Sometimes, you just need to start.

We have so many reasons not to… we’re afraid that people might make fun of us. We have other things to do. We don’t know how.

But, if we just start… for 25 minutes a day. Maybe less… we can build momentum.

What do you want to do for 30 days to become a better person? What new skill do you want to explore? You don’t have to try to make money online. You can do anything.

Choose something and just start!

STEPS to SUCCESS #002: Just Start - image of people jumping into pool

This is day two of my 30-day challenge to try to make money online from a website called

So far, I’ve made zero dollars which is fantastic but that’s okay…  you wouldn’t expect to make money right away.

I think what I’m going to try to do for 30 days is I’m going to try to post a video – just a story of my journey and some of the tips that I’ve learned or
things that I’ve learned.

So what I’ve learned is sometimes you’ve gotta just start!

So I’m pretty nervous:

  • I’m paranoid that people are going to make fun of me. 
  • I know that the lighting is horrible
  • the sound isn’t great yet…

But I figure it’s kind of like swimming, right?

The water is cold and you don’t want to go in yet.

You sort of dip your toe in…  it’s freezing! But, sometimes you just have to jump, right?

Jump in and you’ll figure it out once you’re there. And, you might be freezing and then you’re moving around

  • Maybe you warm up and think, this is okay!
  • Or maybe, you’re like, yeah, this was a crazy idea and you get out of the pool!

Either way, just start!

So, that’s what I’m doing. I’m not a YouTuber yet! I have three people following and one is my kid, and one is my mom! (Thanks so much for following me!)

Why should you just jump in and start?

I figured I would start because I know people who who talked about how they wish they could do this or I want to do that… and sometimes you just have to start.

I get that things can be overwhelming when we first start:

  • oh, I don’t know how to do this 
  • I don’t know how to make a video  
  • I’m recording this but I don’t know what to do with it
  • I just don’t have time

And that’s true.

But I mean Covid-19 is a great opportunity, right? Some of us are stuck at home and we’re consuming a lot of social media and streaming TV.

But, what if you were creating stuff? What if you took this opportunity to get better?

  • learn a new language
  • learn something new
  • learn a new skill…

The Internet has lots of information – chances are you can google it and someone has a tutorial on YouTube on how to do this.

All it takes it is to just get started.

So I think my my tip for today would be just start right:

  • Maybe it’s just 20 minutes. Set aside 20 minutes.
  • Maybe it’s an hour after the kids go to bed.
  • Maybe it’s 15 minutes before everyone else in the house wakes up!

A teaching colleague of mine used to say to students who were having a tough time: Sometimes, you don’t really want to go to class or do whatever is blocking you right now… but it’s just 50 minutes… or it’s just one class. All you have to do is get through one class. Anyone can get through one class, right?

So, what if you just started, right now for 20-25 minutes?

  • You’re going to start to draw
  • You’re gonna start to research whatever it is
  • You’re gonna try to figure out a home gym
  • You’re gonna do some push-ups
  • You can do some sit-ups

Whatever it is, just start!

So that’s that’s my tip today – just start. And see what happens!

Maybe you’ll get out of the pool… or maybe you’ll find out it wasn’t so bad, after all!


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