SEMRUSH for TPT Sellers

SEMRUSH for TPT Sellers

Last Updated on March 11, 2023. (First published on March 11, 2023.)

I use SEMRUSH to work smarter, not harder, when I create content for my TPT blog and TPT website.

SEMRUSH is an online database used for keyword research and position tracking on Google. They provide information like search volume, cost per click, and how easy it is to rank for specific search terms on Google.

SEMRUSH special offer for TPT Sellers on SEOTpreneur

We’re working with SEMRUSH to provide a special offer for the SEOTpreneur TPT Seller community.

Normally, SEMRUSH has a 7-day free trial for their keyword research and position tracking tools.

SEOTpreneurs get a free 14-day trial (instead of a regular 7-day trial) using the link below.

You don’t need a SEMRUSH coupon code for this. You just have to use the link.

This is an affiliate link. We may earn a commission if you use this link.

Here’s my strategy:

  • I know there are teachers searching on Google for the topics of my TPT products.
  • I want to create content for my TPT blog that ranks at the top of Google.
  • Basically, I want teachers searching on Google to find my TPT business website first. If they love my stuff, I can get them to sign up for my email newsletter. I’m starting to build my TPT brand.
  • My TPT blog / website sends qualified leads to my TPT product page where the sales transaction occurs.

Why am I doing this strategy:

  • I want to future-proof my TPT business by becoming my own brand on the internet. If I rank for my own content and one day need to leave TPT, it’s easy for me to change the links on my TPT website to point to a different sales platform.
  • I want to increase my TPT SEO ranking. The TPT Search Algorithm has to be biased toward making money. (TPT is a for-profit company.) TPT may not show my products on their search pages, but that doesn’t mean my products aren’t great. If I drive my own customers to my sales product, and they buy on my TPT store, then it sends a boost to the TPT SEO search algorithm to rank my TPT products higher. It’s a snowball effect. As my TPT products get higher on TPT, then more people on TPT will buy my products, which leads to higher TPT SEO ranking positions.

How do I use SEMRUSH for my TPT blog / TPT Seller website?

I use SEMRUSH for a few things on my TPT journey, but here are the main ones:

  1. keyword research
  2. tracking where my TPT blog is on Google for specific keywords (position tracking).
  3. suggestions on how to improve the SEO for my TPT blog

Using SEMRUSH for Keyword Research

I can just write stuff on my TPT website, but that doesn’t mean people will read it.

Sometimes, just changing a few words can make a huge difference in ranking on Google.

A keyword is a word or a phrase that people are searching on Google. Some keywords are better than others.

I use SEMRUSH to do keyword research for my TPT blog. This means I find keywords that have high search volume but with low competition (so they’re easier to get to the first page of a Google search.)

Here’s my free keyword research tool for TPT sellers. The video on that page explains how I do the keyword research.

Using SEMRUSH for Position Tracking

Doing keyword research is great, but then you’ll want to know if your efforts are working. That’s where you have to track where your TPT website page is on Google.

Here’s a screenshot I posted in the SEOTpreneur PRO community (as part of my homework for Zoom Meeting #1)

I used the Yoast plugin on my TEACHERpreneur WordPress website to help me optimize my page for reading comprehension strategies PDF and then I could see some progress in SEMRUSH.

(You need a SEMRUSH pro membership to be able to track your keyword position.)

Using SEMRUSH for suggestions on how to improve the SEO for my TPT blog

This post is a work in progress. Stay tuned.

If you’re part of the SEOTpreneur community, just ask your question as a “new discussion” here.