TPT Search Algorithm Changes: When should I do this Livestream? | Episode 6

I’m going to do a FREE Master Class about TPT Search Algorithm Changes. Some TPT sellers are going to lose lots of sales, but not everybody – and here’s why (and what you can do.)

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  • 0:40 TPT Search Algorithm Change Master Class Topics 

  • 1. What we know from other search algorithms

  • 2. Predictions about TPT search personalization

  • 3. PIVOT: Take Advantage of Opportunities; Overcome Obstacles

  • 1:34 POLL: When should I do this TPT Seller Master Class?


I. Introduction

1.1 Greeting and Address:

All right. Hey, TPT Sellers and TEACHERpreneur and SEOT Premier community.

1.2 Proposal for a Masterclass on TPT Search Algorithm Changes:

I’m thinking about doing a free masterclass on how much can you make on TPT search algorithm changes and what that means for us as TPT sellers and how we can sort of take advantage of opportunities and mitigate damage. Is this something you want to watch?

1.3 Possible Live Stream Format and Viewer Feedback:

I’m thinking about doing it as a YouTube live stream, and the question I have for you is, when should I do this live stream? Okay, so want to see what this live stream’s going to be about? Check this out.

2. Discussion Plan for the Live Stream

2.1 Understanding Search Engine Algorithms:

So here’s what I think I’m going to talk about, but if you have other questions, leave a comment below. Basically, I’m going to talk about what we know about search engine algorithms from other examples,

2.2 Applying SEO Knowledge to TPT Search Algorithm:

how I think it might apply to TPT search algorithm, and

2.3 Identifying Opportunities and Overcoming Obstacles:

then what can we do to pivot, right, to take advantage of opportunities and to try to overcome obstacles that are definitely coming our way,

2.4 Potential Impact on TPT Sellers:

because a lot of us are going to lose sales, but not all of us. So when should I do this livestream video and not specific date, but time of the week? So should I do it on a weekday? Should I do it on a weekend? Should I do it Saturday morning?

Should I do it Sunday night? I’ll leave more information in the comments, but leave a comment below. This channel is mostly watched by people in North America and the States, so I’m going to base the timing off of Eastern Standard Time.

3. Schedule for the Live Stream

3.1 Seeking Viewer Input on Preferred Timing:

And the question basically is when should I do this? Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening? Let me know what works for you.

3.2 Assurance of Access to Recorded Live Stream

And if you can’t make that time for the live stream, then you can always watch the video afterwards, but you won’t be able to ask your questions based on what I say.

4. Live Stream Participation and Engagement

4.1 Importance of Subscribing for Viewer Participation:

Oh, make sure to subscribe and like this video, but subscribe for sure because you need to be a SEOT Premier subscription.

4.2 Encouragement to Ask Questions during Live Stream:

You have to subscribe to the channel in order to leave a question because maybe I’ll say something that you have a question about and I can answer it right away in the video.

4.3 Farewell and Conclusion

All right, we’ll see you at the live stream. Bye-bye.

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