Do little experiments and wonder about the results (Day 14)

Sometimes, we don’t want to do things – either we’re too busy or the task is too boring or tough. Is there a way you can do the task in a way that makes you smile?

Here are 4 levels of tinkering.

  • Level 1: didn’t do little experiments
  • Level 2: tried to do little experiments
  • Level 3: did some little experiments and noticed what happened.
  • Level 4: did some little experiments, notice what happens, and then wonder what you could do to explore those ideas even more?

Moral of the story? Try to do little experiments, but don’t forget to notice the results and then wonder how you could test those results even more.

FYI: There’s a goal setting slideshow that goes into more detail about these 4 levels of tinkering and the Wheel of Success at