Do TPT Sales Funnels / Landing Pages Work?

A TPT Seller in our latest Zoom Meeting Homework Club asked about whether sales funnels that upsell to bundles work.

I did a case study where one TPT Seller (Computer Creations) made $10,000 in one month using this strategy. Computer Creations posted a video about what they did. Check it out.

I break down what Computer Creations did in SEOTpreneur Episode 18 at 20:30

Here’s the strategy:

  • Step 1: They wrote about a free resource in a Facebook Groups focused on the subject. (Not a TPT seller group. Also, make sure the Facebook group allows this sort of post. No one wants more spam.)
  • Step 2: They linked to a dedicated landing page. (You can see the landing page in the video)
  • Step 3: They had a fantastic FREE Lead Magnet which was a TPT freebie.
  • Step 4: In the freebie, they linked to HUGE bundles. Go for gold!

For me, the biggest takeaway is to go for gold and link to huge bundles.

I also think what worked really well here is that they qualified their traffic. You only got the FREE lead magnet if you signed up for the email newsletter.

Chances are, if you liked the freebie, you might also like the other bundles.