This is a machine transcription of the Zoom chat. It will only be 80% accurate so there will be transcription errors. (But 80% is good enough for right now. Human transcription would cost $1.50 x 60 min = $90, so it’s out of my price range right now.)

But the transcript allows you to skim and scan the meeting. It also allows text to show up in the website search feature.

Michael Fuchigami (00:06):
Okay, so start video. Hello? Ooh, that’s me. Sorry. I dunno why I was so excited there. Alright, so how do I do this? Share my screen. Look, I’m getting better at this screen one. All right, let’s share that. Going to move this over here. You are screen sharing. So let’s make, Nope not. Oh man. Some of my hair looks like, alright. I just thought it was kind of classy. Okay, so now the problem is I don’t remember what people say they’re going to do. I don’t find that. All right. So printer. No printer. All right. So customize recordings.

See if I can find the recording. Hey, here’s the recording. Okay, so let’s jump through the chapters. Homework. I think I want to get that product up the back to school. Yeah, I guess my would be, if we look back to why people buy, what could you do? How could you add a review of a related product? Like a review that you already, so that people feel trusty about you? I think I might want to see, cause I think I have a review on the Backley school. Okay. So I’m just going back to figure out what the homework was. Activity pack that I have. I’m trying to think. Maybe add that in. Do you homework? Do you have a back to school bundle? I Is that not allowed to ask your coworkers? It kind of the is it circles? Okay. My homework. You did the end of the year stuff, right?

Or changing it all out? I did. I did the end of the year stuff for my on the PPP product, but not on my website. So I might just do it on my website and post it and then I’ll have my VA change it at the end of June. Yeah. So end of the year. So on this stuff to do end of the year, or would it be good to start doing back to school? Ok. Now that’s an excellent question, I think, and no sellers. Okay, so I didn’t do my homework. What did I do? I feel like I did stuff and, okay, Mike, you got to be accountable to yourself and you’re keeping track of what you’re doing in here. Yes, I am, Mike. Okay, so let’s look at what you actually said that you were going to do. Pro forum. All right, let’s go in there. Mike, what did you do? I didn’t do anything. I did, that’s not true. But I think the problem is it’s not right in front of me, so then I’m not doing it. So I think I need to go back to having a board there.

A whiteboard. Could be a whiteboard. If I do it as a whiteboard, then I can just write on it. I have lots of whiteboards. Lemme go get a whiteboard. I am Not, So I can click this whiteboard, Right? Or I Can just lean it on the floor. All right, my friends, why is this so messy? Not really sure. Okay. Not writing it down. As for why I’m blowing the background, do I like the background blur? If I don’t blur my background? There it is. Then it’s just messy. All right, stop. I’m going to blur my background All.

Okay. Messy, messy, messy. All right. So the problem with using audio sources, like the rev transcription stuff, is that the timestamps will all be messed up because I’m going to crop this stuff out, but I think in Rev I can change the timestamps. So yeah, let’s see if Rev ramps up my game. All right, today is June 17th. Oh, it’s like I’m teaching again. All right. And last time Kim said, like we were talking about why people buy, all right. And back to school and review related. Okay. All right, Mike, the end of year on website. I didn’t do that at all. So then what did you do? Well, then I went to like, oh yeah, let’s disable that. Oops, let’s cancel this quick.

Let’s just leave a bunch of these. Let’s get rid of Loom. Let’s turn off Grammarly. Grammarly actually slows things down a lot, I find. Let’s get rid of this filed. Oops. Exit Creative cloud. Quick. Alright, here we go. Yeah, alright. What did I say was going to do? Pay attention to the numbers. Yeah, I didn’t even do any of that. Pay attention to the numbers. If this is, Yeah, I didn’t, cause I thought chat sheet PT was going to be a bigger thing. And so then that’s what I did helped. I had a daily response. I did the daily update message. Yeah, that was actually good. I didn’t lead to any at all. And dropping my price for my sixties thing led to one sale, right?

