UNLIMITED TPT Keyword Tool using Google Sheets – SEOTpreneur News 21

I just published a TPT Keyword Tool

You type in a keyword, and the Google Sheet crawls the first ten pages of the TPT search results.

You can quickly see

  • How many competitors there are for this keyword
  • Where your products rank
  • The average number of reviews on the first page of search results
  • The number of reviews the top result has
  • The number of reviews the bottom result on page 1 has.

This google sheet will speed up how you do keyword research on TPT to find low competition keywords.

Oh, and it’s free for a limited time.

And that’s not all!

I added 5 pages of everything I know about the TPT Search Algorithm in the PDF.

I bet there’s something new that you haven’t considered before.

I also bet there’s something you disagree with (or goes against conventional ideas in TPT land.)

Use the Google Sheet TPT Keyword Research Tool to test your TPT SEO theories and prove me wrong!

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The TPT journey is long. Right now, I’m feeling a 2 (out of 5) on my TPT store, but a 5 (out of 5) on my second TPT Seller store.

I get energized emailing these emails and responding to your responses.

How is your TPT journey going? Hit reply!


Mike Fuchigami
Host of the SEOTpreneur email community

PS: The TPT Product Stats CSV that we download is currently still broken (as of Sun, Apr 21, 2024 10:41 ET). This affect TPT Sellers who use the free Google Sheet tools below (or paid) TPT Data tools to calculate conversion rate, preview rate, and review rate.

PPS: Thank you to the 53 TPT Sellers who have already purchased the ULTIMATE BUNDLE. Right now, the growing bundle is still $5.99. When I turn the TPT Keyword Research Tool into a paid resource, the price of the growing bundle will go up to $9.99. GET THE TPT SELLER ULTIMATE BUNDLE before the price goes up!

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