Most TPT sellers don’t know the answer. Do you? (UTM Part 1) Teachers Pay Teachers | Episode 7

TPT Sellers can increase product sales IF they know where buyers are coming from. But, I bet even experienced TPT Sellers don’t know the answer to this question! Do you?

(I don’t know the answer either, but I’m doing this experiment to find out!)

Links mentioned in the video are at the bottom of the production description…

TPT has a URL builder that lets us add UTM codes to our product links.

We can use the UTM source and UTM campaign fields to help us figure out what’s lead to more sales: Pinterest? Facebook? Your email list?

FREE TPT Traffic Dashboard that shows UTM clicks and sales:

TPT URL builder (to create trackable links using UTM codes):

The website that I’m making for my TPT HDC (Hundred Day Challenge):

The first product on my TPT store that I went to (SEL Story 001):

The second product on my TPT store that I actually bought (SEL Story 002):

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  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:10 Intro – TPT dashboard (income report – all time)

  • 0:15 Using data to get more TPT sales
  • 0:26 UTM links to track what’s working
  • 0:47 Use the TPT Dashboard – Traffic to see where sales are coming from

  • 1:08 QUESTION that most TPT sellers (probably) don’t know the answer to
  • 1:38 I don’t know the answer… yet!

  • 1:44 My experiment to answer this question

  • 2:09 The FIRST product (that I’m making a UTM link to)
  • 2:31 it has no sales (or does it…)
  • 2:54 How to create a custom UTM code to a TPT product

  • 3:22 The SECOND product (that I’m actually going to buy)
  • 4:18 Creating the custom UTM_category code
  • 5:03 What the UTM code should look like at the end of your product link

  • 5:13 EXPERIMENT: Buying a product using that special UTM link
  • 5:41 I visit the TPT product page for my FIRST product…
  • 5:48 When you click any link on TPT, the UTM codes disappear…
  • 6:03 Navigating to the TPT product page for my SECOND product…
  • 6:23 Buying the SECOND product…

  • 6:57 TEST your TPT knowledge!!!

  • 7:58 QUESTION: In other words…

  • 8:30 Outro – TPT dashboard (income report – November 2022 so far)

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