Hey TPT Sellers - Let's Hang Out! (Is 7 AM too early?) TPT Seller Co-Working Space - Episode 29

Hey TPT Sellers – Let’s Hang Out! (Is 7 AM too early?) TPT Seller Co-Working Space – Episode 29

No squirrels were harmed in this exploding offer. (They sort of just glow themselves out of existence.) 

Bonus points to Ashley who figured out how to get to the product page before anyone else. 100 extra SEOT points for you. 

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Hey, TPT sellers, we should hang out. So if you’ve been watching the videos, if you’ve been using the data tool, I think it’s time that we hang out. My goal is to try to create all this free TPT seller content. I’m posted on YouTube. The challenge is I don’t have enough time. So one of the things that I have to do is prioritize where I spend my time. And one of the ways that I’m doing that is by focusing on people who are part of the S SEOTpreneur Pro community. What does that mean? Great question. I am having a sale, and this sale, to be honest, is probably too good. I don’t know what I’m doing and it seems too much of a discount. But basically the sale right now is 50% off the annual price. What does that get you? Alright. The difference between us and other people is I believe in a growth mindset.

This is the whole idea that I’m human. You’re human. We all make mistakes. And the quicker we learn from these mistakes, the faster we can adjust and pivot and take advantage of opportunities and overcome these obstacles. Disruptions happen. It doesn’t matter how successful I am, it doesn’t matter how successful you are. You have value because you have life experiences that I don’t have. And likewise, I have value because I have life experiences that you don’t have. And together we can sort of piece together the pie, figure out how TPD works and increase our game. So the whole idea is the goal is to eventually, well, my goal is to hit that third milestone. My goal is actually to become a millionaire on TPT, and my goal is to chip away at that. And I know I will succeed because if I don’t give up, if I find a way to find the joy in the process, then eventually I’ll get there because I can see the mechanism, I can see how my products are selling, and if I do this and this and this, and more will happen and this snowball continues. So that’s the goal here. One of the things that I offer is I offer a free, here, I’ll show you what SEOT Premier Pro looks like. There we go. Pro SEOTpreneur.

Let’s load it up there. Here we go. Log into the network. So when you sign up on this form, it will be a spectacular nothing because we’re just starting, right? So you’ll fill out this form and it’ll seem like nothing happened, but things are happening behind the scenes. I will reach out to you and find a time for you and I to chat. Let’s just sign you here properly. SEO teacher. Here we go. Great. And I’ll chat. We’ll set up a time, like 15 or 30 minutes on Zoom, and this is a free conversation just to see if we’re a good fit. I’ll hear a little bit about your store. I’ll share a little bit about SEOT Premier Pro. You tell me what features that you’re most excited by and you have 14 days to try. I have a 14 day refund period. If it’s not for you at this time, then it’s not, but if it is for you, we’d love to have you here.

So we have, what do we have? We have a homework club where once a week we meet and we chat. And the difference is we’re small, so we’re still chatting and it’s not like where it’s one guru on the stage, the stage on the stage giving the information. We’re just collaborating, asking questions, and sharing with that that’s recorded so that other people in the pro network can watch it. But then we also have this co-working space where whoever’s there, we just sort of grind away and we start working. And what we’re starting to do is leave a comment about what we’re trying to get done and then reply to that. And so this is the process of trying to make the scene the journey visible. So if you like this idea, right? Oh, and yeah, hey, we have TPT blogs in here. So I’ll show you the, let’s see if I can actually see this here, right?

So when you become an SEO Entrepreneur Pro member, you get a free TPT blog hosted on our WordPress network. And then you can literally start to create your empire online and it’s going to take a couple of months for Google to take you seriously anyways. So the faster you start, the faster you speed up that process. Alright, so what do you get? Get points. And you can earn mic time. And right now, so not only is it 50%, that’s not all. If you sign up for annual, you get a free lifetime.com domain name. So as long as you’re hosted with SEOT hosting or SEOT Preneur Pro, we’ll pay your domain name, registration fee as long as it’s registered with us. And then the other thing is, what else was I going to say? Oh yeah, that’s not all. Okay. So if you sign up right now, within 24 hours on the first day, I will give you three extra coaching sessions to help you get started with whatever it is.

And we can spend that time looking at your data on a free seller tool, the Google Sheet, or we can spend that time doing keyword research on SEMrush, or we can just chat about Pokemon Go. Right? So if you sign up today, you get three sessions, 30 minutes each. If you wait till tomorrow, it drops down to two sessions. If you wait till the third day, it drops down to one session and then after that you don’t get any bonus sessions. Alright? If you’re interested, sign up on the link below and we’ll see you on the other side.

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