Create a TPT Seller WordPress Website to Increase Your TPT Earnings

The point of a TPT Seller Website is NOT to create an e-commerce site and sell your resources yourself. Yes, I know that’s what other lots of TPT Sellers do with their blogs and websites. Yes, I know you think you can save some money if you don’t have to share a percentage with TPT. But, that’s not the best use of our time as TPT Sellers.

Instead, we should create a TPT Seller Website / Blog to get traffic from people searching on Google for our specific TPT topic / niche.

  1. Teachers search for Google about your TPT topic.
  2. Teachers see your website in the search listing (because you’ve strategically optimized your blog post content for high volume, low competition keywords.)
  3. Teachers click on your search listing and visit your website.
  4. You wow them with your blog post / website content.
  5. Teachers love your content, sign up for your email list and start to engage with you.
  6. Teachers are so excited, they click on your links for more information and they get sent to your sales mechanism: in this case your TPT product pages (not your own WooCommerce, Shopify, or other store.)

Rather on just trying to rank on TPT Search for highly competitive products, why not start to build your empire (brand) on your own land (a domain you control)?

Master Class #3: TPT Seller Website / Blog Set Up: Theory and Tutorial

This FREE TPT Seller Master Class goes over

  1. Why do I need a TPT Seller Website?
  2. Looking at a case study: $5,861.28
  3. Tutorial:
    • How to make a basic home page using WordPress
    • How to set up Google Analytics in WordPress
    • How to set up Google Search Console in WordPress
    • How to Futureproof your TPT store links

Resources mentioned in the video

  1. SEOT hosting – WordPress Hosting dedicated to meet the needs of TPT Sellers
  2. TEACHERpreneur.VIP website starter service
  3. SEOTpreneur PRO – You are the average of the 5 TPT Sellers you hang out with the most. Are you hanging out with people heading in the right direction?

Links to other SEOTpreneur TPT Seller “Tips and Tricks” Videos

  1. The TPT SEO Search Engine has to evolve. Watch Master Class #1 on YouTube
  2. Top seller TPT Whales use WordPress. Watch Master Class #2 on YouTube
  3. Use the TPT SEO Snowball Effect. Watch Episode 24 on YouTube
  4. Just Start: Minimum Viable Product (launch at 80% perfect) Watch Episode 9 at 3:44
  5. Be so good, they can’t ignore you. Watch Episode 13 at 15:52

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  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 2:00 Background Perspectives
  • 7:15 Who is this lesson for (TPT Hamsters, TPT Eggs)
  • 14:11 How is SEOTpreneur different?
  • 22:19 Am I inventing things to avoid doing the important (TPT Hawk Lesson)
  • 30:55 Why do I need a TPT Seller Website?
  • 38:27 Case Study
  • 49:05 Tutorial
    • 51:13 Start your home page
    • 1:49:03 Set up Google Analytics
    • 1:58:17 Set up Google Search Console
    • 2:14:22 Futureproof (Redirection) Links

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