Yeah. I thought that was neat. Can I open this up? Yeah. That’s interesting here, right? It doesn’t show. It doesn’t show. Oh, hey, I can start talking by myself. Okay, do. So it is Saturday June 17th, 2023, and it’s eight o’clock. It’s actually 8 0 5. So I’m just going to start this homework check and I’m listening to Dan Meredith. I think that’s the guy’s name. Here. Let me find it. Ooh, I can even hold it. Oh, but see, the screen’s blurry and it’s probably backwards. Dan Meredith. Meredith, how to be fucking awesome. He swears a lot, but there were a couple things in his book that resonated with me. So it sort of changed the way that I’m thinking about how I’m doing things. One of the things that he does is he does this Coffee with Dan thing as a private Facebook group, I think, and then there’s a waiting list or whatever.

And basically what he did was because he couldn’t find a community, he sort of built his own that Mel met his needs and his needs is sort of like he frames it as a coworking space or a coffee shop. So I think what he does is he does this accountability thing where at nine o’clock he writes what he’s going to do in the next two hours, and then after he does the two hours he does, he writes down what he actually did. I think he said he does that at nine and three when he’s productive. So I started to do this. I think one of the things I noticed someone else in here in the SEOT premier forums was I think trying a bunch of things. I think Angelique was trying different things.

I think she’s feeling like things aren’t really working. And it’s interesting because as an outsider looking at someone else’s stuff, you always have a different sort of point of view. And I wonder if I can find her message in here. So she’s what she said she was going to do, and then I think she said, yeah, this is it. So her goal was to revamp three of her products, and she’s revamping the graphics, the descriptions, and creating previews. And I think all of that will increase the conversion of people who visit into people who watch the preview or buy, right? So that’s the sales funnel that we’re thinking about. And then she says she has to change all of this on the five platforms that she’s now selling to, which is the longest to do. And I think my question is always when I chat with clients, like small business clients in person or teachers online, I always wonder, is that the best use of your time?

And yeah, I know we have to do everything. I’ll ask a client, which one do you want, this one or this one? And they’ll say both. And I’ll say, okay, which one do you want first? And so that always makes me wonder, okay, do we have to prioritize what we’re doing? Because not everything that we do, if I revamp my graphics and I add my logo, I don’t know if that logo is going to actually lead to more sales. So getting back to Dan Meredith. So he does this two hour accountability thing, and he has this coworking space. So I think I’m going to think of this homework club as more of a coworking space where we’re just sort of in and chatting with things. But one of the things that I was inspired from that to do was to, Angelique and I are both, I don’t think she teaches us a day job.

I think we both do digital stuff online for a living. So she has more time than the average T P P seller. I think maybe not more time, but just we have more flexibility. This is our nine to five and our five to nine job. So I think what I wanted to do was just every two, every day work for two hours on my TPT stuff and be accountable. The reality is I couldn’t get to it because life happens. But I think maybe that also points out, well, okay, Mike, if you’re trying these strategies, but you’re only doing it once every other couple of days and you’re not really working at a TPT store, are things actually working? And I don’t know. So I think for me, cause I think if I narrow down what I’m trying to do and do stuff that works for me, then I think other people like you, like me, this will resonate with them.

And Dan, Dan Meredith’s point was he wanted his Facebook group people of like-minded people, right? Because that idea, you’re the average of the five people you hang out with. And so in his Facebook group community, what he’s created are people like-minded people who are going in the same direction. If you want to get fit, you hang out with fit people. So if you want to succeed on TPT, I guess my question is, can I find and cultivate this community of people who are doing more than just cranking out products? Okay, where am I going with this? Hold on. Where I’m going with this is I think we need to do more than simply create products. And one of the things that Dan Meredith talks about is, and I’m going to make a YouTube video of this, but those of you who are watching this Zoom video, you get the sneak peek.

