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How to find ๐Ÿฆ„ high search volume, low competition keywords on TPT

It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

Or a unicorn in a haystack.

(To be honest, I’m not sure why you’d want to look for a needle or a unicorn in a haystack.)

But as TPT Sellers, we want high search volume, low competition keywords because they represent underserved niches in TPT.

In other words, ka-ching.

  1. Lower competition means it’s easier to rank at the top.
  2. Higher search volume means a bigger pie (i.e. money)

Here’s an example of a higher search volume, lower competition keyword:

When I type end of year fun in TPT, it suggests: end of year fun, end of year fun packet, end of year fun activities, and end of year fun worksheets

When I search up those keywords on TPT, I discover

  • end of year fun has 93,000 resources
  • end of year fun packetย has 9,300 resources
  • end of year fun activities has 75,000 resources
  • end of year fun worksheetsย has 18,000 resources

In other words, end of year fun packet has more search volume than end of year fun worksheets but less competition so it’s easier to rank for.

โ€‹I’m making a Google Sheet tool to help us find high volume / low competition keywords.โ€‹


โ€‹Is this something you would find useful? โ€‹

Reply to this email with your wish list features.


Mike Fuchigami

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