10x your TPT Seller Income with this Strategy

I will show you EXACTLY what I did on eight TPT Products to immediately increase my TPT Earnings by 10x.

Frustrated by changes in the TPT Search Algorithm?

  • You CAN’T change the TPT search algorithm.
  • You CAN control your products and product description.

In this video, I’ll show you my TPT dashboard so you can see how my sales improved the next day.

I’ll show you a screen recording of exactly what I did.

Quick Questions

Are these real numbers?


Did I actually do this?


Will these increased TPT earnings continue for me?

No idea. Maybe. Probably not. Who knows.

Ask me in the comments after a few days.

Will this strategy work on your TPT products?


  • If you have evergreen products that currently get page views but aren’t positioned based on the current school season, then yes, maybe.
  • Especially if it’s a solid product with a few reviews as social proof and the products upsell into a bundle.
  • (In other words, if you have a TPT product that used to sell well but stopped selling as a result of the TPT search algorithm change, the strategy in this video might help.)

Maybe not.

  • If you’re a brand-new seller with brand-new products, this probably won’t help you much.
  • Let’s say you had a brand new product that was guaranteed to convert into a sale every time someone looked at the product.
  • If you have zero views, you will still have zero sales.
  • Sure, it’s an extreme example, but you get the idea.


  • Maybe I can provide suggestions!


  • Let’s avoid an echo chamber.
  • Why might this strategy work or not work for you?
  • Why do you think I got these results after using this strategy?
  • How long do you think it will last?

Watch the Video

Click here to watch on YouTube.


  • 0:00 Introduction – Are you frustrated by the TPT search algorithm changes?
  • 0:06 I increased earnings by 10x
  • 0:26 Whoa
  • 0:33 1. Identify the problem your TPT products solve
  • 0:42 2. Show how your TPT product solves this problem
  • 0:48 3. Use emotional language
  • 0:52 4. Call to action
  • 0:59 Did this improve my TPT SEO?
  • 1:38 Question: How closely do you monitor your TPT keyword ranking position?
  • 1:57 If you “TPT SEO” works, you should see an increase in page views.
  • 2:51 How to “beat” the TPT search algorithm
  • 3:44 Video introduction from Mon Dec 5, 2022 before I used this strategy
  • 4:22 Intro (TPT seller income report – all time)
  • 4:55 Walk-through of this strategy
  • 5:03 6Cs Character – Product Title
    • 5:14 Product Description
    • 6:03 Play with words to create an emotional need
    • 6:48 Product Cover
    • 7:04 Subject Area – Product Tags
    • 7:06 Question: How do you choose your subject area?
    • 7:17 What the updated page looks like after this strategy
  • 7:41 Updating 6Cs Citizenship
  • 8:39 Updating 6Cs Collaboration
  • 9:23 Updating 6Cs Communication
  • 9:48 Updating 6Cs Creativity
  • 10:11 Updating 6Cs Critical Thinking
  • 10:22 Updating 6Cs Class Challenge
  • 10:33 Updating the 6Cs Mega Bundle
  • 10:42 I manually lower the TPT bundle price using this workaround
  • 16:13 Why I’m manually dropping the price of my TPT bundle 16:25 Lowering the price of the 6Cs Mega Bundle – take 1
  • 16:57 Figuring out what I missed…
  • 17:31 Now I can save the TPT bundle at the price I want
  • 17:39 Using the strategy on the 6Cs Mega Bundle
  • 17:42 Product Title
  • 18:09 Product Description
  • 19:10 Product Category (Subject Area)
  • 19:20 Product Cover
  • 19:35 What the finished bundle looks like
  • 24:35 How much the 6Cs Mega Bundle would cost if I didn’t manually lower the bundle price
  • 25:57 Outro (TPT Income Report – Dec 7, 2022)


  • 4:58 PRO TIP: CTRL + CLICK opens a link in a new tab
  • 5:43 PRO TIP: Add a blank space after each short paragraph at the start of your Product Description
  • 10:48 PRO TIP: TPT Bundle Product lower than 50% discount

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