But he talks about how every day he schedules a dentist, what he calls a dentist appointment, and he points out you spend about an hour a day or an hour at a dentist if you have things to fix or whatever. And it sucks. But I think also the idea with the dentist appointment is, if you take care of your teeth in the long term, your teeth will be healthier. And so he says, what’s the equivalent of a dentist appointment for him? And I’ll jump to this slide here, cause I really like this is this idea about, he calls it new business development. So he’ll talk about how if you don’t have things in the sales funnel, then your sales are going to dry up. And so what he says he does is he spends 30 an hour every day for me, I put down 25 minutes where he’s thinking, where he’s making sales calls.

And so for him, he talks about, I think he referenced this, Dan, Dan Kennedy, but basically if you have a product that is really good and it’s going to help people, then you’d be a jerk not to sell it to them. And so not all TPT sellers are at this part of the game where if you’re a TPT hamster or you’re a TPT tadpole, you’re still trying a bunch of different things and you’re figuring out what works and everything is awesome. But if you’re a TT hamster for a while, you probably have some products that you feel confident based on your own personal opinion and based on reviews from other people. But yeah, actually this product’s pretty good. So I feel really confident in my, I love my chat G P T product. I think it solves a lot of things like it. It’s a video.

You just play the video pause when it says pause and you have the discussion, there are worksheets that you can buy. Is it perfect? No, because where I want to go is I want to take the transcript of the lesson and turn that into a lesson plan so that a teacher doesn’t have to show the video, they could just play the slideshow. But what I think is key there is it’s good enough that I think it actually really does meet a pressing need. And so I would be a jerk not to sell you this product because I think this helps ease your pain in terms of, well, how do you talk about chat G P T? And is it just cheating? Or what are the different sides of it? So I think for those of us who have a product that we feel really strongly about and we know it does well, then the question is how do we sell that product more?

And I think what it is then is we chat with, if you were to go to your colleague, the teacher who teaches beside you and say, Hey, and try to sell ’em that product, that would be an example of new business development because you’re pitching the sales product to them in person, and then maybe you can convince them to go to the site and then maybe they decide to download it. Or maybe another example of new business development would be, okay, I’m going to do a presentation in the staff room, or just casually say, someone’s talking about, I’m in the staff room and we’re talking about whatever it is, math activities to do at the end of the year for those of us who are still there. And then you just say, oh, yeah, I did this. It’s really good because blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Where’d you get it? Oh yeah, here, I’ll sell it to you. And obviously you wouldn’t sell it to them because of your colleagues, but this idea about how we have to generate our own sales or the sales will dry up. I think that’s a new idea for TPT sellers because I think most of the TPT sellers, myself included, and the ones I’ve chatted with, we’re focused on creating the content, right? Okay, I’m going to create this lesson. Okay, it’s done. Oh, maybe it sells, maybe it doesn’t, but I’m moving on to the next lesson right away. Whereas I think what we need to do is be more intentional thinking, okay, well, how is my action making the invisible actions visible? So how does my action help lead to the sale of my products? And so if you make a product, then maybe in that product there is a link to an upsell bundle or a cross-sell, another related product.

And so maybe this product will show up in the feed. Someone sees it, they don’t like that product, but maybe they click on the link and they go to the other product that you’re, your bundle that you’re trying to sell. So maybe that’s one way to get leads, but is that the best way to get leads? Maybe not. So one of the ideas is go where the fish are. And if people aren’t looking, if you don’t have a lot of subscribers to your TPT store and they’re not looking at your new products when you come up, well, maybe there’s a better way to get new leads. And so new leads for us, because we can’t sell one-on-one to people, it would be finding ways to tell people about our products, either in person or online, and then drive that traffic to pageview. So we’re looking at page views.

So what I am going to do to today, what I was going to do with other people here, but since they’re not here, I can do it by myself, is I wanted to look at my page views and figure out what’s, how things are doing and what new business development would look like from that. Okay, so before I do that, let’s just, all right, so let’s do my check-in. What am I working on in my TPT business? Share something that went well, a success story, an let’s just move this to the side here. So how did my homework go? Okay, if I’m being honest, I’m not really thinking about my homework that I set in these meetings until literally five minutes before the meeting starts and maybe five minutes after the meeting ended. And even though, so even though I have in here, I’m posting, okay, here’s what I’m going to do.

