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Get Ready For Summer TPT Data Workshop 3 (ADVANCED Customer Behaviour)

Sunday, June 23 @ 1:00 pm 2:00 pm EDT

This course is locked

To unlock this course, you must either:

  1. Take Course #2 and create a data locker file, or
  2. Email Mike two images of your Data Locker file. Watch this video.

Email Mike to unlock this workshop and get the link to the checkout page

Planning on working on your TPT store this summer, but not sure where to start?

Tried the advanced TPT data tool but didn’t really know what you were looking at?

At this end of this “Exploring the “Advanced” TPT Data Tool (Customer Behaviour) workshop, you will understand be able to answer the following questions:

  • Another TPT Seller left a review. I don’t know their name. How can I figure out what they bought? (Advanced Sales Search)
  • How is my product line doing in terms of product stats and average earnings per week? Is this product line producing a big chunk of my earnings? Should I keep going or pivot? (Strategy Friend Tool)
  • What products sold well at this time last year so I can polish them up to boost TPT SEO (Top 5 Dashboard)
  • How can I tell what people buy based on their state / country? (Pivot Table 1,2,3 Advanced by Location)
  • Do people who buy my $1 products come back to buy more? Which products upsell to my biggest bundles? (Magic Filter)

We will use the Advanced Sales Search tool, Strategy Friend tool, the Top 5 Dashboard, the Pivot Tables (1. By Product, 2. Advanced By Product, and 3 Advanced By Location), and the Magic Filter tools to unlock secrets in our TPT data to improve and increase our TPT earnings.

This workshop does NOT explain “how to fix the stuff in red.”
(See Workshop 1 to learn how to fix the stuff in red.)

You must have an up-to-date data locker to take this workshop.

This workshop also does NOT explain how to upload your data into the Data Locker. (See Workshop 2 to learn how to use the Data Locker.)

Instead, this workshop focuses on taking a deep dive into your customer purchase behaviour to help you decide what to focus on in your TPT store. Follow the money and work on things that are working.

Who is this workshop for?

  • People who don’t have time to look for and watch a bunch of videos.
  • People who want to ask questions as they learn.
  • People who want structured, step by step instructions.
  • TPT Sellers who want to do more than just look at the lifetime product stats that is provided by TPT in the product stats CSV. (By uploading multiple product stats CSV files into the data locker, we can use the extreme Product Stats CSV tool to filter products in a certain time period. Game changer.)

What topics will be covered?

  1. Advanced Sales Search tool,
  2. Strategy Friend tool,
  3. the Top 5 Dashboard,
  4. the Pivot Tables (1. By Product, 2. Advanced By Product, and 3 Advanced By Location),
  5. the Magic Filter tool

Workshop format

The Zoom workshop will be ONE HOUR long 1.5 to 2 hours long

followed by an optional one hour Q&A session about TPT SEO, Google SEO, Keyword Research, or TPT Blogs (2 PM – 3 PM)

Each topic follows the following format:

  • Demo and Theory (2 min)
  • Opportunity to try on your own (3 min)
  • Questions and Group Discussion (3-5 min)

Workshop Pre-Requisites

You MUST have an up-to-date Data Locker Google Sheet file (See Workshop 2)

  • You must have multiple Product Stats CSV files uploaded. (Please make sure the date is entered in column A for each Product Stats CSV file.)
  • You must have all of your Sales Data CSV files uploaded from your first sale to your recent sales. (Please make sure to remove duplicates)
  • At the start of the workshop we will get the most recent copy of the Advanced TPT Data Tool and connect our Data Locker Google Sheet file.

You must be able to do the following skills with the “Simple” TPT Data Tool

  • Download your Product Stats CSV
  • Upload your Product Stats CSV into the “Simple” TPT Data Tool and delete the header row.
  • Use the “Simple” TPT Data Tool to look at your paid resources and sort by “earnings per day”
  • Click the plus + sign to hide or show “earnings per day”
  • Use keyboard short cuts like CTRL C, CTRL V
  • Navigate Google Docs (or Google Sheets) with instructions like “Open the File Menu”, “Right click the row number”, “Hold the shift key and the down arrow on your keyboard”

You need:

  • Several Product Stats CSV files.
    (Save one now. Save one every time you update your TPT store. PRO TIP: Put the date into the file name.)
  • The sign up email with the link to the most recent version. (We’ll download the most up to date version at the start of the workshop. Let’s be honest. I’ll probably update something last minute!)
  • A computer with a solid internet connection. (Please reboot your computer and close all browser tabs and programs before the workshop. A wired internet connection is always faster than wireless wi-fi but that might not be possible.)

Possible Headaches:

  • TPT currently has some ongoing problems with the product stats CSV files. This means there may be errors in the numbers produced by the Advanced TPT Data Tool. To my knowledge, the TPT product stats CSV glitchies started on Apr 16, 2024. It was fixed on my main TPT account on Tue Apr 23; however TPT had a glitch affecting my second TPT store until Thu May 9. This will cause the Advanced TPT Data Tool to show incorrect information. (For example, there were page view glitchies in the TPT CSV which would cause calculation errors in the sold rate and preview rate.)
  • If you have a lot of data (i.e. more than 1K products), you may experience problems because of the size of the data files.
  • The speed of your internet connection and strength of your computer matters. We’ll be dealing with large files so this may slow down or crash your browser.


At the end of the workshop, if you are not happy, I’m not happy. Just email me to receive a full refund.


The first five people save $20 with promo code EARLYBIRD


Check out the TPT Data Workshop Questions page

$37 Zoom Online Workshop (max 15-20 people)

Mike Fuchigami