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Yes, 56 FREE TPT Product Cover Templates…

Someone asked me, “Where does everyone get those pretty TPT product covers”

Here you go: TPT Seller Tip 012 Canva Covers 

I made sure to use only free Canva elements, so you don’t need Canva pro to create TPT product covers.

If you’re a new TPT seller, check out the tutorial video in that product for some quick Canva tips.

If you already have your TPT product cover brand figured out, I just sent out a Note To Followers with another freebie to help people at our stage of the game!

…And a Question

So, I’m working on a Google Sheet tool that pulls in the popular trending keywords on TPT search:

And I’ve added the ability to look up how much competition there is for those trending TPT keywords

As you can see from the image, “reading comprehension passages and questions 2nd grade” is a higher search volume, lower competition TPT keyword.

If you can compete with products that have 1,000 reviews.

And that’s where I’m stuck.

What’s easy to rank for really depends on who you are.

If you have an existing product with 1,000 reviews for primary students, you should definitely add “2nd grade” to your title.

You’ll see an increase in pageviews and sales immediately.

(Well, in fifteen minutes because that’s how long it takes for title changes to be recognized by the TPT SEO algorithm.)

But for the rest of us, competing with resources that have 1,000 reviews isn’t realistic.

Question: How many reviews make it hard or easy to be seen on the first page?

Can you reply to this email and let me know the average number of reviews (on the first page) that you consider:

  • easy
  • possible
  • or difficult

to rank on the first page?

Based on your ideas, I’ll come up with a TPT Keyword Difficulty score.


Mike Fuchigami

PS: There are four spots left in my workshops. I don’t know if I’ll do any more. Now is your last chance.

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