I optimize the topics. They do the work and create the content.

So, in addition to creating teaching resources to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers, I also help people to succeed with their goals.

(Yes, I have a side gig to help cover my living expenses while I grow my business which was once a side gig. Is that a side hustle for a side hustle?)

One of the people I coach is trying to become an influencer. I mapped out a strategy for them. Yes, content creation is important. But, we’re also trying to rank for specific keywords.

It was fun to use the keyword magic tool in SEMRUSH to come up with a list of keywords to go after.

SEMRUSH is nice because their “keyword difficulty” score tells us how hard it will be to rank organically for a keyword.

They also tell us an estimated Cost Per Click (CPC) if we wanted to pay for Google Ads on that keyword.

Put that together with an estimated monthly volume of search traffic (across the country) and boom, we have a list of topics to go after.

Now all this person has to do is update these topics into their cornerstone content page to rank for multiple keywords.

They’re super sociable, so we’re going to do a series of blogs, vlogs, and other posts linking back to the cornerstone content page with different keywords.

Should be fun. And, an incredible amount of work.

Let’s see what happens!

(We also invested in Yoast Premium to make it easier for this person to write SEO (friendlier) content, but that’s another story…)