Deep Dive into your TPT data! 🍏 SEOTpreneur News 9

DEEP DIVE into your TPT data!

How do I use TPT data to improve my product pages and boost sales?

What does “” actually mean in your TPT Seller traffic dashboard? (It’s not what you think.)

When in my TPT journey should I begin using CSV data to make decisions?

How do I “follow the money”?

How does thinking of my TPT product page as a pipe / funnel help me figure out what to fix?

How do I get more page views?

The TPT dashboard says Mike made $32,524 using this strategy, but why is that misleading?

How do I know if focusing down to a country, state or province is working? (using your TPT Sales Data CSV)

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Mike Fuchigami
​Strategies, Effort, Optimize, Tinker to increase sales on TPT


PS: It’s not me. It’s you. β€‹What does leadership in TPT look like?​ It’s not the person with the YouTube channel, facebook group, or loudest voice in the TPT seller forum. It’s you.​

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