TPT Search Algorithm Questions and Answers – Last Episode… Episode 15.

Hey TPT Sellers, do you have questions about TPT Search Algorithm changes? This is my last episode …before I do the Livestream Master Class about TPT Search from an SEOT perspective!

TPT Search Algorithm Changes Livestream Sunday Dec 4, 2022 at 11:00 AM (Eastern Time):

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Derek Siver: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy
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Paradigm Shift – My Keynote Speech
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  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:09 Use an SEOT mindset
  • 0:18 This is the LAST episode…
  • 0:25 Intro (TPT seller income report – all time)
  • 0:54 Critical Thinking and being FULL-MINDED
  • 1:25 Upcoming FREE Master Class on TPT Search
  • 2:07 What questions do you have about TPT Search? Ask in the comments!
  • 2:19 Why trust Mike? How am I different from other TPT Seller YouTubers?
  • 2:25 What makes you different from the other TPT Sellers? What’s your competitive advantage?
  • 2:35 Grade 8 Teacher
  • 2:45 Full Time TPT Seller
  • 2:56 My biggest unfair advantage
  • 3:11 My unique positioning
  • 3:45 What’s your unique advantage?
  • 3:54 Teachers in North America
  • 4:29 Teaches in developing economies
  • 5:00 Figure out your Unique Value Proposition (or unique positioning) over time
  • 5:11 I’m trying to do a paradigm shift
  • 5:47 Better World Project
  • 6:10 Creating a Movement
  • 6:37 Shout-out to the Return Subscribers watching right now!
  • 6:53 There is no movement without the “first follower”
  • 8:11 Lessons learned from Derek Siver’s video on Leadership
  • 8:34 I can be the guy on YouTube talking about Strategies, Effort, Optimizing, and Tinkering
  • 9:03 I need your help to create a movement
  • 9:13 Shout out to the new people! Welcome to the SEOTpreneur community!
  • 9:26 Call to Action: Please share this video!
  • 9:35 Are you worried about TPT Search Algorithm changes?
  • 9:50 If you’re a middle-school or high-school teacher…
  • 10:07 An example of why data matters
  • 10:09 SEOTpreneur YouTube channel analytics 
  • 10:20 The largest source of traffic is from Facebook, then TPT 
  • 10:44 That’s just the traffic from external sources
  • 10:56 External traffic is a really small portion of overall traffic
  • 11:35 Question time!

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