In this work session, Mike Fuchigami from the SEOTpreneur YouTube community explains how to optimize TPT products using SEO strategies, focusing on the importance of keyword spelling and typos. He highlights the need to ensure that keywords are spelled correctly to be grouped in the first search result group on TPT, as more typos push products further down.

Mike illustrates his process by working on his own TPT store, using several SEO tools available on to identify top-performing products and prioritize updates. He discusses the strategy of including both variations of keywords, such as “color” and “colour,” and the importance of choosing keywords with lower competition but significant search volume.

He demonstrates the use of AI tools to suggest keywords and evaluates various keywords for products like “critical thinking” and “growth mindset.” Mike stresses the importance of backing up work, tracking changes, and continuously refining keyword choices to improve product visibility and ranking on TPT.

The session concludes with Mike encouraging viewers to share their experiences and feedback, and he emphasizes the importance of active participation in optimizing TPT stores.

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  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:50 Choosing products to improve
  • 3:10 Example of typos in TPT search results
  • 4:30 Discovering a hidden gem keyword
  • 6:37 Second Example of TPT Keyword Analysis
  • 8:40 Singular vs Plural versions of TPT Keywords
  • 10:05 Another Singular vs Plural version of TPT Keywords



Hey, TPT Sellers. It’s Mike Fuchigami. I’m the host of the SEOTPreneur YouTube community.

This is a work period. Yesterday I revealed the secret ranking formula for TPT search.

If you go to SET and you click on TpT, SEO Secrets, it walks through some key takeaways.

Understanding Keywords and Typos

For example, whatever the search term is, you’re going to get grouped into. Either you spelled the word correctly or you spelt the word incorrectly, and the more typos you have, the further down in groupings you go.

So we want to make sure that we are in the first group. We have to be strategic in terms of how we spell our keywords.

If you have a variation of the way the teacher espouse the keyword, you may not show up in the first group unless the TPT search algorithm recognizes that word as a variant.

Examples and Strategy

For example, color and color have two different spellings, but they’re the same thing.

On the other hand, dip thongs is spelled in two different ways by people, but the TPT search algorithm currently doesn’t recognize them as the same word.

So you have to try to rank for them both. Yesterday was the lesson. Today is a work period.

Work Period

I’m going to try to apply the lessons from yesterday on my TPT store.

This is a good time to listen to me on the background as you work on your store. This is not a lesson. I’m going to work. You’re going to work.

And I’m trying to normalize what we do because being a teacherpreneur is not typical.

Building Community

So if you don’t know any entrepreneurs in the real world, well for those of you who watch the channel a lot, I feel like we kind of know each other.

I get to know you through the comments. You get to know me through the videos.

So listen, ask questions. The goal is just to walk away with one new idea, myself included.

Using SEO Tools

So if you leave a comment, chances are there’ll be something that I learn. So we both win.

Now I’m going to use several T-P-T-S-E-O tools. If you go to, you’ll be able to see there are five different Google Sheet tools that are currently available for you to play with.

I have to be strategic in terms of which keywords I go after. So here’s my timer. I’m going to go to my advanced data tool.

Analyzing Top Resources

I’m trying to get a sense of which resources to work on in the last seven days so I could, there’s too much to fix and not enough time. I only have 30 minutes.

I’m just going to look at my top resources here. This is a tracking tool that I’m working on. It’s not ready yet, but it’s a product management tool and I’m just writing down my best sellers.

Alright, so product number 19 is in my top 10 critical thinking text 2 13 2, top 10 dash two.

Number 77 is product three. Number nine is product four. Number 10 is product five. Number 12 is product six.

Prioritizing Resources

Internet safety is 1 0 3. Number seven, Rosa Parks is 37, number 8, 1 79 is in my top 10. Number nine. And then 180 2 is in my top 10. Number 10.

So I’m going to try to fix these problems in here. It should start with the top one here.

So update number one, I’m going to call it keyword research. I can view this product, I can edit this product.

Applying Keyword Research

So I’m going to click on edit here and I’m going to click on the link. So this is my critical thinking bias. Fake news chat, GPT.

Alright, so let’s look at that title. I’m going to go to the AI suggest tool.

I’m going to go to the view, going to copy this link. Let’s see. I’m going to paste it in here. I’m going to turn on chat. GPT chat.

Using AI Tools

GPT has loaded up some words. See if we can get some autosuggestion keywords in here. So some words like bias and baseball. That doesn’t even make sense.

Bias and base 10 blocks. Oh, it’s because of typos. BIAS and BASE, baseball. So that’s what it’s looking for.

