How To Build A Successful TPT Store and Make Money – Episode 13

Hey TPT Sellers, click 0:36. If you do these 5 things, you will have a successful TPT store. 

Hey Teachers, click 2:09 to start with the keynote speech.

Steve thinks most of us won’t be able to do the first tip. Is he right?

Get the Slideshow Lesson + Handout here:


Get the Slideshow Lesson + Handout here:

My Mental Health Crisis – Origin Story:

More information about what happened to me here: Mike Fuchigami

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  • 0:00 Info for teachers doing the Critical Thinking Activity 
  • 0:14 Critical Thinking – Being Full Minded
  • 0:36 Introduction
  • 0:52 Intro (TPT seller income report – all time)   
  • 0:57 The TPT Journey
  • 1:19 Pretend we’re at a conference!
  • 1:33 Keynote: Pedagogical and Cultural Paradigm Shift through Teacher Entrepreneurial Adventure    
  • 1:50 Think like a TEACHER
  • 1:56 Think like a TEACHERpreneur
  • 2:09 START HERE – What’s the Point of School?
  • 2:59 The Point of School is to learn
  • 3:10 The Point of School is NOT to learn stuff, but to learn how to learn
  • 3:22 Paradigm shift
  • 3:47 What about the stuff that hasn’t been invented yet?
  • 4:40 A fundamental change
  • 5:02 About Mike Fuchigami
  • 5:12 Mental Health
  • 5:54 Growth Mindset + 6Cs of Education and Deep Learning
  • 6:34 Social Emotional Learning Skills saved my life
  • 7:02 What I learned about me
  • 7:39 Donating 10% to Student Mental Health organizations
  • 7:55 SEOT goal setting for students
  • 8:40 Are you on the TPT Content Creation Hamster Wheel?
  • 9:01 I made my first million: Selling Growth Mindset resources on TPT
  • 9:17 Educircles lessons being taught around the world
  • 9:35 Something good that came out of my Mental Health Crisis…
  • 9:54 I made my second million: Helping teachers be teacherpreneurs
  • 9:58 Authentic 21st-Century Deep Learning Task for Teachers
  • 10:54 How do you turn the WORST moment of your life into the BEST moment?
  • 11:29 You are NOT alone
  • 11:50 Other people have gone through a similar situation
  • 12:14 Eight billion people in the world
  • 12:37 Stories are a blueprint for us to follow
  • 12:41 If you know how to learn, you can pivot
  • 13:05 Real World Learning Example that I’m grappling with
  • 13:13 One Million SEOT stories / blueprints
  • 14:13 Stories matter
  • 14:20 Amplifying voices
  • 14:25 Can our students see themselves reflected in the curriculum?
  • 14:40 I need to learn what REAL EFFORT looks like
  • 14:56 How do you be successful? Here’s what I learned from Steve Martin
  • 15:52 Effort Tip #1: “Be so good, they can’t ignore you.”
  • 16:11 TPT Sellers get caught up in tactics, keywords, etc
  • 16:40 How much value do your TPT products provide?
  • 16:57 How strong is your TPT Store brand? 
  • 18:26 How do you become so good they can’t ignore you? Here’s what I learned from The Rock
  • 18:56 Effort Tip #2: “Be the hardest worker in the room”
  • 19:29 Teacherpreneurs: are you the hardest worker in your niche or Facebook group?
  • 19:54 How do I even start? How do I become super-human? Here’s what I learned from Ed Mylett  
  • 20:45 Effort Tip #3: “Do what I say I’m going to do and then I do one more.”
  • 21:15 Compound Interest and Snowball Effects
  • 21:55 Do things other people aren’t willing to do 
  • 22:24 Don’t do what average people are doing
  • 22:42 How long do I have to keep going? Here’s what I learned from Babe Ruth
  • 23:46 Effort Tip #4: “You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.”
  • 24:19 I’m overwhelmed. How do I get through tough times?
  • 24:37 Here’s what I learned from Kristen Bell
  • 25:44 Effort Tip #5: “The only thing you can do is the next right thing … in that moment”
  • 26:09 If she can do it, maybe I can too!
  • 27:11 Role model
  • 27:58 This is me and the stories I connect with
  • 28:10 Maybe you can’t relate to me and the stories I chose
  • 28:32 If there are 8 billion people in the world, chances are you can learn from someone in a similar situation
  • 29:00 Making connections: same-same, but different.
  • 29:20 Are you in a TPT echo chamber?
  • 30:21 How can you pivot your TPT store?
  • 30:48 Call To Action (CTA)
  • 30:55 If you’re a student… 
  • 31:27 For the rest of us…
  • 31:51 Become a student of yourself
  • 32:03 A paradigm shift to lead us to the key to success
  • 32:22 Learning how to learn is a superhero power. 
  • 32:42 What do you think?

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