Mike fuchigami discusses the strategy for promoting products using TPT ads, emphasizing that ads should drive traffic to well-converting products rather than new, untested ones.

He details the process of preparing for TPT Ad Buying Day, including using the SEOT Premier newsletter and the TPT data tool to analyze product stats. They highlight the importance of saving product stats, filtering data to identify high-conversion resources, and targeting specific audiences like middle school teachers.

The video also explains practical steps for efficiently buying ads, such as using keyboard shortcuts and organizing products by categories. Finally, the speaker shares their plan to run ads for high-conversion resources and provides tips for navigating the ad buying process.

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Hey, TPT sellers, which product should we promote using TPT ads?

I believe the purpose of ads is not to drive traffic to new untested products.

The purpose of ads is to drive traffic to products that convert well.

Ad Buying Day

Today is Sunday, May 19th, it is 11:18 PM.

In 40 minutes it will be TPT Ad Bind Day.

It’s not a fun experience because basically at the stroke of midnight, a bunch of TPT sellers around the world in unison are clicking like crazy trying to buy these ad spots and then they disappear and sometimes the server glitches and you’re trying to buy ads that don’t exist, and it’s a headache.

Ad Targeting Strategy

There are better ways to run ads and teen TPTI would rather buy ads for middle school only.

I don’t want to show my product in front of kindergarten people because a waste of their time, and then it just breaks trust in the system because the sponsored ads aren’t relevant.

Audience Levels

This episode is for TPT Hamsters and Hawks.

If you are a tadpole or an egg, just enjoy the process of creating content and trying to figure out what works.

Eventually, as you get up in the game, you start to realize you need more eyeballs on your products.

Difference Between SEO and Marketing

Now, this is not T-P-T-S-E-O.

We often throw around this word T-P-T-S-E-O for everything, but SEO stands for search engine optimization.

It’s stuff that I do on my TPT product page to try to win at the search algorithm game in order to show up higher in the search ranking.

What I am talking about today is TPT marketing or what I like to call TPT eyeballs.

Email Subscription

So basically I’m buying ad space and sending eyeballs to my products.

I’m going to go to a free seller

I’m going to go to my email.

I’m going to confirm my subscription for the SEOT Premier newsletter.

Using TPT Data Tool

Going to get the most recent copy or up-to-date copy of the TPT data tool.

Alright, and this has extreme TPT product stats and it only works with the data locker.

By the way, the data locker is the key to unlocking all of the cool features in the advanced TPT data tool, which is free, but if you’re not sure how to use it on a free seller, if you click on watch videos, there’s a bunch of videos explaining what to do.

Workshops and Discounts

If you’re the kind of person who works better in an online classroom environment, you go to seo and click on workshops.

I’m running some get ready for summer TPT data workshops.

Our first workshop starts this Saturday, so definitely check it out.

And for a limited time, you can save 97% off the price of learning from me directly, which is a crazy deal.

Preparing Data Locker

Alright, so here’s my data locker file.

I don’t think I’ve uploaded my product stats today.

Yeah, today is the 19th, so I didn’t do it yesterday either, but that’s good.

Teachers pay teachers product stats, download to Excel, backup descriptions.

Importing Data

CSV Today is the 19th.

And then I go to my data locker and I click on file import upload.

I click and drive the file.

I replace the data at the current spot, import data, 16 minutes to make some decisions.

Today is 2024 dash oh five dash 19.

Let’s just extend this down.

Organizing Data

Alrighty, and I have to delete this header row, right click delete row.

Now I’m not going to upload my sales data because I don’t need it for the tool I’m going to use.

So let’s copy the URL of my data locker and I’m going to go to my data tool and hit enter.

I am going to name this, what is it? Add analysis.

Granting Permissions


I have to give permission, allow access so that the data tool can talk with a data locker.

And I’m just waiting for my product stats files to load in here so I know it’ll be ready once the dates change in here.

Let’s see.

Sometimes it’s faster than other times.

If you have a bunch of tabs open that slows your computer down.

Reviewing Data

Oh, here we go.

So it’s loaded Sunday, May 19th.

Alright, so let’s go to the extreme TPT product stats.

Let’s make this full screen.

The extreme TPT product stats.

Conversion Rates

Lets me look at the conversion rates for the last little bit.

I’m going to look at my conversion rates for the last month, so the last 28 days.

And I can see that it’s loaded up my data from Sunday, April 21st to Sunday May 19th.

So that’s 28 days.

Importance of Saving Product Stats

And that’s just because in my data locker I have a lot of product stats, CSV files and that’s the key.

You got to save your products that CSV files every time you update your products.

Analyzing Sold Rate

So what I’m really curious about is the sold rate and I want, oh see Yeah, sometimes it’s going to say, hey, it’s unresponsive.

It’s just because moving so much data.

Alright, what I’m curious about, I don’t want to look at my free resources, so let’s turn that off.

