. One highlights the keywords, ideas, and TPT competition data. The other shows TPT Search Volume Popularity

Exclusive to the TPT PRO community!

TPT SEO Tools (#5):
AI Powered Keyword Suggestion Tool for TPT Sellers

Put in the URL for one of your TPT products. This tool then suggests keywords with popularity rank and competition so you can find high volume, low competition keywords in your niche

The experimental version of this tool also shows the popularity ranking of the search term. So, you get a competitive advantage in finding “high traffic volume – low competition” keywords. SEOTpreneur PRO members get a sneak peek of this alpha version.

Screenshot of TPT Seller suite of TPT SEO Tools (#5). Shows screenshot with your product link and ChatGPT keywords circled.

No one knows exactly how the search algorithm works.

I found the manual for the Search Engine software that TPT SEO uses.

Every Sunday, I explain another part of the code.

Subscribe to the YouTube channel so you don’t miss out on weekly explanations of how the TPT Search Engine really works.

I can’t wait to hear about your TPT journey in our SEOTpreneur PRO community

Are you in?

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