So bias is not a term that people are searching for. Critical thinking here has 70 and the last resource only has 83.

Evaluating Keywords

And this specific critical thinking resource. How many reviews does it have? It has eight. So I don’t know if I’m going to be beating that anytime soon.

Oh, bias and bias here. 15. The lowest. Wow. Bias. So these are ranking in order. So I mean I could try bias because if I have bias as an exact match.

Alright, what do I want to go after though? Critical thinking as 70 fake news has a search priority ranking of 34. Obviously everything is down right now, right? It’s the beginning of summer, but it’s still relative, I would imagine.

Deciding on Keywords

So between critical thinking and fake news, it’s easier to try to rank. That can’t be 2,309 reviews. Oh, that’s the first resource.

Okay, the average fake news on average has 90. So I might try to go for fake news first because that might be easier to try to rank for.

So fake news, whatever keyword I put in first will rank better. Alright, fake news, critical thinking, bias chat. GPT, I think I’ve already done this.

Strategic Decisions

Critical thinking is 70 and 83. Do I want to try to change this? Media bias is a phrase. Oh, that’s interesting.

And the number of competitors is low. So instead of just saying bias, I should say media bias.

Okay, so I’m going to say here notes. Media bias, almost media bias 21 and bias is 15. Okay? I mean they’re small, but they all add up, right?

20 minutes left bias, media bias, fake news has more search falling, but more competition. I think media bias might be my better bet.

Backing Up Work

Okay, so before I change anything, let’s just back up my work. This might be horribly wrong. That extension is in the TPT seller ultimate bundle that I have.

Backup this, backup six Cs, critical thinking, and I’m just going to save this here all. And then I’m going to edit this.

I’m going to put it as, what did I say? Fake news was 34. And then media bias was 21. Media bias has a lot fewer competitors and it’s easier for me to rank for.

So media bias, fake news, critical thinking. Alright. I mean, will that fit media?

Keyword Adjustments

Yes. Thank you. Media bias. Oh, it does fit media bias. So I just added a word that will hopefully help me. Media bias, fake news, critical thinking.

It is a critical thinking unit, but can I rank on critical thinking? 70. 70 has more traffic. I don’t know.

Where do I currently rank? I could look at that, but I’m trying to improve things right now, so, okay, is Chad GPTA keyword? No, let’s just focus on this fund.

Continuing Keyword Research

End of year life skills. Okay, so let’s do that. I’m going to hit save, submit.

Now I do have a log that I like to keep track of things. So this is six C’s, critical thinking added media to title swap around order.

Alright, and I need the website link. Here we go. Did I save the HTL? Yes. Did I save the product stats? I think I did it earlier today.

Tracking Progress

So I’m going to say not applicable. I did this task. Hit submit. Alright, so I’m going to say in my tracking page, done and when did I do it? I did it today. June 3rd, 2024.

Alright. Okay, so let’s do another one here. I could just go in order. Character growth mindset. Yeah, this is probably pretty important.

Let’s go to the view. Let’s open this up. Let’s copy the link. Let’s paste it in the AI suggest tool.

First of all, let’s turn off the import switch. So I save power and I’m going to paste in my URL. Let’s see what it auto suggests. Chat. GBT is loading here.

Reviewing Keywords

Yeah. Okay, so let’s see if any of those become keywords. Student growth mindset survey, that might be interesting.

Alright, so oh, I have to save this media bias one. So let’s save this.

Now the Google sheet tool accesses the internet at a certain speed, so that’s why I’m working on other things right now.

Backup Descriptions

Backup descriptions succeeds critical thinking. And then media bias, G word, media bias, title. Okay, so nice growth mindset.

What I’m looking for are ones where the colors are sort of across the board, like green with yellow or green with blue.

So this one’s got possibilities. How to draw does not apply at all. Alrighty, growth mindset bulletin board. No, but I have another resource.

Exploring New Keywords

The last resource has 14,000 reviews. Oh, I’m never cracking into that. It’s not even worth it.

But what about some growth mindset lessons? Now character didn’t show up at all. It wasn’t one of these words.

So I’m going to put character in this tool here, and this is my high volume low competition finder. Character. Character traits.

Obviously not character analysis is probably books, but character that doesn’t really help me. 410,000 competitors.

Refining Keyword Choices

The last one has seven 11. And you can see the more times it loads, the slower it gets.

And that’s just because Google Sheets will intentionally slow down so that it’s harder to overload servers. So I’m going to put character education.