I say my homework homework was to update my TPT products for the end of the year and then update my, I think it was my website stuff, but not just my edgy circle stuff. I think what I need to do is get a whiteboard like that, which you can’t really see. All right, let’s stop blurring the video. Let’s try that A, there we go. So get whiteboard like that and write down what I say. I’m going to work on end of year stuff on website, and then put it up in front of me, visible in my office, so then I can see, am I actually doing that? So one of the things that I did was I figured out, oh, it’s backwards. You can’t read it. Can you read it? But basically, my main hustle, I have this as a poster on the wall that falls off my main hustle, my nine to five job is my client work and my SEOT hosting stuff, because I think that has the biggest potential for me for financial freedom, growth.

So then my side hustle, my five to nine job as it were, becomes selling on TPT and this SEOT premier stuff. And to be honest, they all kind of interrelate because people sell on TPT. So I sell on TPT, I share my experiences on SEOT premier, the YouTube channel, which then leads to the SEOT Premier Pro community, which then people start to check with. And then I’m like, oh yeah, I think some of these people become, oh, I need a blog, or I need SEOT hosting. Or people who get SEOT hosting can join the SEOT premier community. I think where we sort of talk about strategies and how that grows because it’s a long game so that they’re all interconnected. But at the end of the day, at the day, I have to think about new business development. And so by shifting my strategy and thinking about new business development today, I closed the deal with a client.

I actually sent them the invoice and it got them to pay. So that was 400 US dollars because it’s 400 per year for the standard plan. And then there’s another client that I just have to do some technical stuff, and then I have to send them the invoice, and then I have another client where I have to do, I send them the invoice for the domain name. So what I’ve started this week, a success story from this week, is I spend my first 30 minutes of my day just doing new business development, i e getting new sales in my pipeline for SEO two hosting and client work. And that’s led to $400 for me. Yay. But the obstacle I’m facing is because now I’ve made this a priority. I used to do my TPT product development in the first hour of the day, and I push that back and it doesn’t always happen.

And so this week I didn’t get to it all the time. And so this is again, how do I carve out and just no matter what happens, this is I’ve got to work on my TPT store, kind of how if you’re teaching as a day job, and then I know we’re all passionate about teaching, but if you want to your TPT business to grow, if I want my TPT business to grow, I’ve got to carve a aside some time. So maybe an hour is too much from me. Maybe I need to say 30 minutes. This is where I sort of go around. So I wonder if putting this in front of me directly in front of me will help so that when I’m sitting down, maybe because it’s a visual reminder, I wonder if that’ll help. Okay, so now let’s go to this idea about new business development challenge.

So it’s easier if you have a sales product like web hosting, because then I can actually, I have a specific person, I’m chatting with them, and then I’m talking about how this meets their needs. And then we go through that sales funnel, I pitch them the idea, and then I overcome obstacles, and then I close the sale or they become a no. And I go on to the next. One of the things that I did, oops, not it TEACHERpreneur vip, is I finished, I actually published the TEACHERpreneur VIP site, which, so now, because I noticed that when I was chatting with some clients, I needed to say, I would talk about what I would do in general, but here’s exactly what it is. So this is like if I’m chatting with someone in the staff room up, oh yeah, this is a really good handout.

And then actually, well, I think I would just give them, show them the handout. I guess that’s where product previews come in. But yeah, so anyways, I finished this. Here’s what I’m going to do for you. And then I came up with the price points. And originally the price points were a lot lower than this two 50, 1000 and 2000. And I was chatting with a buddy of mine and he said, I showed him a website in me. He said, how much would you charge for that? And I said, well, I’d probably charge around a thousand bucks. And he said, oh, I thought it’d be like $10,000. And because he used to sell websites to the small business and companies for 20, I like $25,000. So from his perspective, it’s so much higher. And so then I started thinking, maybe I do need the charge higher.

