Increase TPT Sales: Change the quote on your TPT Store (Beginner Tip) – Episode 10

If you do this ONE THING to the personal quote section on your TPT store, you will increase TPT sales. 

This 5-minute quick tip is a TPT Seller Tip for Beginners (TPT tadpoles and new TPT hamsters…) 

Most TPT beginners put a quote about their teaching philosophy at the top of their TPT store. Don’t do that. 

Instead, do this:

(links at the bottom of the video description)


Edit your TPT Store Profile 

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  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:15 Intro (TPT seller income report – all time) 
  • 0:20 The TPT Personal Quote space is NOT for personal quotes 
  • 0:32 How to build trust with social proof
  • 0:52 Give teachers an emotional reason to buy from you (Call To Action)
  • 1:03 Edit your TPT store 
  • 1:12 Create a 450×150 image in Canva
  • 1:22 Blend in your image with the TPT website
  • 2:07 Add large font text
  • 2:28 Make sure to preview at the actual size of the TPT Quote image
  • 2:35 Add animation to the TPT Personal Quote
  • 2:42 Download the animated GIF image file
  • 3:04 Upload the GIF to your TPT store profile (personal quote image)
  • 3:35 How to get the FREE Canva file used in this video
  • 4:09 Outro – TPT Seller Income Report – November 2022

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