Teachers Pay Teachers: Get More Sales – Focus on What Works! (Your FREE data playbook) – Episode 3.

If you sell on Teachers Pay Teachers, get more sales by focusing on what works. It’s your FREE data playbook! (TPT Tip 003)

I’ll show you how I download my product sales data to make data-informed decisions. I use Google Sheets and Google Data Studio which are both free products.

If my gut tells me one thing, but the numbers aren’t there, it’s time to try something new!

Are you like me?

* I’m working hard to sell on TpT but the stuff I’m trying right now hasn’t paid off yet.

* My last few products haven’t sold at all and I feel like giving up.

* My TpT product views are down and my TpT sales are down as well…

Now what?

It’s back to basics!

As a teacherpreneur business, I need to look at my data to figure out what’s working and what’s not. The TpT Dashboard is great… but it’s hard to quickly compare conversion rates between different products. So I download my data so I can visualize it in ways that the TpT dashboard doesn’t do, yet.

For my top 10 products, I can quickly see:

* How much each product made

* How many units were sold

* How many times people viewed the product page

* The conversion rate (as a percentage) for that product (during that week)

* The conversion rate (earnings made per page view) so I can see which pages make the most money on my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Read this if you are a newbie seller and want to know the answer to this question: teachers pay teachers how much can you make?

Since Jan 2020, I’ve been downloading my TPT Product Sales Data as a CSV. I then use a custom-made Google Data Studio page to quickly visualize how my top products are doing.

This is PART 1, where I show you how to download the data yourself from your TpT store for free! No Virtual Assistants (VAs) required! You don’t need to share your TpT username and password with anyone!

If there’s interest, I’ll make PART 2, where I show you how to create a free Google Data Studio custom page like the one I have in this video.

Like the video, subscribe to the channel, and leave a comment if you’d like me to make a PART 2 to this video.

I’m just like you – I need to figure out what works and what doesn’t. I love trying little experiments, but it’s hard to keep going if we don’t get a little hint that we’re on the right path!

Let me know if you have any questions! See you in the comments!


Here’s my TpT store.

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  • 0:00 Start
  • 0:58 What the TpT dashboard looks like
  • 2:50 Your Data Playbook – Paid Service
  • 4:44 How to Download your TpT Product Sales Data – Free DIY Alternative
  • 6:25 I use Google Data Studio (free) to look at my TpT product data
  • 7:10 How I can quickly compare the conversion rates of my top products last week
  • 7:25 Using conversion rate (earnings per page view) to decide which products to promote
  • 9:28 Bringing our Teacherpreneur journey back to our students
  • 9:45 Giving our students a framework to succeed: Strategies, Effort, Optimize, Tinker
  • 11:04 If you want me to make a Google Data Studio tutorial, then do this…

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