Anyways, that’s beside the point. So for this as an example, because if you’re not really sure about new business development, it’s the idea about getting potential people who are going to buy your product into your pipeline. And so my pipeline now is I, I’m hoping that people will see this stuff and then they’ll reach out to me with questions, and then I sort of answer their questions, overcome obstacles and close the deal or not close the deal, and sort of learn from my process. So if I think about my TPT store, because I think what we need to do as TPT sellers is to stop thinking about just, I’m going to create content, because that’s what we love. If you actually want to succeed on TPT, you’ve got to be good at selling your content or presenting it in a way that it closes the deal.

So I’m going to go to my teacher’s paid teacher’s product. Actually, let’s go this way. So I think, and I’m just sort of talking out loud here, my goal is to sell this product, actually not this product. I want to upsell to the bundle. So my goal is to sell the bundle because I think this is really good. It’s timely. It answers questions about chat G P T. And so I would be a jerk not to sell it to you. I think the hardest part for people is we don’t want to sell. We feel sleazy or bad trying to ask people for money for our product. And I think the paradigm shift has to be this product. I feel confident about this. I think this is a really good product. So why would I not ease your pain by keeping you like, no, I’m not going to sell you this product.

I think that’s where the mindset has to be. And this product where, oh, I feel bad for charging nine bucks, 10 bucks for this product. But that’s two coffees at Starbucks. So would a friend give me two, two coffees, two cappuccinos or whatever from Starbucks? Have you ever like, oh yeah, this is a really good resource. And then the next day, your teacher, oh, I just brought you this because it was, thanks so much for that resource. Yeah, it was so good. Okay, well, instead of, this is two coffees, this is a month of Netflix. So I think we have to become comfortable with selling our resources. Yeah, this is really good. I’m a jerk if I don’t sell you this resource, if I don’t tell you or give you the opportunity about this resource. So how do I sell this resource? I need people to look at this product.

So last time we were here, we talked about this idea about working backwards. Backwards design. I want people to buy the product. That means putting it into the checkout cart. Before they do that, before they do that, here we go. So I need them to click on get the bundle or get, well, I’ve already purchased it, get bundled. Oh, maybe I haven’t purchased. No, I have purchased it. So before that happens, they need to be on this page. Well, actually before that happens, they’ve probably read this page, which means this stuff has helped them to think, oh yeah, this is actually exactly what I need. Chances are, if they like what they read here, they’ve looked at the preview, right? Because if you had a preview, why would you not look at a preview if you were going to buy something? So I think really what I have to do is think of it in terms of people put it into the shopping cart because you could put in the shopping cart and then decide, I don’t have the credit card information or something stumbles you up there.

I can’t really do anything about that. So really, I need to get more people to look at the previews. How do I get more people to look at the previews? I need to write compelling stuff in the title and project description that they’re interested enough. They look at the covers and they’re like, oh yeah, that’s actually pretty good. I don’t have anything in here in this cover. So really I should add product. Cause it’s the bundle. But what I should do is I should add information about why, how this eases their pain so that they’re visual, they read the stuff and they preview the products. So in order for that to happen, I need them to get to this page first. So what I’m going to do right now, because I have, I’ve never looked at the data for this. I don’t actually spend the time doing this.

So this is actually a really good use of my time. Let’s go to teachers pay And what I’m going to do is I’m going to go to my dashboard. No, I’m going to go to my products that this, no, I’m going to go to my dashboard. I think my dashboard will do it better. So for my entire store, I’m going to turn off everything. I’m going to type chat, G P T, what is it? Chat, G p t bundle. So this is the only product I want to look at. All right, this month I’ve sold nothing. Good to know. Okay, what about instead of earnings, I look at views. So I’ve had a couple of views, but not a lot of views, like five views. So I could say what I really need to do is I, let’s say I’m like, okay, you know what I’m going to do?