Character education has a 60, we have to wait for some numbers to show up there. Okay, AI suggest tool, growth mindset activities.

I mean to be fair, posters and activities, posters is way easier to rank for than activities. And I think I have posters in this set.

Analyzing System Recognition

If I type growth mindset poster, if I’m just doing some research, what I’m curious about is to see whether posters, plural shows up or whether the system recognizes it as a single versus plural.

This is the type of idea. So if I search a poster, I see it’s highlighting posters plural, so I don’t have to have both variations of the word in there because the system automatically translates it or shifts it into posters.

Alright, 15 minutes left. So character mindset, activities, posters. Posters might help me with this. I’m looking to see character education.

Keyword Loading Speed

Now these are zero because it hasn’t finished loading yet. Oh, but middle school has finished loading. Yeah. Okay, so character education. Maybe that’s what I need to put here.

Okay, before I do anything, I’m going to save this in case I mess up and I have to go back. Let’s save it to my computer Backup descriptions character.

Okay, control shift T will open up the last closed tab. Then I’m going to edit this. Can I put character education in here? Right? End of year life skills.

Evaluating Search Volumes

So this is where it becomes tricky because character education has a search volume of 60. Okay, I’m going to write that down.

This is character in my notes, I’m going to write. Character education has a search volume of 60 and they all disappeared.

That was a mistake. Oh, it’s going to load everything slowly. Oh, Mike, Mike, Mike. Unless it cashed it now it’s going to load everything slowly. That was a mistake.

Reviewing Keywords

Okay, character education, growth mindset, student survey, growth mindset survey. If I type student surveys, floral Well.

Okay, so student survey came up first. 2100, 1 63 and the bottom one is 2 0 6. Oh, I think it’s finished loading everything. End of year life skills is now 18.

Alright, what’s dark blue here? How to draw Step-by-step doesn’t apply to me. Growth mindset, coloring pages is interesting, but it doesn’t apply to me.

Deciding on Keyword Phrases

End of year Life skills has a lower search volume. I mean growth mindset should be my first word really.

Unless character education was 60, growth mindset is 3 38. Character education has the last resource at middle school is 36.

And growth Mindset, the last resource for all grades. I mean it could change just to middle school for perspective. Oh, now it’s going to all think again.

Choosing Keywords

Alright, so I’m going to go Growth Mindset. Oh, this is middle school. Wow, 4,024. Growth Mindset posters, 1 33. Wow, these are all crazy. How did Draw would be a good one?

That’s a niche growth mindset. Lessons. All right, I’m kind of waffling here. So now I’m discovering the speed of this is slower than I would like to work.

Is there a way to speed it up? There is, but not through Google Sheets because Google Sheets intentionally slows us down.

Evaluating Options

Well, character education has a popularity of 60. Growth Mindset is 3 38, but I’ll never rank for 4,000 reviews. That’s crazy. Is that what it really is? Growth mindset, last resource for, wow, well, why even bother with that, right?

Whereas Growth Mindset activities for middle school only has 1 0 5, and I’ll still rank for that, right?

Growth mindset posters has around the same search volume, the average is higher. So growth mindset activities really should be what my phrase is.

Implementing Changes

So I’m going to change this to growth activities. Where’s lessons? Let’s see if I just type Growth mindset, what it suggests.

Keyword research takes forever. Lessons doesn’t even show up here. Growth mindset activities is 1 48. The popularity rank. So that’s the one to go for.

I’m going to get rid of your life skills, but I should see if life skills is the thing. So character, education lessons, character education, spelling, student survey, growth mindset, posters.

Final Adjustments

There’s just so many of them. I don’t think it, I mean I should put it in there. Activities, posters or student survey. See Growth mindset lessons is 16.

I mean fewer competition and I’ll rank because growth mindset lessons it’ll find in here, but I will put that in my notes.

Growth mindset. Lesson 16, growth mindset activities was 1 48 and that’s the way to go. Growth mindset activities, posters, character education lessons, student survey.

Logging Changes

I’m going to hit submit. I’m going to submit another entry in my log Growth mindset activities. I’m going to save this copy, the URL four minutes left.

Backup description, six Cs, character keyword title. Okay, I’m just going to make a log entry, save the page. HTML. I did this character and I’m going to put it as done.

Today’s date is June 3rd, 2024. Hopefully this triggers a store Halo effect because it says, Hey, he’s active.


For those of you who are still watching, and for those of you who have used these tools, does the slowness bother you?

Alright, let me know in the comments and I hope you had a productive day on your store. Have a good one.

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