Filtering by Six Cs Resources

I do want to see how my six Cs resources are doing.

So I’m going to filter in the title anything that has six Cs and in fact in the product type, I’m going to type bundle to filter only the bundles.

Filtering Issues

Did that work?

Are you still thinking?

Well, that’s disappointing.

That should have filtered by bundle.

Oh duh.

I taped it in the wrong spot.

Sorry, I’ve got to type it up here in the yellow bundle.

Six Cs Resources

Alright, that’s a lot better.

So six Cs.

Oh, that’s interesting.

Not all of my resources are showing up here.

Why are my six CS resources missing like citizenship?

Specific Resource Analysis

Can I just type as in ship?

Oh, it doesn’t have six Cs in the title.

That’s so interesting.

I think because I was trying to put other words in there.

Conversion Rates for Six Cs

Here’s my growth mindset mega bundle, and it has a 5% conversion rate.

I’m going to write this down.

So here are my sixties resources.

Individual Conversion Rates

What’s the soul rate?

That’s what I want to look at.

So characters 3.1% in the last 28 days.

My sixties bundle is a 5.2% conversion rate.

Creativity seems to be selling a lot, but it’s only 3.6%.

Oh, interesting.

Additional Resources Analysis


The class challenge is a 2.7%.

And yes, clearly I do need to work on improving the product descriptions.

Let’s pull up my citizenship has a 6.9%.

Oh, that’s interesting.

Collaboration and Communication

What else do I have?


Collaboration, I feel sells a lot.

Collaboration has a 10%.

Oh, that’s the winner.

10% sold rate communication.

What are you 6.5%.

Critical Thinking Analysis

And what about critical thinking?

If I look at my critical thinking bundle?

Oh, interesting.

The text puzzle.

Low Conversion Rate

Oh no, 2.6%.

That’s horrible.

The chat GPT bundle is interesting.

It has a 20% sold rate.

Zero Sales for Critical Thinking Bundle

Oh, okay.

So my critical thinking bundle hasn’t sold at all in the last 28 days.

So it has a sold rate of zero.

Exploring Other Resources

So other things that I could run ads for, sorry, I do want to look at my reading bundle, which is number 45 and the sold rate’s 1.6% right

Now, this is tough to say because I run ads on TPT, which then means it gets shown to teachers in grade three and grade four who could click on it and then say, oh, this clearly isn’t for me, it’s for older students.

And then that just becomes a page view.

Impact of Ads on Sold Rate

I feel like that waters down the sold rate.

I feel the sold rate was a lot higher back in the day.

But alright, so if I’m not going to run ads for the reading bundle, what can I run ads for?

Which is a great question, Mike.

Sorting by Sold Rate

Let’s sort it by the sold rate and let’s get rid of this word bundle.

So if I go by sold rate, what has the highest sold rate?

Now the problem is I have a bunch of resources that have only a couple views.

Filtering by Page Views

So I’m going to try to filter it, let’s say resources that have at least 50 page views.

So that limited it down a lot really quickly here.

Best Performing Resources

So the collaboration bundle was the highest followed by citizenship and then communication.

So these are six resources that have 50 page views or more.

That’s interesting.

Exploring Additional Filters

Okay, so what if I go, if want to see between 25 to 50 previews, is there anything interesting in here?

No, not really.

Is my collaboration resource the highest?

The best one.

Selecting Ads to Run

The chat GPT bundle is an interesting one, but I just don’t think that’s general enough.

So I’m going to try something crazy.

What do I run it for?

I’m going to run it for back to school obviously.

Analyzing Performance Over 90 Days


Ooh, so collaboration.

So this is the group work versus teamwork collaboration.

I’m going to change the time period from the last 28 days to the last 90 days and let’s just see how that changes.

Okay, so no prep student conference doesn’t apply because that’s very seasonal.

Best Performing Bundles

But then I see right here as my collaboration bundle.

So maybe I’m going to try to do that.

Let’s look at my resources that have earnings over a hundred dollars.

So then collaboration and citizenship are my best performing things.

Running Ads for Collaboration and Citizenship

I guess I’m going to try running ads for that.

If I look at just the collaboration, which is product number 12, just to show you the funnel, it has a higher conversion rate.

This product here, group work versus teamwork, let’s just look at the product right now.

Choosing Back to School Ads

That’s kind of interesting.

Yeah, I might try running an ad for this because it upsells into the bundle.

This will be back to school.

So maybe that’ll end up selling.

So that’ll be an interesting experiment.

Editing Listings

So I’m going to edit this listing.

Now, something to know about TPT ads is you have to have it in the category and I want to make sure it’s in the, well right now I’m going to put end of year, but it will be back to school and I can put end of year back to school.

Let’s hit submit on this.

Tricks for Buying Ads

Oh, okay.

So I will walk through a couple of my tricks.