I’m going to try to increase, I’m going to change the product covers, but I don’t think that’s a good use of my time because, okay, so let’s say I had five, let’s say adding a product cover, maybe let’s say one out of 10 people who land on this page, like a 10% conversion rate, let’s say that’s good. And let’s say right now my conversion rate is, I don’t know, I got to come up with a simple math. Let’s say it’s a 5% conversion rate, so one out of 20 people view. So let’s say if I have a 5% conversion rate right now, but adding the covers will add, we’ll increase it to a 10% conversion rate. So that’s great. I’ve increased the conversion rate, and I feel like, okay, I’m doing something on my store because I’m adding the covers, right? Because that’s what I’m used to, used to the creating content. That’s what I’m comfortable with. But really what I need to do is I’ve got to get more page views. I’ve got to get people looking at this so that they can even consider this if I go to all time, oh, yeah, okay, so that’s 77 views, but okay, so let’s do this quarter. There we go. Okay, and what about if I’m not just this chat, G p T?

So what’s the other one? The handout. Let me just go to chat. G p T. So critical thinking should debate slideshow. So this is the lesson itself. So maybe let’s look at this one. So a lot of people looked at it. Maybe this is when I first published it. Maybe this was a newsletter. I think that was a newsletter. Maybe it was a freebie. I can’t remember these things. Okay, so earnings. Okay. Woo. Hey, I didn’t know that. That’s kind of cool. So let’s select all, let’s turn it off. This is the slideshow lesson. All right? Oh, no, why do they have the other one then? Oh, because I’ve sold a bundle. Is that what it is? So here is the bundle. Okay?

So my chat, G p T resources, if I select all my chat, G, p, t, resources and then chat, G p T, no, prep chat, G p T, but I’m not going to do the 60 stuff. So my chat, g p T resources, I’ve made 73 bucks, okay? Views right now this month. If I narrow it down to this month, yes, views are going to be down because it’s June, people aren’t in school kind of thing. And so that’s true. But if I can increase the views now, then later on when it’s back to school season, the views will jump up that dramatically. We saw that with Enrique where she said, where I think her store was being held back by the personalized search algorithm, and then when it disappeared, all of a sudden she got more page views. And I think that’s just because I think the personal, I wonder if the personalized TPT search algorithm had a geolocation aspect.

That’s sort of limited to if you’re in the us, you get us stuff. But anyways, okay. So I think what I need to do is if, yeah, let’s say I have 13 views or I have 109 views, and what was my conversion rate like 3.7. I could work on the conversion rate to go from 3.7 to five or 10. But I think what I need to do is increase the total number of people viewing it. And so I actually, I’m going to get rid of the videos because I think some of the, I’m just going to change it. Select all. All right, so I’m going to change it to the slideshow lesson. Let’s just keep it at the slideshow lesson. So the slideshow lesson, maybe I should think about that because the slideshow lesson, okay, I’ll narrow it down to this. I’ll shoot for the slideshow lesson because it’s cheaper. So it’s an easier sell, and some people will just upsell to the bundle. But I’m going to think of that as icing on the case. So I’m going to narrow it down. I’m going to narrow it down to the slideshow lesson to this one resource, which has an 11% conversion rate, which I’m happy with. What do I need to do? I need to get more How many preview videos, main video plays, zero preview video plays?

Is there a way to look at the previews? Okay, so it’s views. So really what I need to do, I’m getting four people a day looking at this product or one people a day. So the problem is, I don’t have enough people looking at this in the sales funnel. Okay, how am I going to solve this problem? I could create more products and then include a link to this product. I could do that, but I don’t think that’s going to lead to a huge sale. Cause I don’t have a huge store, thousands of people. So what I decided to do, and I started to work on this in my homework, is, let’s see if I can find it. Here it is. So what I decided to do was to get a transcript of the long video, and I think I might actually pay for this.

I’m not actually entirely sure it’s you’re going to pay in time or money, but basically I’m going to take the transcript from this video because this video is an hour and a half. Sorry, it’s three hours. So 200 minutes, and this is going to become my lesson plan. So 300 bucks, so ki cost me 300 bucks, or it could cost me maybe two hours to go through this. Okay? So I’ve gone through here, I’ll show you what I’ve done. Wait for the internet. Log in, sign in. Let’s sign in. Hello, I’ll sign in right now.

