I Guessed Wrong – What about You? TPT Marketing – UTM Links Part 3 – Episode 11

I thought I knew how TPT custom URL links worked, but I was wrong. Watch the question at the very beginning of this video – can you get it right? 

Oops. I call at 7:13 I call it “direct search” but really, I mean “direct traffic” – as in people directly typing in the website address (i.e. Educircles.org) into the web browser (instead of clicking a link in Google search or another website.)

I say, “I clicked on a link” at 9:44 but by this I mean, I copy and pasted a link into the browser and went to the link. Words. I tell yeah.

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  • 1:41 How do you know what’s working? TPT provides traffic data which we can use to see which marketing campaign is working.
  • 2:10 Last week, I did two experiments. I was 100% wrong.
  • 2:30 Here’s what TPT told me: 
  • 2:33 Intro (TPT income report – all time)
  • 4:52 I emailed TPT support. 
  • 5:11 TPT email: direct links “may be filtered out of their traffic data.”
  • 6:40 TPT may not report direct links in our TPT traffic dashboard (even if you use custom UTMs)
  • 7:00 What is Direct Traffic?

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