Do you like what this SEOTpreneur Teacher Seller community is all about?

(If you’re not sure what we’re about, check out this page about TPT Avengers.)

Me too!

We need your help to grow this community from seed to sapling to a giant freaking forest ecosystem.

Has the FREE information on the SEOTpreneur YouTube channel helped you yet?

How much is the FREE information on the SEOTpreneur YouTube channel worth to you?

(Or, another way to put it… if I stopped making videos, would this impact how quickly you’re able to increase sales on TPT?)

My goal is to help make the world a better place.

I think my TPT Seller tips are unlike any other TPT Seller YouTube channel.

I love spending time and tinkering with this SEOTpreneur project to help the TPT seller community…

But the amount of effort I’m investing into free content on SEOTpreneur is not sustainable.

As a full-time TPT seller, the reality is I need to earn a living online. I need to put food on the table, clothes on my family, and fuel in the private jet. (Is Mike Fuchigami really a millionaire?)

As an entrepreneur, I have to follow the money. If this side-hustle project doesn’t lead to a viable living, then I need to tinker and try something new.


Once you have gained enough value from the SEOTpreneur YouTube channel, please consider supporting the movement by purchasing a premium membership.

Stay tuned for more information!

How to support SEOTpreneur without buying anything

Not everyone is in a place where they can support this project financially.

Here are some FREE ways you can help grow the SEOTpreneur movement:

  1. Subscribe to the SEOTpreneur channel (if you haven’t already!)
  2. Share the SEOTpreneur YouTube videos with friends and on social media – especially Facebook.
  3. Post SEOTpreneur YouTube videos in your TPT Facebook groups and on the TPT forum.
  4. Watch this playlist of SEOTpreneur videos a lot. You learn tips and tricks that you might have glossed over the first time. Plus, it helps us get 4,000 public watch hours which we need to level up the channel.
  5. Ask questions on videos – especially if you don’t understand or disagree with something I’ve said. I don’t have all of the answers. Everyone in the SEOTpreneur community has a piece of the puzzle to the mystery box. (Check out Master Class #1 at 19:36 to see what I mean.)
  6. If you have a YouTube channel (or even if you don’t!): Install the free TubeBuddy plugin
    *you don’t need to buy anything. If we get 250 people to install the free plugin, we can apply to become a “super affiliate” (and not have to pay $25 USD per month for the legend plan that we use.)