Oh, there I am. Okay, so I’ll sign in. Okay, so you won’t have a video to transcribe. So you’re going to have to write, I’m my strategy that’s going to work for me because this is what I’m comfortable with, is I’m going to go where the fish are. And by that I’m going to make, Mike, if you’re going to go where the fish are, you really should go to Facebook groups and talk about this. I don’t want to do that. Maybe what I really need to do as I start talking things out is maybe I need to outsource to someone who speaks excellent English and just talk about up this chat G P T video to go to Facebook groups with English language arts. Like, oh yeah, here’s a free video. That’s a better use of my time.

I don’t like that, but maybe, yeah, because really what it is, and I’ve seen other teachers have success with this, is they’ll go to the Facebook group, not with TPT sellers, because TPT sellers aren’t your client, your customer avatar. They’ll go to Facebook groups of math teachers or English arts teachers, and they’ll share their resource if they’re allowed to share in there. Oftentimes you have to give before you take. So not all places except just like resources are too obvious of a sell. But yeah, maybe the way to sell this and because I don’t want to do it, maybe outsource this is find pay people. Yeah, okay. That’s what I’m going to do. And I have a person I worked with on Fiber before, and actually that’s really good.

So my homework, I think is to ask that seller to promote the YouTube video and Facebook. Okay, yeah, that’s it. Because I’ve worked with her in the past. She’s funny. She, I’ve got her to write stuff with me before, but yeah. Oh, that’s okay. That’s probably a really good use of my time, because then they’re sharing a video link. It’s not a resource, it’s a soft cell. And I think the video link, I just need to make sure that the video link connects the video link directly. Links, does it directly link, right? Get the handouts. So I need to directly link to the TPT. Okay, so YouTube TPT, I don’t, yeah, because they could go to virtual one and now, but if they’ve gone to virtual one, then it’s not exactly obvious where I think this needs to probably needs to be a better, oh yeah, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe. Yeah. And then, okay, so my goal is I need more page views. The way I’m going to get more page views is I’m going to post in Facebook groups about this YouTube video, which is a freebie basically, which then links to my TPT product, download A P D F copy of the resource here. So this really has to be a lot more, okay, this I’m going to Optimize for.

I’m going to Optimize it with the transcript because then I’ll get a lot of organic search as well, but then I won’t know which pathway is working for me. Okay, so yeah, it doesn’t matter. So I’m going to put the YouTube video links directly to point to TPT. And then on this page here on my edgy circles page, I’m going to Optimize that it’ll have 2000 words. And I think what I researched, and I wrote it down here, so I did an analysis, let’s see if I can find it right. Okay, so I went to SEMrush and I did that chat, G P T, or this is a free spreadsheet in one of the videos. But I figured out like, okay, chat, G P T, lesson plans, 110 searches per month with a 20. The keyword difficulty rating is 20, which is easy, so I should be able to go for chat G P T lesson plans.

But then I also said chat, G P T, and education, because people were bidding 8 65 on that $8 65 per click. So I think that’s Aval, I think somewhere out there thinks that that’s a good use of their ad spend. That’s actually probably people turn it in and plagiarism companies are probably selling on that keyword. So I think people will see how to cast chat, G P T. And then if I can rank for that about chat, G P T, critical thinking lesson. And then the other keyword I thought about was pros and cons of chat, G P T, because the search volume was four 80 and with an easy, a keyword difficulty of 23, which is easy to rank for. So that’s what I’m going to try to focus on here. And I think my zoom meeting here, or in my notes, I think what my title here is going to be Chat, G P T, lesson plan, pros and cons of chat, G P T in education.

