It’s counter-intuitive, I know. But, I’m going to go out there and say sharing your story can help you keep up the effort to reach your goal.

We all know there are bullies out in the world.

People can get bullied if they’re

  • too smart, or
  • not smart enough, or
  • make a mistake, or
  • don’t make mistakes…

Sometimes, we get bullied because we’re different from the norm. What’s typical to some people isn’t typical for everybody.

So when we’re trying to reach our goals, we’re not only in a battle against ourselves (hello, willpower) but we’re also in an uphill battle against public opinion.

Because for most of us, we care what others think about us.

Today, most of the stories we hear are those that garner media attention or go viral on social media. But, then, we only hear the best of the best (and the worst of the worst.)

Your story and my story matter. In fact, I would argue that our stories matter a lot because people like us don’t share them.

We’re afraid of failing. We’re afraid of succeed. We’re afraid of #bullies.

So, we stay in the herd and our stories don’t get heard. (See what I did there? Lame dad joke, I know.)

So, share your story.

You might encourage other people to make the effort and try.

You might encourage yourself to keep going. Because if you know other people are listening to your story, maybe that will give you a boost to keep going when the going gets, well, tough…