What kind of TPT seller are you? The 3 types of Teachers Pay Teachers sellers | Episode 4

Do you sell on TPT? Do you want to make more sales on Teachers Pay Teachers? We all do. Watch this video, tell me the kind of TPT Seller you are, and I’ll make custom content for you to level up your TPT store.


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  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:48 What is an SEOTpreneur?
  • 1:06 What is SEOT?
  • 1:32 How to work SMARTER (for teacherpreneurs)

  • 3:21 What kind of TPT Seller are you?

  • 3:48 Tadpole
  • 4:01 – example content for new TPT sellers

  • 4:39 Hamster
  • 4:51 – example content for growing TPT sellers

  • 5:32 Hawk
  • 5:54 – example content for pro TPT sellers

  • 6:26 Worried about the TPT search algorithm change?

  • 7:06 Growth Mindset

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