Are TPT Niches Dead? TPT Seller Tips & Tricks – Master Class 8

Are TPT Niches Dead? TPT Seller Tips & Tricks – Master Class 8: Mike explores lessons from the business world: the riches are in the niches, patience vs pivot, the why behind our TPT niches, and looking at Deanna Jump’s 2012 Advice for TPT Sellers.

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Jonathan Stroud – How Being “Niche Slapped” Saved My Business And Can For You Tool

Deanna Jump’s Top 10 Tips to Make a Million Bucks.

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  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 2:42 Niche hopping
  • 4:53 Niche: Fear Of Missing Out vs Benefits
  • 9:32 Niche not working? Patience or Pivot
  • 18:21 What is your Why? Does your niche match?
  • 25:26 Deanna Jump 2012 Tips and TPT Niche


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