– Day 1665: Human Bingo Post

I updated my Human Bingo post on Educircles. (Yesterday I updated the product for 2023, so now I’m trying to generate more traffic to that freebie, which includes PDF links to other bundles.)

I repurposed some content in my TPT product that I wrote yesterday and turned it into a blog post about Back To School 2023.

And, as always, I told Google about my updates.

Watch the screen recording below to see exactly what I did today.

Machine Summary

Michael updates his human Bingo resource on TPT and attempts to optimize it for speed by updating the page and submitting it to Google to rank it for human bingo. He also updates his all-in-one SEO search statistics, including the top pop keywords, and updates the back-to-school-themed post. The team discusses the challenges of communicating during Covid during lockdown and Michael plans to update and remove Covid-specific content and share a lesson plan. Michael also plans to create a blog post focusing on critical thinking, ice breakers, and critical thinking.

Machine Transcription

Let’s share my screen. Today is July 24th, 2023. I think it’s a Monday. Yesterday, I super happy. I updated my Human Bingo resource on TPT. Let’s see, links. Thought human. Bingo. There we go. Okay, just add this link somewhere. So today what I’m going to do is this is actually my top page on Educircles. So I’m going to update that page. Let’s sign in here and then tell Google, I’ve updated it and I think I’m going to try to Optimize it for speed, because longer pages, I think this is the one that I had put a bunch of images, or maybe that was New Year’s stuff. I’m not sure. Anyways, I need to update this page and then submit it to Google and try to rank higher for human. Bingo.

So, let’s see. I don’t even know where it is. Pages now, that’s a really, see, I haven’t done this in a while because I have a Trello card here instead of a Zoho card. Anyways, human bingo. I think I have human get to know you everything. Okay, so it’s definitely this. Let’s just look into my all, all-in-one s e O, search statistics. Here we go. So get to know you. Bingo, right? So these are the top keywords, 10 clicks. Get to know you. Bingo. So let’s dive into our niche. Get to know you. Bingo, right? Content performing. Get to know you. Bingo here. So I’m going to edit this page, and I’m just going to confirm by going to the front that this is the page I want to edit. Yeah, there we go. All right. So I’m going to get rid of the auto save cause I don’t know when it is. May 12Th, 2023. So I’m going to update it now. So updating from May 12th, 2023 to now, which is July 24th. 2023. So I got to put back to school language on this. All right, so get to know you bango free icebreaker for back to school.

2023, updated for back to school. 2023. There we go. And could I just updated the handout. So get new bingo questions updated back to school. I won’t put in the date to make this a little bit more evergreen. Okay, I did add this bonus, so I’m going to get rid of this. Now includes a bonus question. Well, ChatGPT PTs, a free follow up lesson. Follow lesson. A critical thinking pt. Oh, it’s a ChatGPT critical thing today on YouTube. Do I want to send you to YouTube or to my website? I’m going to send you to YouTube. So it looks like more people are viewing it. Social proof. Okay, so no, I do not want, oh yeah, and then I got to read that post. I’m going to just leave that there. Okay. Get to know you. Bingo. Okay.

Okay, so I like this. Back to school. 2023, human bingo. And then let’s update this image. So I do have images. Let’s upload the files. Now. I would’ve updated it yesterday. So it’s 1935. So I’ve got 10 more minutes left to update here. Update the post. Where are you? Human Bingo. Send it to Q P T. There we go. Can I select multiple? Sure, let’s upload them all. And then let’s just see if I have a previous one about human bingo. Back to school. Human bingo. So there’s my alternate text. All right, let’s just see. Get to know you up.

Updated for 2023 back to school. It doesn’t include a welcome back. I took that out. No prep activity. So there we go. Back to school. I’m going to put this at the front. Back to school. Human bingo. Let’s know you. Bingo. Free PDF handout. Updated for 2023. No prep activity. Perfect. All right, good enough. I think I have to update the featured image. There we go. Back to school. Oh, hey, it’s the same thing. That’s kind of cool. So that must be tied in. It must be a featured image block. Is that what you are?

Split content. Oh, maybe this is just pulling from the featured image. Not sure. Let’s just double check that. This featured image. Yeah. Back to school. Bingo. No, I want, that’s the old one. I want the back to school updated for 2023 cover. Okay, so that’ll show up in my SERP stuff. I’m going to get rid of this covid stuff because it’s not talking about Covid stuff anymore. It was, I had that version, but it kind of dates me. So in fact, I probably need to, let’s update because it doesn’t update. And then what I’ll do is I’ll just, I’m going to update and remove stuff about covid, right?

As it used to. Regular human bingo with generic timeless questions. Keep on going here. This doesn’t apply anymore because it got rid of the covid stuff. Alright, so let’s just delete this. So Google like this, because Google see, will see like, hey, he’s updating this content and getting rid of stuff and making sure it’s relevant. So covid, right? No, cause that was, that’s Covid specific. All right, so update that. Excuse me. All right, so Covid, how many? Seven more times. Let’s get rid of the Covid mention. Oh wow. That’s the for back to, that’s the middle of the paycheck.

