TPT Shut Down? How to futureproof your TPT Business and avoid disaster! Episode 21

Episode 021 is about things TPT sellers can do to future-proof their TPT store from disaster.

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In this episode, Future Mike comes back in time to chat with Present-Day You about a message that Future You wants Past You, which is really Present-Day You, to know.

Confused? It will make more sense when you watch the episode.

Basically, it’s about disaster recovery. How long would it take you to start selling again if TPT suddenly shut down your store?

  • You already have a copy of your TPT product saved on your computer or in Google Drive. (Well, not Easel by TPT, but that’s proprietary to their platform, so you wouldn’t be able to sell that anyway.)
  • You also have a copy of your TPT product covers saved as image files. (You probably have the source files in Canva, PowerPoint, or Google Slides… wherever you make your image covers and product mock ups.)
  • But, do you have a copy of your product descriptions saved anywhere? What about the categories? TPT reviews that you’ve worked so hard to collect?

This episode is about saving your TPT product pages as you go along so that if disaster strikes, you’re able to rebuild your TPT business on a different platform if necessary.

(Dear Team TPT, I love what you do, and I’m quite happy to be a TPT seller. I hope to have a long and mutually beneficial relationship for many years to come. But I’ve learned from listening to Ed Mylett (Power of One More) that things change. It’s a great listen. You should read the book.)

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What am I missing? What did I get right? Where did I go wrong?

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Video Table of Contents

  • 0:00 Introduction – How to FUTUREPROOF your TPT store (disaster recovery)
  • 0:16 Intro (TPT seller income report – all time)   
  • 0:20 Welcome – Episode 21
  • 0:43 What’s futureproofing?
  • 1:17 My TPT store got shut down. How do I get it back?
  • 1:53 Question for you: When Amazon Ignite shut down, were you able to still log in and get your product descriptions?
  • 2:14 Disaster Recovery: Resilience – bounce back quicker
  • 2:30 Disaster Recovery from a business perspective
  • 3:17 My TPT products stopped selling. What should I do?
  • 4:02 Solution: Save your product pages – quick, accurate, free
  • 4:18 Who is this episode for: TPT Hamsters and above
  • 5:03 Free Chrome Extension
  • 5:14 Install Save Page WE
  • 6:15 Options – General
  • 7:00 Options – Saved Items
  • 7:30 Options – File Info
  • 8:26 Options – Advanced
  • 8:49 My Workflow
  • 9:24 What I used to do (Google Slides)
  • 9:41 Now what I do
  • 12:43 Keep an eye out for failed download errors
  • 13:02 Make sure your file names aren’t too long 
  • 15:18 Why can’t I just use the browser “SAVE AS” option to save my TPT product description pages?
  • 16:34 Unplugging the internet to make sure our backup TPT product pages have saved correctly
  • 21:10 Do you track TPT keywords for TPT SEO?
  • 21:32 How to find your TPT product on TPT Search Engine Results Pages
  • 22:24 How to save (track) your TPT product ranks in the TPT Search Engine Ranking Pages for TPT SEO
  • 23:22 Idea: Optimize your TPT products and see if your TPT SEO rankings improve
  • 23:29 Shiny Object Alert: Are you just watching grass grow?
  • 23:48 Like, subscribe, share
  • 23:59 I’m going to TPT Forward 2023!… are you?
  • 24:57 Outro (TPT Income Report – Feb 7, 2023)
  • 25:19 No internet? No internet!
  • 26:19 SNEAK PEEK: SEOTpreneur PRO Membership Private Zoom Classes

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