How I Make TPT SMART goals - Day 0 of my $640 in 100 days challenge

I want to make $640 by selling TPT resources in 100 days

I want more passive income by creating TPT products that sell.

I’m a full-time content digital creator. That means I don’t get paid by a school board. Instead, I create content that earns money to create a living for myself.

Right now, I’m burning through my retirement savings. Money problems are stressful. So, if I have passive income coming in, that’s less stress in my life.

But here’s why I want to try to make $640 by selling TPT resources in 100 days

How I Make TPT SMART goals - Day 0 of my $640 in 100 days challenge

But it’s more than about money.

I’d feel proud because I did something hard!

If I can create more passive income from selling teaching resources on TPT, I’d feel proud because I accomplished something that was hard.

Figuring out how to sell resources ain’t easy, but it’s worth it! It’s kind of like climbing a mountain and being rewarded with a beautiful view.

I want to inspire others

I mean, if you climb Everest, you’re going to snap a photo.

The photo is to remind you of your accomplishment and what you’re capable of doing.

But, when we post that photo on social media… we’re sharing what you did with the world.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing your accomplishments – who knows what we might inspire others to do!

(Part of my story is overcoming the worst moment of my life and turning it into the best moment of my life. I want to show my former students (and my kid) that my story doesn’t end in tragedy. If I can succeed, then maybe others can as well…)

Being a digital nomad would also be cool.

I want to create content as I travel and see the world. But it’s more than that.

I’m trying to be a digital nomad – work from anywhere so I can travel more; also, I get excited by the idea of creating content that makes the world a better place.

So if I travel somewhere, I could interview people and get real-world social-emotional learning stories that go beyond what we find on YouTube and mass media.

It would be kinda cool to collect firsthand stories from different parts of the world.

But, it’s also cool knowing that you’re teaching students around the world who aren’t directly in your classroom. I feel super proud that my teaching lessons have been used by 70,000 downloads

I went through this SMART goal virtual handout process because I was feeling overwhelmed with everything I have to do (or could do):

  • I should be working on another reading resource for the bundle I have
  • I want to film more tutorial videos for my SEOTpreneur YouTube channel
  • I have a cool new product idea that I want to explore: 360-degree digital escape rooms.
  • I could run ads on Facebook to figure out which of my cover images get a higher click-through rate.
  • I could also run Google ads to figure out which words and phrases I should use at the start of my TPT product description.

Lots to do, not enough time.

So, I decided to figure out and refine a SMART GOAL.

My SMART GOAL is to “Publish (or polish) a blog post every FIVE days on to increase my pageviews on TPT ten times by Fri Feb 17, 2023… so I can make $640 in (Single Strategy) Reading Bundle sales.”

In this stretch of time, my strategy is to focus on increasing pageviews on my TPT products by sending the right people to my products myself.

The way I’m going to find these “right people” is to find people who are searching on Google for reading comprehension strategies, get them to visit my website, and then send them to my TPT product page.

So, even though I could focus on Pinterest, Instagram, or my Email Newsletter, for the time being, I’m going to concentrate on improving one channel:


(As a bonus, if I get my own traffic, I’m not vulnerable to changes in the TPT search algorithm.)


Here are some strategies I might try to keep me going on this SMART GOAL.

  • It’s not just about publishing a blog post every 5 days. I think if I look up what keywords are trending in Google Search, I can write blog posts to answer those questions.
  • In fact, if I keep track of my rankings for Google Keyword search terms, I might be able to tweak my website content to make it more attractive for people searching on Google.
  • If I type out the entire video script from my YouTube reading videos, it might help me rank higher on Google (because there’s more content and more keywords without keyword spam!)
  • The most important thing is to make constant little updates on my website and then notify Google Search Console that I’ve made the changes. I know Google will find me on its own, but I can manually tell them to check out my new stuff. (Then they know I’m current and relevant, and Google might want to share that with others searching on their search engine.)

This will be hard!

  • I think the reality check will be if I can prioritize and spend an hour a day working on this SMART goal.
  • I know I’m on the right track if I get excited by this project.

But, I think the biggest factor to keep me honest and going will be if I hold myself publicly accountable.

Maybe, I’ll post this video on YouTube as a public challenge:

Can I make $640 on TPT in 100 days? Game on!

Do you think I can do this?

Maybe I should call the series, Want to see me make $640 on TPT in 100 days?