A FREE TPT Seller Tool and the 300 Magic Page Views 🍏 SEOTpreneur News 7

Sorry for the drama!

The SEOT in SEOTpreneur stands for Strategy, Effort, Optimize, and Tinker.

(The acronym originally comes from a goal-setting resource I made for students. If you look at the Student Reflection Questions / Rubric on this page, I wonder what would the “Wheel of Success” for your TPT business might look like?)

Selling on TPT is a long journey. For me, selling with an SEOT mindset means we

  • make mistakes,
  • try new things,
  • see what’s working, and
  • try to head in that direction

as we work our way towards personal development and financial freedom.

This weekend, there was a little bit of drama and controversy.

If you were blindsided and got caught in an uncomfortable middle ground, I apologize! Social change is hard.

Are people upset because of the existence of a free seller tool? Or the name I initially chose?

So, to try to make things a little easier for TPT sellers who just want to use a free data tool to help them improve their TPT business, I’ve separated the tool from the social movement to get TPT / IXL to update the TPT Seller Dashboard for all!

  • Here’s the website for a FREE Seller Tool: https://afreesellertool.com​
  • Here’s the original website https://yourfreedataplaybook.com – It’s still up because my goal is still social change and making the world a better place. (Why, yes, I’m saying this with a straight face, and without hyperbole. There’s a slideshow on this website explaining my process. I’ll also be publishing a video of the slideshow.)

What’s the end goal, Mike?

Right now, I get that people are using strong words.

In a year, it would be cool if people said, “I might not agree with the way Mike did it… but we do have a better TPT Seller dashboard now…”

Active citizenship means having courageous conversations to make our communities better. It doesn’t mean we agree. But, hopefully, through constructive dialogue, we can get to a better place!

  • Feel free to reply to this email with your thoughts.
  • If you want to publicly agree or disagree, feel free to leave a comment on this video.
  • If my emails don’t bring you to a happy place, is it time to unsubscribe? (The unsubscribe link is always at the bottom! No hard feelings!)

And, as we get more information, we can always pivot!

See you in the next comment!


Mike Fuchigami
​Strategies, Effort, Optimize, Tinker to increase sales on TPT

PS: I know you’ve heard that we need 300 page views before we can analyze data. Do you agree with what we say in this livestream?​

PPS: Vote Now – In our free TPT Seller Data tool on Google Sheets, how should we set the default colors for page views? Option 1: Make everything below 300 views red, and then use a color gradient for views above 300. Option 2: Don’t set a minimum, and use a color gradient for all views. What do you think?

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