I have five minutes left in this video.

One of the things that I like to do when I buy TPT ads is I put a comma at the very front here, comma, and then I hit save, submit.

Ad Buying Process

And so basically when I buy ads, oh, I think it’s from dashboard and then from the dashboard, I think it’s at the bottom.

Why is this so hard?

Marketing promote.

Efficient Ad Buying

Okay, so here’s how I do it.

I’m going to buy ads for holiday.

Where’s the holiday?


Let’s h.


There it is.

Holiday and seasonal.

Avoiding Stressful Keywords

So here’s what you don’t want to do because it’s so stressful to buy these high traffic keywords, English language arts will be sold in a minute and a half.

All these spots will be done.

Using Time Management Tools

So basically what I do is I have my phone and on my phone I go to a website called Time is, and it tells me the time.

And this is internet time.

So I put my phone right here, which again, you can’t see, but I don’t know why I’m doing this here.

Preparing for Ad Buying

Alright, so I have the time and essentially I come here and I get rid of my bookmark page here.

I’m trying to get as much real estate as I can, even though I could go full screen, I don’t because I want to see the page loading in case something goes wrong.

So I’m going to close all the other tabs, close other tabs.

So it’s just this page here.

Reloading Page

And basically what I do is I use the F five keyboard.

And F five is the keyboard shortcut to reload the page.

And you’ll notice if I scroll down, it remembers where I am on this spot.

Scrolling to Relevant Section

So I’m going to scroll down here.

So it’s just the calendar at the very top here because this spot down here is the crazy, crazy, crazy spot.

So I’m going to go F five.

Practicing Ad Buying

And then basically I go tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap to practice, and it’s going to go to July.

And then at midnight today it’ll be August.

And then I change my product categories.

Efficient Category Selection

Now what you don’t want to do is scroll down, find holidays, click on that.

That will take forever.

So basically I hit F five to reload.

I go tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.

I click in the product categories, I hit the letter H to go to health, and then H again to go to holidays.

Then I figure out how many times I have to hit that key to jump there.

Selecting Specific Grades

So if for example, I wanted to go to the eighth grade, so let’s reload the page and then go tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.

Here we go.

I click in here.


So E, E.

So I have to hit E twice.

E, e to get to eight.

Streamlining Process

Let’s try this again.


F five.

I go tap, tap, tap to get to August.

So that’ll be August.

I click up here, I go hh, to get the holiday seasonal, I hit enter.

Using Commas in Titles

And then it’s going to load my products that have holiday, seasonal.

And the reason why I put a comma at the front of the title is because then it forces that product right at the top.

So I’m not spending time going up and down trying to find the right resource.

Buying Ads for Seasonal Products

I’m just going to go comma.

And then I’m going to go, oh, this is July.

But you can see I can’t buy any ad spots.

I’ve already bought 30 ad spots.

So this is going to be back to school season and holiday seasonal includes everything under that category.

Seasonal Categories

All of these things are considered holidays.

Holidays is a giant category, like back to school, winter, spring.

So yeah, it’ll be back to school season.

So then it’ll show up here at the top, it’ll be sponsored.

Example of Irrelevant Ads

And you can see right now this isn’t relevant.

I’m a grade A teacher, kindergarten memory book does not apply to me at all.

This person here looks like they’re buying ELA assessments because they want the visibility and the holiday resources.

Alarm Reminder

Well, that’s my alarm to get ready.

Alright, so I would basically click here.

Buying Ads and Handling Errors

I can’t click anywhere because I bought all the spots.

It’ll show up in this list of pending promotions.

And then you hit review and confirm.

And it’s the craziest thing because if someone else has already bought that spot, you’ll get this little error message at the top here.

It says, oh, that date’s not available.

Managing Ad Buying Stress

The worst thing you can do is try to unclick that date.

That takes too much time.

What you have to do is you have to accept the loss.

Hit F five to reload the page.

Navigating Categories Efficiently

Jump to the end here.

And then I just go hh to get to, oops.

Oh see, sometimes it doesn’t work right away.

Why not? there we go.

I think I hit something else.

Handling Glitches

Oh, see how stressful it is, hh, it just cycles through.

Alright, holiday and seasonal and then I hit comma and I hit enter.

And then I’m going to buy ads for let’s say Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Weekly Ad Buying Strategy

And I hit submit.

And the next time I’ll buy ads for the second week and then the third week and then the fourth week.

And then the fifth week or whatever.

Your system is crazy busy.

Recap and Final Thoughts

But alright, let’s recap.

What have I decided today?

I’m going to go with resource number 12, the 12th resource I made, which has the highest conversion rate for me, which is 7.8%, which is not fantastic.

I might have to think about how to try to improve that product.

I can look at the product previews and things like that.

Closing Remarks

Alright, wish me luck.

Got to go buy ads.

Have a great day.

Bye-Bye now.

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