Covid-19 has changed the world we live in. People are losing jobs. Businesses are bleeding money. Families are stuck at home…

But if something good could come out of this global challenge and help you become a better person, what might that be?

My 30 day challenge is to try to make money on my website

Every day, my goal is to post a quick video about something I learned.

STEPS to SUCCESS #1: Find a Friend

Sometimes it’s easier to get things done if you’re held accountable.

I have a few people I meet with (virtually) on a weekly basis to share ideas and talk about weekly goals (i.e. homework.)

I find I tend to get things done if someone else is expecting me to, or counting on me. If it’s just for myself, I tend to put it aside to get stuff for other people done first.

What about you?

What are you doing to survive and thrive in a global pandemic?

Watch the video.


Hi everyone, my name is Mike Fuchigami and I used to be a grade 8 teacher here in Ottawa, Canada, and, ah, I don’t do that any more.

I suffered a mental health crisis as a result of something that happened at school and I left my job as a result of that.

I don’t teach in class anymore. I still teach, just in a different way.

And the reason I’m talking with you today is because, well, I think Covid-19 is changing our world as you might have noticed, and it’s tough. I get that. I get that people are in new situations.

But, I also wonder if this is in a growth opportunity for us to sort of figure out something new.

So I’m chatting with a friend and a challenge that we have is to see if we can create some passive income – [creating digital resources] that we can use to make some money.

And so we chat once a week, and the goal here is just keeping tabs on each other and encouraging each other.

And so my question to you, I think, during this Covid-19 pandemic is, if it could be an opportunity and I get that right, like, I get that things might be really tough for you, but, if this could be a growth opportunity for you, what might that look like?

What could you do?

What skill could you learn?

What new thing could you become that would make your life better?

Right, so Covid-19 might be the worst thing that ever happened to you, and I guess the question is and, it’s a horrible question, but, what could you do to make that worst moment in your life, the best moment in your life?

So, um, yeah so my goal is to try to make some money online and this may be a horrible flop but it’s something I’m going to try and I think I’m going try just to post every day for 30 days just about something I learned and, ah, a tip to the masses.

So, the tip I would give is, can you find a friend that you can partner with?

Right and say, okay, we’re gonna try to do, we’re gonna try to learn or grow or do whatever it is, and then check in with each other on a weekly basis.

So, that’s what I’m doing with a couple of people and I’m making this video because you know, it might work, but it might not work too.

So it’s Mike from SEOTeacher, and don’t forget to like and subscribe somewhere down there and follow to hear the updates.