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A Mother’s Day Gift for TPT Sellers… it’s “Extreme”

It’s for all the mothers out there (and people who know a mom!)

Happy Mother’s Day to those who are celebrating!

The TPT Product Stats CSV is a great starting point to improve our TPT stores

The CSV file lets us figure out some important steps in the sales funnel:

  • Page Views
  • Product Preview Rate
  • Conversion Rate

First, people search on TPT.

Then, teachers see our TPT product cover, title and introduction snippet in TPT search.

If our cover, title, and intro snippet matches what they’re looking for, the teacher clicks your product. They visit your TPT product page for more information.

This counts as a Page View. They’re now at the top of our sales funnel.

We only have a few seconds to hook them before they bounce away.

Hopefully your product thumbnails (covers 2, 3, and 4) catch the buyer’s attention.

If we see a keyword we’re looking for, we get a little dopamine rush for the confirmation.

We found what we’re looking for. Kind of like how you might be excited to see words highlighted in here because you want to ‎ increase your TPT earnings‎ 

The potential buyer starts to skim through your product description.

We’re trying to communicate value: we have what you want. We have a solution to your pain: no time, need something good to teach.

The goal of the product description is to get the teacher curious enough to look at the Product Preview.

(In other words, each part of the funnel is trying to move you down to the next part of the funnel.)

“Okay, maybe I’ll buy it. Let’s check it out…”

The teacher looks at your Product Preview

We’re in the middle of the sales funnel. Looking at the preview PDF or video shows up in the stats as a Product Preview.

We can use this to calculate the Product Preview Rate.

(Yes, I know, it’s wierd. TPT is unclear what they’re counting as a product preview. It’s possible to get a product preview rate of 600%)

If the preview does a good job explaining how there’s so much value in this resource (compared to the price), then you get a sale.

This shows up in the TPT Product Stats CSV as “units sold”. We can use this to calculate the Conversion Rate

If on the other hand, the preview doesn’t match what the teacher needs, then you lose the sale.

(They might also wishlist it. That means the price of the resource is higher than the perceived value right now. But during sale time, the value is greater than the cost, so it’s shopping time!)

The teacher moves onto the next resource.

Or they jump back to Google Search because they couldn’t find what they were looking for on TPT. (That breaks trust in TPT’s ability to provide teachers with what they need which is bad for everyone on the platform.)

Uhm… What’s so Extreme about this? I already know this.


Well, here’s the Mother’s Day gift for TPT Sellers.

I just added an “Extreme Product Stats CSV” tool in the free “Advanced” TPT Data Tool.

If you have multiple Product Stats CSV files saved from a bunch of different days…

We can now look at how our resources are doing over:

  • the past 7 days
  • the past 28 days
  • the past 90 days
  • the past year
  • and more

instead of the entire lifetime of a resource.

Why is this a game changer?

Because sometimes your efforts are hidden when you look at the stats for the entire lifetime.

For example, using the “simple” TPT Data Tool, I can see that the product preview rate of my Reading Mega Bundle is 21%.

On the other hand,

  • I have a product stats CSV file saved from Wed, May 1, 2024.
  • And I just saved a product stats CSV file today, Sun, May 12, 2024.

So, the new Extreme TPT Product stats tool can subtract the two product stats CSV file to figure out the true story of my Reading Bundle.

This month (so far), the real product preview rate for that resource is 43%.

This means changes I’ve made to the product description, thumbnails (covers 2, 3, 4) might be getting people curious enough to check out the product preview PDF.

Now I need to do a better job of communicating value in my Product Preview to try to improve the conversion rate.

The Extreme Visual Funnel

The Extreme Product Stats CSV tool also lets you look at a visual funnel for a specific time period.

This image shows me that in the last 28 days, my overall preview rate is 29.3% and my overall conversion rate is around 21.6%

So I might want to dig around and see which resources are converting well and why that might be…

Maybe I can apply those strategies to my reading bundle (which isn’t converting so well…)

Click the red button below to get your own free copy of the Extreme Product Stats CSV tool.

Mike Fuchigami
Host of the SEOTpreneur email community

PS: Keep an eye out for the next YouTube video where I show you how to use the Extreme gift!

PPS: Do I talk too quickly in the videos? Would you prefer a slower, more classroom-like learning experience? Want me to teach you in person (online) how to use the Extreme Product Stats CSV tool? Space is limited to 15-20 people. Early birds save $20. I don’t know if I will ever do a workshop like this again, so don’t miss out!

PPPS: Some of you have let me know you’re excited by what I’m doing to help the TPT Seller community. Some of you have let me know you have a bad taste in your mouth by what I’m doing. Thank you all for your feedback and thoughts.

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