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Selling on TPT can be tough.

There are so many products in your niche. It’s hard to get to the top of TPT search results.

How can we compete with older products that have been around forever, sold a lot, and, as a result, have higher TPT SEO scores?

By sharpening our message and targeting a very specific customer avatar.

One way to narrow down our TPT product messaging (titles, product description, covers, and custom keywords) is to target our state or province. (Or, country if you’re not in the US.)

  • Think: become a big fish in your little pond before trying to become a big fish in the ocean.

I met a few sellers at TPT Forward 2023 who hit the third milestone ($500K) by using this strategy. Their TPT stores have resources specific to their state / province.

​Watch this YouTube video to see some of the new skills I learned at TPT Forward 2023​

Although my TPT store resources can be used by any Middle School English teacher around the world, I’m now tinkering with this state / province niche strategy to improve sales.

For example, I’m starting to update my product titles and descriptions to include Ontario Language 2023 curriculum keywords.

I’m also updating my products to clearly explain how my content directly matches the new Ontario curriculum.

  • If you’re a Grade 8 English teacher in Ontario, you’re going to be super excited when you find my stuff. I’m hoping this leads to higher conversion rates and sales.
  • But, if you’re not an English teacher in Ontario, you might move on because you think my resource doesn’t apply to you. (This is okay as long as the long-term increase in sales from Ontario is greater than the loss of sales from the US.)

I’m worried I’m going to lose American teachers who aren’t in my state / province.

So, I’ve added “Common Core” and “Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum” to my product covers.

Hopefully, that’s enough to get teachers not in Ontario to click my TPT product if they see them on TPT search result pages.

But, the big question is:

How do you know if your TPT Seller strategy is working?

The answer is by looking at data.

Optimization means you look at the numbers.

  • If the numbers are heading in the right direction, you do that strategy more.
  • If the numbers are not heading in the right direction, you have to figure out why. Do you need more time for the strategy to work? Do you need to tinker with the strategy? Do you need to apply more effort?

Unfortunately, the TPT seller dashboard doesn’t currently let us see sales trends by buyer location.

You have to download your sales report from your TPT account.

Then, you have to analyze the data in Google Sheets by creating a pivot table.

Kim and I were playing with this idea in last week’s TPT Seller Homework Club. We looked at my data and then created a Google Sheet with her data. (If you’re an SEOTpreneur PRO member, you can watch the recording here: HW Club 34: Sat Oct 14, 2023.)

Most TPT sellers don’t know how to create a pivot table in Google Sheets.

So, here’s a one-click copy link to the Google Sheet. (All you have to do is paste in your own sales data.)

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Mike Fuchigami
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PS: Here’s why I went with the name Your FREE Data Playbook.

PPS: Need help using the Google Sheet? Ask in this SEOTpreneur PRO forum.

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