TPT SELLERS: Don’t Watch This Video! SEOTpreneur – Episode 33

TPT SELLERS: Don’t Watch This Video – Mike explains 3 things TPT Sellers could be doing instead of watching this video.

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  • 0:00 Don’t Watch This
  • 0:50 Why you should do instead of watching this video
  • 3:05 TPT friends
  • 5:22 What’s your why?
  • 6:40 FREE ABC Dashboard update


Hey, TPT Sellers, don’t watch this video. This is not reverse psychology. I’m not saying that. To get you to watch the video, if you want TPT Sellers Sales Psychology Tricks, you should read Influence by Robert Kini. I’m listening to it right now. This book was recommended to me by Paul Kin, who’s the CEO of IXL and TPT. I was chatting with him at TPT Forward last year, and I asked him, what business book would he recommend, and this is the one he recommended. It is crazy [00:00:30] good. This is a social psychologist professor who basically went undercover to a bunch of different sales organizations to learn their tricks and their sales techniques. Then he analyzes it from an academic perspective and talks about the psychology principles. There’s a lot in here that I’m applying in my TPT store. Highly recommend this. Here’s why I think you should stop watching this video.

Chances are you already know what you need to do. Moving the needle means publishing a resource or accomplishing a task [00:01:00] and getting it out the door at 80%. Perfect. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It’ll never be perfect. Just get it good enough so that it’s out in the public and you start getting feedback. And then based on that feedback, you can pivot and adapt and modify the resource. So stop watching this video. Go work on your TPT products. Or you might think watching this video is really important because you’re going to learn a TPT seller trick and tip that will improve your store. And yes, that might be true, [00:01:30] but oftentimes we invent things to do to avoid doing the important. And from a business perspective, important means getting sales. That means getting eyeballs to your products. Chances are there’s something right now that you could do that would generate traffic to your TPT store.

Is it putting out an email? Is it creating an email list? Is it publishing a new resource so that it shows up on your followers feeds? Yes, everything we do can lead to sales, but right now, think about [00:02:00] it this way. If you had to feed your family and you needed a sale today, what could you do in your TPT store to get that sale? I should be updating the covers on my six resources because I’m going to move away from the Ontario niche and my product covers and my product titles and just shift to something more general like Growth Mindset or SEL or social emotional learning. If you’re interested to find out why I chose those keywords in that specific order, leave a comment and I’ll let you know why. But yeah, chances are there’s [00:02:30] something you could do that would lead directly to your next sale today.

Not in a week. Not in a year. TPT blogs are great, and I know because I have a hosting company, but TPT blogs is a long game. It’s not going to generate a sale today unless you’re TPT blog gets a lot of traffic, and maybe you’re adding a popup so that if they get to a certain portion of the page, it pops up with a link to your product. Maybe something like that. I think you should stop watching this video because we need to work on our work life balance. If [00:03:00] you’re a teacher and you’re trying to squeeze in this TPT seller lifestyle, that’s crazy, right? When do you have time for sleep? I love having you as my TPT friend and I can say that with confidence because if you’re still watching this video right now, you find value in what I’m saying, and chances are we’re going to click.

I like having TPT Friends and TPT is the weirdest thing because no one else really gets what we do. We sit behind a computer, we work and create products, we publish it. Our friends are supportive, but they don’t really get it because they have nine to five typical [00:03:30] jobs or they don’t have a side hustle. They’re just working at their job and then they go home. Whereas you and I we’re trying to work on becoming better people and cranking out products and trying to work towards financial freedom. It’s a different kind of mentality. So I like having you as a friend because I think we normalize this experience, right? You inspire me to work harder. For example, grade 10 science was talking about using the free seller at Google Sheet Tool to figure out which products to focus on. I [00:04:00] love how they’re tinkering with their descriptions and they’re trying to put some feedback within the product description, and then I would respond and think, oh, here’s what I’m doing right now, and I wonder what you’re doing for your sales pitch.

So reading comments from the YouTube community is encouraging, oh, this is what I could do. Okay, I’m going to go do it. So we kind of inspire each other to do more. But yesterday was TPT ad Buying Day, and even though I saw some comments from Paula earlier in the day, I knew that at midnight when I was sitting behind my computer spam clicking the [00:04:30] ad buying calendar so that you could be the first there to buy those coveted spots, I knew that Paula was also doing it. And that’s crazy. That’s a long day. Paula and I have both been working on our stores off and on throughout the day, so this is inspiring for me. But then I keep on thinking like, whoa, I’m working a lot, which I like doing, but it’s important to make healthy choices. Ruling acres education reminded me of that.

They commented, you know what? I forced myself to stay in bed and off the computer for a couple of days [00:05:00] to take care of themselves. And I realized, yeah, I need to force myself off of the camera and off of TPT land to try to have that balance. So reading this comment reminds me, okay, I’m going to try to take balance in a couple of minutes. I’m going to head off to the gym, but yeah, stop watching this so that you can work on work-life balance. What are we not doing because we’re working on our TPT store? It’s not necessarily wrong, but it’s about making choices. TPT is a long journey. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. Instead, [00:05:30] publish a body of work on your TPT store. Think about your, why are you doing this? For example, right now, for me, why have I increased the rate that I produce videos?

Because I would like to one day be the keynote speaker at TPT Forward. That would be kind of cool, right? Speaking to TPT sellers live. In order to do that, I need to prove that I have something to add to the conversation and that people want to watch me. I have to draw a crowd. I need to be the Jerry Seinfeld of the TPT seller space. And that means [00:06:00] grinding away, creating videos, trying to see what works, getting more efficient at the video process, leveling up, and then eventually one day, hopefully, you and I will be at TPT four and we’ll be talking. So don’t watch right now, but if you are going to spend time researching TPT seller tips and tricks from 20 different YouTubers, set a timer because otherwise it’s a rabbit hole, and we’re going to work forever. And this is ironic because I set a timer and the timer went off, and then [00:06:30] I kept on working.

So really, I need to do a body break or set the timer in a different part of the room so that I get up and try to stop working, but I’m so close to being done and I have to go through the gym in three minutes. Here’s where we were at two weeks ago, 950 subs. Today we’re at 9 91 subscribers. Thank you so much. If you just subscribed, welcome to the SEOT YouTube Community. If I’ve said something right now that’s changed the way you think, please subscribe to the channel because that helps the YouTube algorithm know, oh, this is good content for TPT sellers. [00:07:00] I’m going to show it to other TPT sellers. By the way, I said something in that last sentence that I learned from that influence book. At the beginning of the video, I’ll give 30 mike minutes for free to the first comment that explains what I just did and what the sales tactic was.

So if you’re interested, go listen to influence and then leave a comment telling me what I just did to help get people to subscribe. We have 1,456 hours to go before the channel becomes monetized, [00:07:30] and that helps everyone because the pennies that I will make from the ads will eventually become dollars, which will eventually pay for video editing, which will eventually increase the speed at which I can communicate, which will eventually leave me more time to talk to you in the comments. The numbers tell me that when I publish, I get a little spike in people watching the videos. It used to be 300 hours in the last 28 days, and now it’s 5 72. So that means right now we’re getting around 600 hours of watch time per month, which means [00:08:00] the free a BC dashboard tool that helps CPT sellers compare their product stats before and after they make a change. This will be available for the public, hopefully by the end of May, 2024. If you want to help speed up that process to get that a b, C tool, check out this video and YouTube thinks you should watch this video here. My name is Mike Ami. I’m the host of the SOT preneur YouTube community. I’m heading to the gym. What are you doing now that you’re going to stop watching this video?

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