Last Updated on May 18, 2020. (First published on May 18, 2020.)

Audiojungle offers royalty-free music and audio tracks from one dollar.

They have background music for videos, catchy short music for the intro of your video, sound effects, and more.

Although they say you can buy tracks for one dollar, usually I end up spending around $3 to $20 for something. (Audiojungle does add a transaction fee so it will never be exactly one dollar, but you get the idea.)


  • Good affordable sounds for a shoestring budget.


  • Not necessarily a con – but just be aware that when you buy a sound, there are specific terms that dictate how you can use that sound. (i.e. probably for one video, or one video series.) You can’t use that sound or music track everywhere for all of your projects. This applies for all royalty-free music, and not just Audiojungle.