Does updating your product description on Teachers Pay Teachers lead to more sales?

Teachers Pay Teachers must have an algorithm that they use to decide which products to list at the top. (Kind of like how Google has a magical algorithm to decide which websites should be at the top.)

I wonder how TpT decides which products to show at the top when someone searches in their marketplace. I wonder if frequent updates helps your product appear more “fresh” so that TpT wants to show you more often.

The top 3 products have almost 4,000 ratings. That’s gotta play into their algorithm. After all, people like best sellers!

My friend said when he sells on Udemy, he believes their algorithm is based in part on how often the product is updated.

I think I have some great Growth Mindset lesson plans, but I don’t think they’re selling as well as they could.

I know around 5-10% of the people who view our products end up deciding to buy them, which is great. Now how do I get more people to view the products.

I know that the big Google likes page updates, so I wonder if updating my Growth Mindset products will help them appear higher in Google searches, which leads to more visitors to my search page, which ends in more sales.

So, my experiment this week is to try to tidy up my product description and to monitor how often those pages get viewed.

Day 1 Nov 19, 2019

Product Descriptions updated daily

1. Character

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Stay tuned!

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