So let’s bring it back home. My strategy right now is to spend 30 minutes a day, 30 minutes a day trying to get new clients. And so for 30 minutes a day, what I’m going to do is I’m going to outsource on Fiverr. I’m going to ask a seller, I’ve worked with a five seller I’ve worked with before to promote this video in all sorts of different places. Make it go viral. Let’s see what they can do. And then I’m going to do the organic route, which will be the long-term route. And that I think, so this is the piece that I think a lot of us are missing. We try things, but then we’re not really looking to see if they actually succeed. So for me, success would be TPT. Hello, hello, hello. Here we go. So this is the one resource. I’m going to point all links to the slideshow resource as opposed to the bundle or the pdf F. So the slideshow resource, the question is, can I get this views from four to 40? That’s 10 x, Ooh, 10 x, but really there’s not really a big difference between four and 40. So if I’m able to do that, that would be huge. Okay. I’m kind of excited about that. Kind of nervous. Let’s see if I can make that happen. And then in the slideshow lesson, B, B, B, B, blah, I’m going to jump ahead because these are just mini lessons from the past.

Okay, how much time, let’s move this down here a little bit. All right, Mike, let’s be honest here. What will I do between today and the next class? Fiverr, if I only did one thing, because we know how stressed out and busy teachers are, and the reality is we come up with lots to do. So, okay, what’s the most important thing for me to do? Is it getting the transcript done, posting it onto Educircles and then ranking that? Or is it reaching out to someone on Fiverr to get someone to promote my social media? And I think, oh, that’s a good question.

I think Fiverr in the sense that in Canada at least, or in Ontario at least, we go to school until the end of June. So teachers are sort of looking for fun things to do. And this might actually be it. I could run ads, but I don’t think in the past, past when I ran ads on this, I ended up, oh, maybe I could run ads if I run ads. Yeah, okay, so if I’m getting eyeballs, okay, so the freeway is for teachers watching, for teachers watching this because you’re going to be like, I don’t want to buy ads or, it’s expensive. The freeway is, you do the work yourself. You go into Facebook groups related to your niche, and you talk about your product, right? I don’t want to do that because I find Facebook really tough, so I’m going to pay someone to do that for me on Fiverr.

The other way is I could run ads and run the ads, need something fun and run it last time I ran it on Facebook, but maybe what I need to run it is on Google, because then I can run it specifically on lesson plans or activities. And then that way, I think in Facebook, when I did critical thinking, it pulls in people who are right wing conservation, very conservative who are anti-establishment and thinking about critical thinking of what the government’s doing. And I think that’s true, a great, I think we need to think critically of what the government’s doing, but I think not all those people are teachers. So if I run it on lesson, like the keyword lesson in Google, I might have better luck. So I coming back to this, what will you do between today and the next class? Because I can only do one thing.

If I only do one thing. I think my best, guess my best gut feeling. I haven’t had a lot of luck with ads, but I know that other teachers have had luck with Facebook, and it’s a free YouTube video. That’s the freebie approach that I’m going to do. So it, that’s what I’m going to do. Everything else is icing. So I’m only so 30 minutes a day just working on getting this person to do it. I’m going to do that right now. All right. Thank you so much for watching this Zoom video because yeah, I love chatting. I love chatting with people. I love chatting with Kim and seeing how her story’s going. Andrea sent me an email and sent, she hasn’t been for a while. She’s going to pop in. The reality is we’re all busy and hard. I think as I go through this, my vision for this, my long-term vision, so in a year, in two years, do this daily.

If people are here, great. If people aren’t here, great. Do a mini lesson within the Zoom meeting. And then eventually, eventually when I get to to this stage, and I have the SEOT hosting down and automated, is to get to take these Zoom meetings, chop it up into mini lessons, and then when you sign up for the SEOT Pro Mini, like the community, here’s a bank of mini lessons where you can jump in and sort of, there’s the content. So I’m creating the content as we go Just now, it’s the problem of packaging it, which is always the constant problem. I don’t know. I’m just talking by myself. All right, I’m excited to see what you can do with the auto transcription that is going to happen in a few seconds. And so we’ll see you next time. Bye-Bye now out.