Should We Panic? Sales On TPT Are Down! SEOTpreneur News 4

Apparently, sales on TPT are down.

Some school boards are blocking access to TPT, so teachers can’t buy a quick resource while at school.

The solution is NOT to panic and switch to another marketplace. I’m still using TPT as my sales mechanism.

But we also have to future proof our TPT business.

I am going to double down on creating content on my TPT blog.


To prove to the internet that I have experienceexpertise, and authority as an Ontario Language 2023 Curriculum expert for middle school ELA teachers (my niche.)

This way, teachers at school googling resources in my niche will find my TPT blog first.

Here’s my strategy:

  • Teachers find me on Google search.
  • They read my content and see that I know what I’m talking about.
  • They download freebies from my website (by signing up for my mailing list.)
  • This helps build trust.
  • After giving them seven freebies, I ask for something in return.

Yes, some teachers might click a link to my TPT product at school and get blocked by their school board firewall.

But, my long term goal is to build a strong relationship with teachers as a provider of quality resources.

If I do that, people will take the time to download my resources from TPT at home.

Building trust takes time. So does building a TPT blog.

See you in the next comment!


Mike Fuchigami
​Strategies, Effort, Optimize, Tinker to increase sales on TPT

PS: Are you using this free Google Chrome extension to back up your TPT product descriptions?​

PPS: I just got a note from one of our SEOTpreneur PRO members who was able to hit 3 figures last month on TPT (Aug) and hit 3 figures again this month (Sep)πŸŽ‰ – Congratulations on your huge win! This TPT Seller has been grinding away all summer, so it’s nice to see them starting to get results! I’ll ask them to post in the SEOTpreneur PRO forum to share what they did so we can all learn.

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