TPT Marketing: How can you tell if your strategy works? (Custom UTM links Part 2) | Episode 8

How do you know if your TPT Marketing strategy is working? By using the TPT custom URL builder (UTM)! I bet you can’t answer the TPT Seller question at 8:26. (I don’t know the answer yet… but I’ll post it next week after this experiment!)

— LINKS TO RESOURCES mentioned in the video —

Start of my $640 Hundred Day Challenge to increase my TPT sales

TPT Marketing: My first UTM Links Part 1 video

When should I do the FREE Master Class about TPT Search. Leave a comment on this video

TPT Seller – Earnings Dashboard

TPT Seller – Traffic Dashboard (for tracking success of UTM / Marketing channels)

TPT Seller – Marketing Link Custom URL Builder

Reading Strategies

SEL Story 001 This Pilot is Afraid of Flying

SEL Story 002 Change the Game

SEL Story 003 Close the Gap

SEL Story 004 Being Girly


What am I missing?

FYI: There’s one mistake that I made to simplify the math. The products seen in this video sell for $3.00 USD, but I don’t get all of that as earnings. I have a Premium TPT Seller membership which means TPT takes a 20% commission (instead of a 45% commission.)

So, I’ll only earn $2.40 on each product sale.

Instead of asking if I will get $6 or $3 attributed to that UTM link, the question should really be, will I get $4.80 or $2.40

But, my brain was tired when I was filming. You know how it is.

What else did I miss?

Do you have any questions? Leave a comment on the video. Let me know how I’m doing!

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  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:29 Intro (TPT seller income report – all time) 
  • 0:33 Day 8 of my Hundred-Day Challenge
  • 0:54 Previously… UTM Links Part 1 
  • 1:31 Recap – I purchased SEL Story 002 using a custom UTM link
  • 1:55 My TPT Seller Earnings Dashboard shows earnings from the sale
  • 2:40 My TPT Seller Traffic Dashboard does not show traffic yet
    (data through Nov 15, 11:59 PM)
  • 3:01 How to know which marketing strategies work for us in TPT
  • 3:40 The UTM code used to purchase SEL 002 on Nov 15 isn’t showing up (yet)
  • 3:46 Is this a glitch in the TPT dashboard reporting?
  • 4:16 Worried about TPT Search Algorithm changes? Cultivate other traffic sources!
  • 4:30 How to see results of a custom TPT URL (UTM) in the traffic dashboard
  • 5:05 Do you know the answer to the following TPT Marketing question?
  • 5:16 If I create a UTM link to my TPT product…
  • 5:33 … and I buy that product
  • 5:50 … and a second product (in the same shopping cart) 
  • 6:03 … Will TPT show earnings from BOTH products under the same custom UTM marketing channel?
  • 6:21 Why this question matters for TPT marketing
  • 6:29 Doing Today’s TPT Marketing experiment!
  • 6:36 I’m going to create a custom UTM link to my $3 SEL Story 003 product (Close the Gap)
  • 7:34 … and then I will add my $3 SEL Story 004 product (Being Girly) to the shopping cart
  • 8:26 Question: Will the TPT traffic dashboard attribute $3 or $6 to this custom TPT Marketing URL (UTM)?
  • 8:49 Leave a comment with your predictions!
  • 8:57 SEL Story 003 and 004 have no sales. 
    (Great products with no traction yet!)
  • 9:07 Creating the custom TPT Marketing link (UTM)
  • 10:02 Using the custom link (with my TPT Buyer Account)
  • 10:25 I use the link to go to the FIRST product (SEL Story 003)
  • 10:43 I add the FIRST product to my shopping cart: $3.00 USD
  • 10:46 I’m going to continue shopping…
  • 10:58 I navigate to the SECOND product (SEL Story 004)
  • 11:10 NOTE: UTM links only show up on the first page you visit on TPT
  • 11:36 I add the SECOND product to the shopping cart: $3.00 USD
  • 11:45 My shopping cart
  • 11:54 The total order is $6.00 USD
  • 11:59 I purchase the order
  • 12:20 QUESTION TIME – Test your TPT knowledge!
  • 12:32 Will the earnings on this UTM link be $3 or $6? 
  • 12:44 Hi Team TPT! Thanks for watching!
  • 12:55 About SEOTpreneur 
  • 13:26 Outro – TPT Seller Income Report – November 2022 (as of Thu Nov 17, 2022)

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