Should I be blackballed by the TPT Seller community? 🍏 SEOTpreneur News 8

Here are some talking points:

  • ​0:00:00 I’m sorry
  • ​0:02:01 How a better TPT Seller Dashboard will help
  • ​0:16:30 Part 1. The need for Courageous Conversations
  • ​0:25:32 Part 2. The problem with the current TPT Seller Dashboard
  • ​0:44:48 Part 3. Why not choose a different name?
  • ​1:00:50 Part 4 – A call to action

To all of the TPT sellers who have joined in the conversation – publicly, privately, directly, or indirectly – thank you.

To all of the TPT sellers who have shared the free google sheet, thank you for being a “first followers” (1:02:43).

You help make the TPT Seller community a better place by participating.


Mike Fuchigami
​Strategies, Effort, Optimize, Tinker to increase sales on TPT


PS: I’m working on a tutorial to show everyone how to upload their sales data.

PPS: Reply to this email (or leave a comment on YouTube): Which question would you like to see how to answer:

  • Option 1: What is the average life time value of a customer? (Useful to know if you’re running paid ads)
  • Option 2: What products do repeat customers buy? (Useful to identify upsell paths)
  • Option 3: How are sales in a certain country, state/province doing? (Useful to know if niche down to a geographic area is working.)

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