SEOTpreneur News 15 🎁1,000 Mike Minutes to celebrate 1K subs

We just hit 1,000 subscribers in the SEOTpreneur YouTube Community!

Thank you to everyone who has subscribed to the YouTube channel.

We hit this milestone because of you:

  • You watch the videos.
  • You leave comments.
  • You challenge me to think about my ideas about selling on TPT.

It’s because of you that the YouTube search algorithm decides to show our videos to other TPT sellers who haven’t discovered us yet!

Let’s bring this back to your TPT business.

  • Why are you reading this email?
  • Why do you come back to watch the videos?
  • How does your answer to the previous two questions help you communicate with your teacher buyer community?
  • What am I doing as the host of the SEOTpreneur YouTube community that you could do as the hero of your TPT store?

Chances are you find my videos useful. Maybe you tried something and it worked, so now you’re looking for more. That’s how we slowly build trust and expertise. It takes time.

Do your TPT products solve a problem for your ideal customer avatar?

Are you slowly building trust and consistency in what you deliver?

I wonder how you could make your freebies and paid resources so good that they convert your ideal customer avatar into raving fans. What can you do that other teacher buyers or teacher sellers aren’t willing to do?

I want to do something to thank you!

Unfortunately, there’s no way for me to send a message on YouTube to subscribers only.

So, I have to do the next best thing. I’m going to send a special gift to people subscribed to this email newsletter!

I want to reward people who take action because that’s a transferable skill that leads to success in our TPT stores.

Plus, it’s always nice to inspire some FOMO for people who haven’t subscribed yet. (Or open this email too late!)

Imagine what I’ll do when we hit 4,000 watch hours… Aside from launching the ABC dashboard.

​Here’s why we want the ABC dashboard tool​

This free google sheet dashboard does something that you can only do with multiple Product Stats CSV. No other TPT data tool like it (free or super expensive) exists to my knowledge. (Prove me wrong!)

🎁I’m giving away 1,000 Mike Minutes!

A Mike Minute is a unit of time to help TPT sellers like you through one-on-one support.

Google Sheets can be confusing. I talk quickly.

So, we can slow things down in a Zoom call. That’s where you can get customized help to make data-based business decisions.

Plus, you get a recording of the Zoom call to download as your own personal tutorial video.

​Watch this video at 15:27 to find out what else you can do with Mike Minutes

To celebrate our 1K milestone, I’m giving away a total of 1,000 Mike Minutes in 30 minute conversation blocks.

This means the first 33.3 people to take action will receive a free 30 minute one-on-one Mike conversation on Zoom.

(Yes, that last person will be cut into thirds. Or, more likely, I’ll just round up to 34 people.)

All you have to do is

  1. Reply to this specific email and
  2. Stay subscribed to this SEOTpreneur newsletter until our chat.

As long as everything checks out, we’ll schedule a 30 minute zoom call.


Mike Fuchigami
​Strategies, Effort, Optimize, Tinker to increase sales on TPT

PS: Reply now! Only the first 33.3 people to respond to this specific email get the free 30 Mike Minutes.

PPS. Oh no, are you too late? Sure, you can buy Mike Minutes, but, it’s more fun to get stuff for free! There will probably be some celebration at the 4,000 watch hour mark. Or you can earn Mike Minutes by watching videos and leaving comments on the SEOTpreneur PRO side.


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