How do I get more sales on TPT? What’s the TPT SEO Snowball Effect?

Essentially the idea is that sales have to be one of the top TPT SEO ranking factors in the Teachers Pay Teachers search algorithm. It has to be. The platform’s goal is to make money. 

If two products are equal, but one has significantly higher earnings, which one would you give the best spot to?

So, the more your TPT product sells, the higher it will rank in the TPT search algorithm. It’s like a compound effect or a snowball effect.

When you’re rolling a snowball – in the beginning, you have just a small handful of snow, but eventually the ball grows bigger and picks up more snow and rolls into a boulder.

But, if TPT doesn’t rank your product high enough to get seen, you won’t get any sales on TPT, so you never really gain rank. Even though your product might be the best product.

(Likewise, if you have a legacy product that was made when TPT was a young marketplace, and you have lot of sales, even if your product is crappy very basic, and the covers are poor, you’ll still rank at the top of TPT search. Want an example? Ask me on this video.)

  • So, do your own marketing, find your own sales leads, send them to your TPT product page, make sales, get a boost in TPT search rankings, 
  • so you’re seen more by teachers shopping on TPT 
  • so you get more sales, and your product generates more money, which is a larger TPT SEO signal boost, 
  • so you get more views and sales, etc, etc, etc.

Watch episode 24 at 9:05 to see an explanation of the TPT SEO Snowball Effect.