All right. Chatgpt is changing the world. You and Your students Move that. Did you know ChatGPT Success? Crazy, right? There’s a lesson plan showing your students. Did you know machine algorithms? Because this one’s actually GP Google. That’s what people want. And I’m going to link that to my ChatGPT P T links, ChatGPT PT handouts. Alright, so let’s go to that. Here’s a lesson plan. And oops, I don’t think I created a link. I’ve got 15 minutes left here in this work. Period. Open a new tab here. All right. I always open it to a new tab because then they close that tab. They don’t like it. They still have my page, right? All right, so let’s go down to Covid. What was the hardest part about communicating during covid, during lockdown, COVID, physical, this whether, okay, great. For the first few days, still happy.

Okay, so I started for conversations about the school year. Okay, remember, let’s add a joke, right about, yeah, as a starting point for conversations in October when you have kids later on, as usually students are quiet or quiet on the first day of school, later on, when they won’t stop talking to the first week of school to this first week of school. Remember how good it was? Remember how good it was? There we go. During the honeymoon phase. During the honeymoon phase, all right? Yes. This me can. After you came, it’s a great moment to talk about how communication can look different depending on where you are. So let’s just put here lockdown distance learning. So yeah, I mean, obviously I’m going through here and adding content. I’m not just changing a couple words, but lockdown distance, covid, physical distancing, remote learning.

All right? During, these are during lockdown. Okay. Oh, I wrote actually a really good post. I’m going to actually do this right now. Get the resource. You know what I haven’t done? Because this may not actually be indexed yet, but I wrote this content yesterday about back to school. Maybe I should try to rank for this. I might make that as a new blog, blog post instead of being about the, okay, I’m going to do that too, for the, all right, things change. All right, let’s just find, no, we’re not going to have a covid. 23 means we’re reminding students how to communicate after they spent a summer binge watching Netflix and playing video games.

This is all about covid. So let’s get rid of the covid stuff. All right, update this. Lemme see that sentence about Covid. I’m okay with that. I’m okay. Yeah. Okay. So let’s update this. The page is there, and I am going to very quickly, oh, I don’t want to lose this idea. So I’m going to go, I’m going to add a new post. I will tidy it up later. I’m just going to post and see what happens, because this is content that I had earlier. Back to school’s, activities, unit plan, get ready. So let’s just, I’m going to put it, I’m going to post it. No, which is a catchier title. How to have an awesome back to school in Three Easy steps. In three Easy steps, okay?

Icebreakers, critical thinking and more. I will tidy this up later. I’m just going to publish this. Let’s tidy up the post. No, let’s publish it and we’ll change the keywords. Are you ready to publish? Sure. I’ll submit it to Google and then I’ll edit. I’ll edit both these posts. And actually, the thing I’ll do is I won’t do any keyword, keyword research. What I’m going to do is I’m going to just see if I get traction on that and what people are doing and just lean into that. So let me, before I do this, oh, I have the date in here, but you know what? I’m going to keep it in there. How to, so back to school. Cause I have 20, 23 and the day stamp. Okay, I’m going to leave it to there. Back to school. Icebreakers. Critical thinking, back to school activities, icebreakers, critical thinking.

Yeah, let’s try that. Okay. Cause it’s a blog post. Maybe I’ll do a newsletter about that because it’s actually not a bad news PA letter. Okay, so here’s my posts. Oh, I don’t even have the title. Wow. This is so interesting that I set it up like that because there’s no H one title. Do all of my blog posts look like that? You know what? I’m just going to customize this. This is just because I switched to the cadence theme and I think I turned it off. I’ll turn it back on. So single post layout. I’m going to turn back on the title show. Post title.

Oh, that’s weird. How come you’re not showing the title? Oh, I turned it off here. There we go by S SEOTpreneur. Mike. July 24Th. Yeah. Okay, good enough. Good enough for now. So I need to go to the search console. I just updated my Get to know you human bingo page. So let’s update that. Oh, I should update the meta. The search meta, because otherwise weird things might show up here. Get to know you. Get to know you free. I don’t have back to school in here. Get to know you. Bingo. Free PDF icebreaker. Human bingo handouts, right?

Or back to school 2020. Now updated or back to school. 2023. Print or edit. The free get to know Bing includes SEL slash communication. Mini lesson. Oh, it’s too long here, lesson. Hey, there we go. Perfect fits. All right, update that. It doesn’t show the snippet image. Hey, isn’t that weird? I would’ve thought that it would show in here, but okie dokie. So U RL inspection request indexing. So I am updating and telling Google, Hey, I just updated this and we’ll see if I can get some more traffic on this. Give it a second to think. I wonder if I can have two things going at the same time. Here’s the other one. Get to know you. Oh, done. Okay. So that got, and then in my new blog posts, so on my website, I don’t actually have blog posts showing I don’t think, at least not in an easy way. I do need to change that.

Cause I think I have the mini lessons showing up there. So where are you? Add new posts. Is this my new post? The permalink changed, but I have an automatic redesign redirection set up. So let’s just find the posts. U r L. Here we go. Back to school. All right, and let’s just tell you about this. Hey Google. I just wrote a new blog post. You want to check it out? I’ll add to it later, especially if I see that it’s starting to rank. So, because my site has been around for a while, I think Google index this new page sooner than later, especially now that I’m submitting it. I feel like sometimes I submit it and then it might take a little bit while to get through the queue. I’m going to stop here. That’s what I did today. I feel like I made progress. See you next time.