One surprising, simple change boosted Enrica’s TPT SEO 🍏 SEOTpreneur News 5

Enrica has a TPT resource that’s on page two of TPT search for her niche keyword.

We changed one setting.

I thought her TPT SEO rank would drop and disappear into the middle of TPT search results.

Surprisingly, her TPT product immediately jumped to page one for her keyword on TPT search.

When, we changed the setting back, her TPT product stayed on page one.

In other words, flipping this switch on and off improved her TPT search rank position.

But, I don’t exactly know why.

​Watch this week’s TPT Seller Tips for Beginner Livestream at 7:02 to see the surprising experiment!​

Have you seen this happen before?

Reply on youtube or to this email. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Mike Fuchigami
​Strategies, Effort, Optimize, Tinker to increase sales on TPT

PS: Watch next week’s livestream to see if Enrica’s TPT product stayed on page 1 or dropped back to page 2. β€‹

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